Sunday, 12 August 2018

One Bad Choice

It started on a Sunday morning a few of weeks ago, I was out walking with my dog Mursher and suddenly my mind frame changed. I kept getting this thought in my head - ''there's people waking up right now whose lives have changed forever and they have no idea' -  Now where this came from I couldn't tell you but I could not get it out of my mind and it was driving me insane. 
 Usually when I'm out walking I think of the same things, things like 'christ Murhser if you pull me one more time I'm letting you go' or 'what song will I put on to get me up this hill' but this morning for some reason my brain was working overtime and I didn't like it. 
I decided against going out the night before and I won't lie it felt great waking up fresh on a Sunday. No cuts or bruises, no drunk message and to top it off no fear but this is what I believe stirred me on and I started thinking about what happens on nights out and more importantly the consequences we're left to deal with.

''Someone's waking up happy after getting that hunks number, someone is waking up laughing about all the embarrassing dancing they did last night, someone is waking up happy to be alive after the amount of tequila they drank but on the other side there's someone who is waking up heartbroken, someones waking up single, someones waking up absolutely mortified and someones in tears'' and it's all because of one decision that they have made, one little decision that has now changed their life forever and the worst part? We did it to ourselves. 
  Now I'm not trying to sound dramatic or anything but with that going through my mind, Murhser running freely through the streets of Carrick and one of my earphones falling out I got completely flustered and by the time I arrived home at 11am on a Sunday morning I felt like I needed a drink, a strong one at that but in the back of my mind I kept thinking 'make good decisions' and it's with that phrase this story begins. 

I have a habit of making bad decisions, have done all my life. Hence where the nickname of 'trouble' came from but just as all of this was coming to the front line I came across a series on Netflix called 'One Bad Choice' Now call it a lesson or a blessing that this show came into my life because it's then I realised how the decisions we make, us ourselves, no one else impact our lives and in fact our future so it's vitally important we realise this and try, to the best of our ability to make choices that are going to stand to us and not tear us down. 
If you watch 'One bad choice' on Netflix you'll see that the choices these people make are extreme, I've thankfully never delved into the world of drugs, prostitution or money laundering but one bad decision has left these people with a lifetime of guilt, imprisonment and even death but although our consequences may not be as extreme you can make a decision as life changing as someone going to jail for the rest of their lives.
After a recent night out I quickly realised I f*cked up..big time and I hated myself for it, honestly still not 100% over it but it took me sitting down and realising that it was my own fault, that I made these decisions that have consequences and yes it was fuelled by alcohol but the question you have to ask yourself at the end of the day is 
' Do you accept responsibility for your actions' 
It isn't easy, trust me I know but the moral of this story and what I am trying to get across is to be aware with the choices you make because they will affect the rest of your life. Be smart, accept the things you can't change and always make good choices. 

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