Saturday, 16 September 2017

My Netflix List

Believe it or not when things come into fashion I tend to turn my nose up at it which is exactly what I did all those years ago when 'Netflix' came about. You'd be mad if you thought I was going to pay an extra €8 a month just to watch some television that I'd already getting be getting for free downstairs, what did I want with Netflix anyway? I had my Hawaii Five- O box set and my portable DVD player up in my room shur I was happy out what would else would I need?!! I need!?
 I now know how completely and utterly sad that makes me but that was my opinion up until about three months ago before I followed the crowd and downloaded my first free month of Netflix.

Let's get this straight, I had no intention of keeping Netflix but my desire to watch 90210 was just getting too much. The withdrawal of not seeing Naomi and Dixon was ridiculous and I needed some 90210 in my life and seeing as though Netflix has 'ALL THE PROGRAMMES' I presumed they would have that TV gold (long story short they don't) anyway my friend told me you get a 30 day free trial and then you can just cancel your account, perfect plan that's what I was going to do, get my 90210 fix and then get out....basically I couldn't get out. 
 Seeing as though everyone is always asking about new series to watch I decided to write a little post on what I like to watch and what I think you should watch too. That being said however I have a very specific/odd choice in television so it may not be for everyone but anyhow, here goes...

1. The Keepers - 
This was the first series I watched on Netflix and it's the one I'd recommend the most. I had heard so much hype about The Keepers that I thought there was no way it could live up to expectations but it did, I admit it isn't one for the faint hearted and it can be upsetting but it's a fascinating true story that I'd defiantly recommend. 

2. Girl Boss - 
Let me put this out there, if you're all for quirky, sassy, inspiring women in business then this is the perfect series for you. I had never heard of 'Girl Boss' before so had nothing to compare it too but when it came up on my recommendations list I knew it was something I was going to love. 
It follows the story of a young 23 year old called Sophia who decides to start her own E-bay fashion business called 'Nasty Gal' it follows her journey from enmployment to empowerment and everything in between and if that's not good enough I recently just found out it's based on the real life Sophia Amoruso... who's without a doubt been added to my list of most influential people, I would really suggest you give this a watch. 

3. Drugs Inc - 
This might sound crazy but I'm fascinated about the world of drugs and drug cart tells so this was the perfect series for me and the one I thoroughly enjoyed the most. It didn't just give you the facts about drugs but it showed you every aspect from the dealers to the users to the police across the world. If you have any interest in finding out how this whole billion euro industry works it's a must watch. 

4. Lock Up Maximum Security - 
I'm not being funny when I say I was fixated on this series it's brilliant, I would genuinely watch an episode when I woke up, when I was getting ready, when I came home and before I went to bed I couldn't get enough and with so many episodes thankfully it kept me going for a few weeks. I fell head over heels in love with about four prisoners but if you're like me and love all this jail stuff then give this a watch.

5. Orange Is The New Black - 
I know I'm about five years late but I love OITNB!!! I'm currently on series 3 and it def lives up to the hype....God I really am obsessed with prisons aren't I?!! 

6. HEROIN (E) -  
Heroin(e) is brand new to Netflix and the most recent thing I've watched,it came up in my recommendations and seeing as though it was only the one episode that lasted about 40 minutes I decided to watch it there and then and I wasn't disappointed!!
Like it says in the title it's all about the drug heroin and the amazing people who help save the lives of users day in and day out. It's not often my faith in humanity is restored but this touched my heart and guaranteed to touch yours too.

7. Interview With A Serial Killer - 
On the complete other end of the spectrum this is one of the most interesting things I've ever watched in my life and still creeps the hell out of me. It's such a bonkers thing to have a man who killed 11 women sit there and speak about killing people with such little remorse, honestly it makes me sick but if you're like me and love getting inside people's minds then this is one programme you should watch. 

8. Conspiracy Theory- Did We Land On The Moon -  
I am the biggest fan of Conspiracies and this one is without a doubt my favourite. I'm so 50/50 when it comes to this debate but take a look and see what you think yourself...

 9 . Inside Russia's Toughest Prisons - 
After sitting awkwardly at pre drinks one night whilst my friends discussed this series I knew I'd have to get on it and it amazed me. It's very intense but I've nothing but respect for those prison wardens, I know for a fact if I had a prison that's how I'd run it...

10. Inside The World's Toughest Prisons - 
Saving the best for last....Mr Paul Connolly!!!! I mean, Inside the world's toughest prisons...Paul Connolly is an Irish Investigative journalist who I've looked up to all my life and when I found this series on Netflix I nearly cried with happiness. Paul steps into the life of a prisoner and shows us what a life in jail is really like.
 My only complaint with this is that there's only one season!! And it does help that I think Paul Connolly is without a doubt the best looking man in Ireland!! I could write a blog post on him alone....

And there you have it, ten series that are on my Netflix list. I know they all kind of have a similar trend but and it's not for everyone but who says you can't be girly and have a complete odd side ey?! If you do watch any of these please let me know what you think and of course if you have any suggestions then let me know :)  

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