Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Extreme Makeover - Home Edition

First things first 'the key to change is to let go of fear' a phrase that has quite simply changed my life and I'm not even joking!! For me, change was one of my biggest fears, I hate change but two weeks ago a lot changed for me and the weirdest thing is, I wasn't afraid, I was actually ready to embrace it.
 I'm not talking big mental changes here like moving to Bayreuth or giving away my cat, I mean really small changes that will add up such as a shift in my attitude, deleting people off Snapchat and Facebook or even a different hairstyle but I knew one of the first steps for this 'new year, new me' was to completely transform my room and that's what I'm going to talk you through today.

Unfortunately I don't have any before and after photo's of my room but I'll try describe it as best as I can. My room hadn't been decorated in about eight years, it was bright luminous pink with photo's of rugby players, teddies and even some Spanish flags hanging about....It was literally the most childish room in the world and seeing as though I'm 21 I definitely needed the change.
 I got the idea to redecorate my room on the Sunday night and on Monday morning I decided there was no time like the present and began thinking about what way I wanted to style my room. I'm really interested in the chilled, hippy theme so went to Penney's and picked up a few little bits that I thought matched this style.
After the fun part was over it was time to head to Woodies to buy the things you actually need to decorate a room and believe you and me I had no idea what I was doing, I decided to get a trolley because I thought to myself 'that's the first step an adult would take isn't it? They would get a trolley' so that I did and crashed my way through the doors of Woodies, as you do. I decided to then make myself a list which just completely freaked me out and made me question whether or not I needed a new room after all..
- Under paint
- Grey paint
- Wall paper
- Brushes
- Overalls
-Dust sheets
- Lampshade
- Another lampshade
- Curtains
and the list is pretty much endless but once we eventually found the paint we were looking for the struggle started all over again, how much paint does one need? will one tin do or do we need another one? What's this colour like? Is it water or oil based (okay, that last question wasn't asked but we got the answer and that's all that counts)
 It wasn't long until our two confused faces attracted the attention of a worker who took the utmost pity on us and decided to show us what we needed, how much we needed and the fool profest ones they had and fair play to that man for keeping his cool because I couldn't have done it.
When we eventually bought everything but the kitchen sink, and the lampshades and curtains and about ten other essentials we needed we decided right onwards and upwards into Harry Corry to buy curtains...which long story short we're never going to mention again...OKAY?!!!

We began painting straight away and that in itself is something I never want to do again, it's just absolutely not fun at all like not one bit fun, not to mention the big overalls that made us look like we were on a one way mission to mars, it was dreadful but finally the first coat was done and in the morning it started all over again as round two commenced.
 After that it was time to call the mother because lets face it I had absolutely no idea how to stick up wall paper, to be totally honest with you I had just found out it didn't stick itself and you needed a paste so yep, thank God for mothers!!!

Then finally the painting was done, the paper was up and it was time to put the final touches to the room...
And there you have it ...€200 less, two days of stress, and hours of tears later my new and improved bedroom.
I have to say I impressed myself and it just shows what you can do with a friend, a mother and shite load of work. I probably would love my room a little bit more if I didn't then have to spend the next ten days locked inside it with chicken pox but none the less change is good and I'm loving it so far!! 
I also realised this entire post was just to show off my new room so I hope you like it, or else the jokes on me :O 

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