Thursday, 12 January 2017

My Heartbreak Story

Heartbreak is a something everyone will experience at least once in their lives and this is a story I've thought about sharing with you for a long while now, in fact it's been on my mind since December 23rd and the time has finally come to share it with you.

I will admit it's quite painful to talk about and not something I enjoy. As a matter of fact I write this with tears in my eyes but if my story can show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel then that will subside the pain that I have to feel when I write this post, just remember when one door closes another opens (even if it is more expensive and not quite as nice).

It all goes back to Friday November 25th a day also known as Black Friday, I decided to spend the day shopping in Clonmel seeing as though I had just got paid and was fairly delighted with myself, I didn't go with the intention of finding a love but as I walked through New Look I spotted this was black leather with a gorgeous faux fur collar and I was in love, I'm not joking it was love at first sight. It's as if everything in the shop disappeared and all I could see was this one particular coat, as I walked towards it I noticed it was in the sale and reduced to €65 and the only one left was in my size, nothing ever felt more right in my life. Without hesitation I picked it up and bought it there and then, I've never had a baby but bringing home my new coat in the back of the car must have been the same feeling as a new parent bringing home their child, I just can't describe it. It was love.
I wore it constantly, literally every single day it made me feel so glamorous, whether I'd just fallen out of bed and looking like a donkey just with this coat and a pair of jeans the glam was unreal, I loved it so much!!
On December 23rd it's tradition in my town to go out and do the twelve pubs of Christmas so of course I had to wear my new fabulous jacket, I got so many compliments and was loving life. As we went into our third pub I took off my coat and left it on the chair beside me, pride as place. The pub was actually fairly quiet so when my two musketeers decided to go out for air I decided to run up to the bar and order a drink leaving my coat with a friend who was chatting to someone else thinking it would be safe  and when I got back the coat was gone!!! 
I'll never forget the pain, the devastation, the heartbreak, and I began searching religiously for it. Not only was my prized possession gone, my €70, house key and inglot lipgloss and liner... GONE!!! 
Devastation was an understatement and the pain doesn't end there. I searched every New Look store near and far and no luck, I sent numerous emails before being told the jacket was out of stock and since it was on sale it was very unlikely to ever come back in stock...the blood in my veins ran cold, I'd never felt anything like it. As I said, I understand heartbreak is something that happens to everyone, but I just pray you'll never have to go through anything like this.

After mourning the coat was a reasonable amount of time I decided the time had come to try find a replacement, It was tough but this is the part that everything changed. Early one morning I decided to raid the internet and eventually found a coat that didn't fill the hole still in my heart but slowly started to mend it.
 €52 in River Island and yeah I know it's not as nice but it will do, twill do, twill do. I also ordered another one and I do actually love it. 
 The be all and end of this story is like I said above there's always light at the end of the tunnel and when you think you'll never find something else then be patient it'll come along.

So there you have it, my heartbreak story right out on a page, I hope it's helped someone going through something similar, just keep going!! Keep searching and eventually something will come along...
All the best xo 

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