Monday, 10 July 2017

Kings Of Leon: Part 2

 If you follow me on snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or live anywhere in my surrounding area then you'll by now know that last, last Sunday,July 2nd I went to Dublin to see my all time favourite band / my all time favourite man in the world Kings Of Leon/ Caleb Followill for the second time and this is a post I've been trying to write since I arrived home that Monday evening however overwhelmed with emotions and looking up property in Nashville it's only now that I've been able to gather myself together (just about) to fill you in on what was without a doubt the best, well tied best day/night of my life. If you must know the other was the first time I saw KOL in Marlay Park 3 years ago you check that post out here  but there's just something about seeing your favourite band live and even more so when you walk away with more than just memories but I'll get to that later.

I started listening to Kings Of Leon properly about seven years ago when I was about 14 and they had just released Pyro. Before that growing up I only listened to whatever was in the charts and whatever was doing the rounds on blue tooth probably the likes of Pitbull and Usher but whatever was in this song just had me hooked. It took me months to try find out the name of it but one thing for sure Pyro was a special song to me and to this day it's still one of my all time favourite songs. I started listening to KOL more and more and now each and every song has a special meaning to me, the emotional attachment I have to the band is something not everyone will understand but you can only imagine my happiness when after months the day had finally come and it was time to pack up and head to Dublin.

Realising we actually wanted to make it up Dublin alive I decided not to drive and we got the 7am bus from Waterford to Dublin, a journey that took just over 2 and a half hours which of course gave me plenty of time to have an emotional breakdown and even fully recover so that no one would have to know my black puffy panda eyes were down to the fact I'd be hearing Caleb Followill's God like voice in just under 13 hours.... like PINCH ME!!!!! But yeah, no one needed to know!
 After we arrived we began the search for our hotel The Ripley Court and given my track record in Dublin we found it without a hitch. The location of this hotel was magnificent just off O'Connell Street and a two second walk from the Luas stop you couldn't have asked for more. Not to mention the lady on reception was a joy, very basic hotel but I'l 100% stay here again.
 We stayed in a triple room which cost us €149 for the night including breakfast, again very basic but it was spotless, friendly and perfect for what we wanted.

I don't want to get too into Dublin itself as I'm currently writing another piece on the 'Culchie in the city' but realising the time was gone half 2 I started to panic. We were still in the city which meant we still had to get back to the hotel, get ready for the concert, have dinner, and get the luas to the arena. I, of course wanted to be up the very front at the railings but as it approached 3pm, 3.30pm I realised I might as well wave goodbye to that dream but hey! at least I'd be going to the concert. We headed for the 3 arena around half 4 and was shocked when we arrived to see seven people in front of!!! What the feck?! When I went to the concert in Marlay park I made Annmarie go about 9 hours early and at that there was still hundreds there ahead of us but who cared now there was only seven people and a two hour wait in front of me and my front row Caleb Followill dreams and I was one happy girl. It wasn't long though until it started to rain on my parade.....literally, the heavens opened and we began our wait in the rain, if that wasn't bad enough we then realised we were at entrance number 3, meaning two more entrances before us which were apparently packed  and to say I was devastated would have been an understatement AND as well as all this sheer and utter annoyance everyone around us, and I mean EVERYONE was coupled up. I kid you not when I say the fact I am single could not have been highlighted any bit more especially with my dirty looks to the couple on the right, but whatever my future husband who does not know of my existence was being held in the arena only about 7 meters away from me so yeah who's the winner here?!!!!

As half 6 approached the crowd started moving and we were finally in the same building as THE Followill's, breathing the same air in fact and as we walked in I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that there was no other people in the arena, entrance 3 was the standers and before I knew it I was front row at the railings soon to be face to face with Caleb Followill....

I can't for the life of me remember what time the supporting act came on at but they were an American band called Nathaniel Rateliff who were nothing but pure savage!! I'd never heard a style of music I loved so much they were brilliant and of course they had a stunning drummer...sorry I just can't stop myself! Here have a listen to this ... I Need Never Get Old LOVE IT!!
When they left the stage Nacho and the crew came out setting up for the boys and he waved at us!! no joke!!!
 Anyway, just after half 8 the main event took place with KOL coming out and kicking off the show with 'Around The World' I was blown away!!! They were even better than Marlay Park 3 years ago and Caleb was better looking than I could ever have imagined.
 I remember just standing there looking at the lads like 'Oh My God' this is it and at that time I genuinely do not think there was a happier girl in the world...A pig in shit is the only way I could describe my happiness which if you know me is kinda a hilarious pun because my nose looks like a snout, here's a little clip I took of 'Use Somebody' believe me when I say that this does not do it justice but WOW!!!
You know when people go to a concert and they say 'they smiled right at me' well, and I'm not even taking the piss when I say Caleb smiled right at me. I saw him look down at me and I was Jesus he looked at me, then he smiled and I remember thinking to myself why did he do that? THEN I looked down and realised I was wearing a t-shirt with his face on it. I thought I was delusional, loosing the small amount of marbles I had left until the girls said they saw it too and I realised it really did happen... I couldn't breathe!!! 

They played every song I wanted to hear and when the time finally came to play Pyro, well.... long story short I just was not ready for what was to come. 
When I first heard Pyro live I teared a little not gonna lie but this time, Holy Mary Mother Of God I was roaring!!! So much so the bouncer came over rubbed my arm and told me not to cry! It was just so beautiful. I started to record it on my phone, got the whole intro and the minute they hit the first note my memory was full and I got nothing so here's a little video courtesy of my friend Aisling.. 

When the last song was sung and the stadium began to empty Caleb and the boys threw out some of their guitar pics and Caleb threw out his cup. Never in a million years did I ever think I'd get something but just before walking off stage Caleb filled up another blue cup, slugged it off and threw out the cup and who got it??? ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
Yep, I got Caleb's cup with a little dribble of beer left in the end of it and a week on I still guard the cup with my life, my prize possession!! 

So there you have it, they story of Kings Of Leon Part 2 - Greatest night of my life!! I grew up listening to KOL and having watched the documentary 3,000 times I feel like I know these boys and they are the most incredible human beings on the planet!! God Bless!!