Sunday, 29 January 2017

Lynda's Survival Guide To ... The Pox

At some stage in every single persons life they will come across Chicken Pox, also known as the biggest pain in the arse since time began but normally these rotten, disgusting, ugly itchy red spots attach themselves to defenceless children however for me, I wasn't such a privileged child to get them at the age of eight or nine like the rest of my friends, nope I have to turn twenty one years of age before this plague attached itself to me and seeing as though I'm currently house bound with nothing to do I've decided to write a post about surviving the pox as an adult...or well, a twenty something year old who is yes technically labelled an 'adult' but is just definitely nothing like an adult. 
First things first I didn't want the chicken pox, I didn't want time off work, I didn't want an empty bank balance for 2 weeks solid but life, it ain't always easy and my struggle began almost three weeks ago when I began feeling sick. At the time the flu was a rampant thing, everyone was 'dying' literally everyone, snuffing, coughing, spluttering near me it was disgusting but me and my fantastic immune system, we managed to fight it off..all of three days before it hit me, or so I thought.
 All was fine though until last Monday week when I realised the plague was upon me but it wasn't exactly flu like symptoms, migraines, dizziness, feeling sick constantly. Now I'm not one to over react but I honestly thought that this was it, God was calling me, my time was up but nah I wasn't going near a doctor no way hosey if my time to go was here then go I would until, I even considered writing a will so to be honest when I started getting the itch and noticed my changing face I was delighted to hear they were chicken pox...well look anything is better than thinking you're about to die, a relief if nothing else (that was until I realised what the pox were.)

At first I found it kind of funny, like 'yes I'm not dying' sending out Snapchats to the lads like 'look at the state of me...HAHAHAHA' with a few red spots on my face, shur Jaysus what do people be complaining about these are grand. Yeah you look ugly but a week off work, ideal....
  Then I woke up Wednesday morning covered head to toe in agony and itch and there it was the feeling of death back again, no laugh, no craic and most definitely no snapchats I can assure you!!!
I can truthfully say I had never been as sick or as miserable in my whole entire life, the older you are the worse they're supposed to be and with the majority of my pox attaching themselves to my head and face the pain in my head was unbearable, not to mention my hair and face (the moneymakers) in jeopardy, times are tough!!
 I'm still covered but the spots have tamed and the pain has subsided so apart from being poor and bed ridden I'm definitely over the worst thanks be to God!!

The only advice I could give someone now that has chicken pox is nurofen plus... calamine lotion and a lot of tolerance. I still haven't come to terms with how ugly I'm currently looking with them but the sooner they're gone completely and I can wash my hair properly and look great again then the better...counting down the hours believe me!! ;-)
 What also helps the itch is by running a bath then filling socks right up to the brim with porridge oats. You then place the socks into the bath water so it kind of turns milky then get in...and low and behold itch be gone!! For me the pain was way worse than the itch so all I could count on was the nurofen but they do ease off thank God!!

I've never experienced anything like them but hey if at least one thing good came out of them it's after 21 years I've learned they're chicken POX and not chicken POCKS....shur look, every cloud and what not ;)

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