Thursday, 23 November 2017

Black Friday 2017

This could be a blessing or a curse but this Black Friday I'll be working and it also falls on the weekend that my car insurance is due so I won't be going wild (that being said I did spend €100 on Boohoo's pre party this morning) but that didn't stop me raiding through every website on the interweb to see what I could (and most possibly will) spend my money on tomorrow.
So what is Black Friday??? - Black Friday is officially regarded as the first day of the Christmas shopping season. A day in which many retailers have special offers in store and a day you break the bank in minutes on things you don't really need but convince yourself you do.
Here's a list of deals in store and online that If I was to flog my money this is where it would go...I hope it's of some benefit.

1. Meadows And Byrne - 20% off almost EVERYTHING!! If you want to revamp your home just before Christmas there's no better place to look than M&B. With 20% off almost everything online check out the website from midnight onwards.

2.Victoria Secret - VS have some of the most beautiful underwear/models ever but for me it's their body mists I love the most. With my favourite 'Aqua Kiss' and many others only €7 it's the perfect time to pick up a spray.

3. Yankee- 
I don't know anyone who doesn't love a yankee candle and with a large jar only €19.95  where could you go wrong?

4.Boohoo -  My favourite online shop are hosting a Pre Black Friday Party with 30% off EVERYTHING!! Use Code - BOOM and you'll be amazed at what you save. 

5. JD Sports -  If you're looking for anything sportswear related then this is the website for you, there's 30% off almost everything so you can literally shop til you drop. 

6. MandM direct - I'm not joking I don't need a new pair of runners but after looking on the website there's about seven pairs I NEED in my life!! Up to 75% off. 

7. Inglot - Like all girls I love Inglot makeup and wear their HD foundation daily so I'm obsessed with any sale Inglot have. All week Inglot have had 20% off on certain products so take a look on the website and see what catches your eye. Plus for any men reading every woman loves Inglot!! 

8. Asos- 20% off everything with the code WIN20're welcome ;) 
9. New Look - 25% off absolutely EVERYTHING!!!!! 
10. River Island - 20% off everything starting from today. 

11. If you're looking for anything make up/perfume/beauty wise then of course you need to check out Debenhams with up to 30% off - ends Friday. Sam Mccauleys have gifts for everyone and the one and only Perfume Shop which ends November 26th so you have a few days to look there ;) 

12. My Protein .ie have 30% off EVERYTHING!!! Use Code- BLACK to avail of this offer.

13.  Aer Lingus - All you have to do here is look for yourself, you won't be disappointed!!

And there you have it, 13 places you need to check out tomorrow to get the most of your black Friday.