Friday, 14 April 2017

5 Years On - My First Rugby Match

Munster Vs Glasgow Warriors: Musgrave Park,Cork April 14th 2012 7.15pm...

This was it.
After months of waiting and sheer pestering my cousin the day had come where I would finally set eyes upon the one and only Mr Conor Murray. Anyone that knew me back in the day knew how much of a big deal this was for me and I nearly wet myself with the excitement. 
  • 6 Foot 2 Murray banner = Check
  • Big Munster Flag = Check
  • Jerseys = Check
  • Another big Munster flag = Check
  • And one more Munster flag just in case = Check  
Oh yes,we were good to go and trust me when I say I couldn't have been more excited if I tried.
Most people go to there first match when they're 4 of 5 or as a matter of fact when they're still in their mothers womb, well I was 16 and I could never have braced myself for the experience I had facing me.
I had harassed my 19 year old cousin Dylan to bring me which wasn't the best idea I've ever had, when you bring a 16 year old girl who hasn't the slightest clue what's going on and a 19 year old boy who is fully just interested in the sport there will always be a slight... disagreement. Not to mention another 14 year old boy who couldn't get over the fact I had dragged him to a rugby match to look at men.. The Sheer Horror!!
As we approached Musgrave Park I could see the floodlights and I'll admit the panic started hitting me, my hand also started hitting my little cousin beside me. Well, could you keep calm if you realised Conor Murray was in the same radius as you? -> Yes okay, I know the answer to that and well if you said it to me now I'd have more cop on, but at 16.. well, you know!! I was buzzing!!

So we went for our seats. 'Lynda we've the best seats in the house' says Dylan.
Oh we did alright, only a good 9,000 peoples heads in front of us!. Not that I'm complaining I mean to be honest I was lucky by the end of the night I was brought home and not left stranded somewhere in Cork.

I remember the feeling well, walking through the stadium and up the steps until suddenly you see the pitch and it all begins to get real, well the legs almost went from under me.
When we finally climbed to our seats the Munster lads ran out onto the pitch warming up, but that was the moment I knew I would see Conor Murray and Jesus I couldn't cope.
 I was put on the inside of all the seats (okay, so I was purposely trapped on the inside but that didn't stop me, I jumped up looking for Murray.. and would you believe, there he was... I had just seen Conor Murray, IN THE FLESH!!! 
and so that was it..I was up the absolute idiotic fan girl that I was!!  
                                 MURRAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONOR MURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was that moment I knew I'd lost any friendship between myself and my two cousins and the family aspect...gone!! Never was so much abuse thrown at one person, I was 'an embarrassment to the family' but feck that I was seeing Conor Murray for the first time and they would have no choice but to accept the sheer embarrassment of a screaming 16 year old for the next 80 minutes!! 

After about 15 minutes I noticed the replacements stand up and the next minute Murray jogged past us! Well talk about a heart attack, I could feel it in my bones, I knew it was going to happen, I tried to stop myself but before I knew it, I was up.. On the chair.. 'MURRAY!! MURRAY' trying to hold a banner six times the size of me over my head, a scene I wouldn't want my children seeing, but there he was in all his 6 foot glory!! - He was absolutely gorgeous!!
 So just as I started to breathe normally again what does the man decide to do??... PUSH UPS!!!!!

By this stage I was hanging over the railings struggling to breathe and also by this stage two of my companions had left with the embarrassment leaving me with Stefan, who to be quite honest didn't even know a match was being played.

With a final 20minutes left I saw Conor getting on his feet!!(He wasn't starting the match but was coming on as a replacement!) but suddenly the jacket was pulled off and the number 21 jersey was on show!! Well I got to my feet! I pulled out the banner and got up on the chair my dream was coming true when BOOM!!!!!.
My wold came smashing down as Dylan pulled me down... Well the abuse!!!!!! If I thought I was being abused before that was nothing to go by.. 
There's 'something wrong with me' I was an 'Embarrassment' ..  I was 'Embarrassing Murray' and I was 'Achieving Nothing in my life'!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So after sulking back into my seat out he came!! 

                                     Two pictures and the phone dies, 
but still...I left Cork City the happiest girl in the world and I still have two cousins at the end of day! Little did I know one month later I'd meet Murray in the flesh and have some of my best memories from rugby, I've made some incredible friends through it and to this day it's still one of the biggest passions in my life. To say rugby changed my life is an understatement and as for Conor Murray...worlds best scrum half say whatt ;) 

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