Wednesday, 1 March 2017

My Tattoo Wishlist

Tattoos are like marmite, you either love them or you hate them and let me tell you if I was brave enough I would be covered in them. I'm not kidding literally covered head to toe I love them. The fact you can have something you love or is sentimental to you be part of you until you die is amazing and there's very little in this world that you can say will be with you until you die. I understand they're not for everyone but I always wanted one hence why last year in my first few weeks of college I went mad,  bit the bullet and got my first ever tattoo. A little crescent moon on the back of my neck and I love it!! The moon is my favourite symbol and it's something that means so much to me that no matter how old I get I'll never get sick of it or want it removed. I was in and out of the tattoo parlour in seven minutes no joke the hello, the stencil, the actual tattoo and the goodbye in under seven minutes and it was the most painful experience of my life.
In general anyway needles are my biggest fear but I could never have been prepared for the pain I was about to face!!! Maybe I'm being dramatic but I'm yet to bring myself to get another one, no matter how much I'd like them.

The other day in work I started talking to some of the girls about tattoos and how I'd love to be covered in them which is where the inspiration behind this blog post came from, the list goes from sentimental ones to absolute silly ones that no one only myself and close friends will understand whether you agree or not these are what I want and so when I do descend onto the other world if anyone wants to get some of these in memory of me.....yer welcome to do so!!

 I'm not even joking with this one YOLO (You Only Live Once) is a saying I without a doubt say at least once a day and I think it would make the perfect small, jokey tattoo that would sum me and my youth up so well so who knows!! It's a tattoo that if I was to get it would have to be before I turn 25 so there's a four year window for me there *watch this space*

Hand Of Fatima 
I went to Tunisia as a child and since then I've always loved the Hand Of Fatima symbol, it's only in recent years I discovered the real meaning behind it and I fell in love with it even more. For me it represents women empowerment and if pain was no object I'd have it on me right now.

Symbol For Youth
This is the one tattoo that I can see myself getting in the near future the symbol for Youth on my wrist. It has the most sentimental emotion and meaning behind it that I'm hoping by the end of the year I'll have this inked on me for the rest of my life.
The London Skyline -
This one also has a lot of sentimental value behind it and I'd get it to honour my father. My dad was born and raised in London so I'd love this just to show my respect and feel like until the day I die I'd have something representing the greatest man to have ever stepped on earth.

11:11 then everyone has their own little thing behind this time but it's so special to me and I'd love it inked on me. Story has it when you look at a clock and see 11:11 it's the universe telling you your life is aligned exactly where it's supposed to be, it's very small and I love it!!

Space sleeve
Sticking with the Universe, I love space and everything to do with it so if I was ever going to be crazy and get a full sleeve I'd love it themed around space and the universe.
For no reason other than I love it!!

Because simply, what's life without Adventure?

There you have a couple of tattoos that I would love to get and who knows maybe one day I'll pluck up the courage and go about these. I personally always go for small, cute, personal tattoos but I hope maybe this gave you some inspiration to think about what you'd like if you had to get inked. 
Of course there are thousands more that I'd like such as a Buddha, a Lion and so much more but keeping it small and sweet (like my tattoos) that's all you're getting. 

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