Sunday, 5 March 2017

REVIEW - Sunkiss Selfie Light

Call me vain but I love taking selfies, I think everyone secretly does and as we all know it's all about that lighting. I know grown men who worry about the lighting when taking a pic/video of themselves and unfortunately seeing as though I don't have an Iphone, or a decent camera on my own phone taking a selfie past six o'clock isn't possible becuase all you can see is darkness. Even during the day the flash on my phone is terrible so unless you're pressed up against the window you can forget about Instagraming a photo I can assure you.
 A few months ago whilst scrolling on Instagram (probably looking at selfies of girls who had good lighting) I came across these new selfie lights on SunKiss's account and I was amazed. I knew the likes of Kim Kardashian had lights on their phone cases to give them good lighting and make up artists used ring lights for pictures but a portable one for your mobile phone, was it a bit vain?
Probably but was I going to get one anyway? 100%
I placed my order online on but you can also buy them in Mccabes pharmacy for €14.95 and three days later my little light arrived. It came in a little box with a USB charger and the light and I was seriously impressed with the light. It has three settings so you can choose the light you want and it's so strong I didn't think it would be as bright but it is and it's fab.

Straight away I began snapping pictures and the before and after ones are incredible to look at. Here's two selfies I took one right after the other, the one on the right is with just natural light, I was in a pretty dark room with no flash so it was always going to look crap anyway but the picture on the left was taken in the same spot two seconds later but using the selfie light. I think the difference is so obvious, it's incredible what a little light can do for a picture.
The light itself just clips onto your phone, it goes onto every sort of phone from Iphones to smartphones to tablets and Ipads, it's not something you'd leave clipped onto your phone constantly but for a picture here and there it's perfect and will fit right into your handbag or clutch for a night out. I will admit though it is very
bright so you possibly will get a few odd looks but it wont be long until they see the result and will be asking to borrow it for their own selfies, believe me!!
 Overall I'm seriously impressed and would recommend it to everyone especially those who are keen of the aul selfie here and there.
 It's not something you'd use everyday admittedly but for those days when the lighting isn't great and the eyebrows are on fleek it's perfect!!

Again you can pick one up in Mccabes pharmacy or online at - and it retails at €14.95
Happy snapping :)   


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