Saturday, 16 December 2017

Christmas Tractors Of Carrick On Suir 2017

The Carrick Beg Christmas Tree in previous years
 Being from the little town of Carrick On Suir means a few things... number 1, you'll always be secretly disgusted with the Christmas lights in the town, I mean come on where is the tree?!!

Number 2, if anyone outside of Carrick has the audacity to knock the lights in Carrick On Suir or mention the lack of the tree then that's not okay and you'll have an issue with that.

 Number 3, you'll always wonder about the so called ghost of the Shebeen pub.

Number 4, you might not admit to loving the Clancy Brothers but my God when a verse of the gypsy rover comes on you're up and at'em.

And number 5, Christmas won't officially begin until you see this crazy little town lit up by a parade of snazzy tractors.

When I lived in Carlow I would tell anyone who would listen about Carrick On Suir, having lived here for 22 years no where will ever beat this little town in my eyes, but when I'd tell them about one of my favourite events on the calendar the Christmas tractors run, they could never understand what was so great about it? Excuse me... WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT IT?!!!
Well, let me tell you,

Now in it's fourth year the annual parade was started by local man Stuart John Downie to bring a little change to the usually quiet town around Christmas and give the place a little buzz. Why wait hours to see a coca cola truck when you can witness something so different and so fun within the town of Carrick On Suir. It brings the community together and there's nothing I love more than catching up with old friends and then heading into O'Callaghan's pub (for a hot chocolate of course ;))
 After the parade of lights through the town, the tractors park up in the car park where you can take pictures and have a go on the amusements.
 Thousands come from all over the country to witness something so special and if you are around tonight then it's something you should definitely make time for!!
I for one cannot wait, fair play to everyone involved!!
Merry Christmas and I'll see you there!