Thursday, 5 April 2018

The Famous Disco Of Carrick On Suir

Can I ask you a question?
When you think of a 'disco' what comes into your head? For some people it's what thirteen/fourteen years old go to to get their first shift, for others it's what their uncool parents call nightclubs but for the locals of Carrick On Suir the disco is our one and only nightclub and guess really is called the Disco. 

'You goin disco' a phrase you'll hear at least forty seven times during a Saturday night out in Carrick and realistically if you're over the age of 15 and under the age of 25 then the disco is your only port of call past 1am on a Saturday night.With the €10 entry fee,sticky floors and part creché it's easy to see why the majority of us say 'na not goin disco tonight lads' yet like a magnet you feel yourself being pulled in that direction until the next thing you know it's 1.45am and you're bopping around to maniac promising yourself 'I'm not going next week' and spending a ridiculous amount on shots because you're simply 'not drunk enough'.
For me nowhere beats The Foundry in Carlow or Langtons in Kilkenny it's just another world from the Disco. I personally love electric dance, house music and it's in these clubs you really get the chance to go to town with those dance move and let yourself go. The dance floor is so big, you don't know every person there and the best part? You don't know the dj's playlist. Drink is cheaper, people are friendlier and it's dirt cheap to get in so why even stay in Carrick?? Surely it's a no brainer? 

It's almost been a month since I last hit up the disco and with the bank holiday quickly catching up with us there's a well overdue trip to Utopia (the official name but honestly if you call it anything other than the disco no Carrick person will know what you're on about) 
I'm in the small minority of people who love, actually love the Disco and the little things that go with it. There's a right of passage every Carrick family will go through when it comes to the disco and that is when the new youngest of the family flag their way into the disco. Four years ago when I was in my early stages of the disco I met my older cousins Mark and Declan out and to their disgust their baby cousin has made it to the disco and that was them done with the disco 'Big whop de do' I thought to myself, drama queens...that was until a few months ago when I met my baby cousin Lee in the disco and suddenly 'that's that then, done with the disco' of course that quickly changed when I realised it was half 12 and my Saturday night was over but a right of way for every family nonetheless. 

Be it a good or a bad thing about the place too is everybody knows everybody so those seats over don't sit there! That lad coming over there...walk away! You're guaranteed to catch up with old friends and thankfully with the place being as small as it is you're never lost from your buddies for too long...But the best, and I mean THE BEST part of going to the disco is having the DJ know you so well that you only have to walk up to him and Sex On Fire is coming on..LEGEND!! 

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