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2016 Year In Review

Well it's officially here, Happy New Year everyone!! 2017 is finally upon us and if there's one thing I love it's the new year. For me, I see every year as a book that has twelve chapters this might be because I'm a writer but on December 31st the 2016 book is closed and on January 1st you have a new blank book for your 2017 and to know you have a brand new canvas to start again makes me so so happy and that's why I love New Years so much.
 As you may know every year (well last year - 2015 Year Review) I write my years review and this year is of course no different. These are my favourite posts to write because it's so rare you actually sit down and reminisce on 365 days. It can be such a whirlwind of emotions from sadness to happiness but at the end of the day no matter what happened that's my 2016 book done and here's my story from last year, I hope you enjoy.
 When I'm planning this post I normally compile a list of events that have happened throughout the year under sections like education, career and the plain weird stuff but when I write my post it tends to get pretty mixed up. I can't say 2016 was the best year of my life because if I did that would be a lie, but what I can say is 2016 was the most life changing year I've ever had and taught me more life lessons than ever before.
One of the most life changing things that happened this year was when I decided to leave Carlow and drop out of college that, I think has literally flipped my world around, making the decision to leave was heartbreaking and do I miss it?? Absolutely. Did I make the right decision?? 100% but with leaving college came the real world, something I'm still not fully grasping and to be honest, I don't think I ever will. You become an adult and with this I went onto get my first ever job, it was in a call centre aka the worst experience of my life. If there's one thing I learned this year it's that call centres are soul destroying and I'm not joking don't do it kids, don't do it. I don't regret working there though not for one second, I made great friends, realised how shit it actually is and also taught me how to quit my first ever job.... twice, you know, as you do.
 Thankfully I'm now in a job that I love and for that I'm so grateful, I love being independent, having money and as I work in retail I get to meet new people every single day so as they say when one door closes another one opens.

One of the most amazing opportunities I got this year was when I got the chance to work in Tipp Fm for a couple of months on the Breakfast BLT with Brian and Lorraine. Lorraine Murphy was one of the presenters I've admired for years so to get to work with her and have her as my mentor was incredible, I learned so much from Brian and Lorraine and I think personally it was one of my biggest highlights of the year and something I'm forever grateful for.

My blogging didn't stop this year as 2016 was the year I set up my second blog LittlePieceOfHalloween
 I was nominated for 'Best Lifestyle' blog in the 2016 Irish Blog Awards. I also surpassed 100,000k hits on my blog and I'm still beaming ear to ear. To know people out there are clicking on and reading my nonsense is the most amazing feeling ever so if you're reading this now, then thank you so so much for your support over the year, I'm delighted!!
 I also got the opportunity to interview some incredible people this year such as my most read post ever, curvy model- Iskra Lawrence   former Eastenders Actor- Jack Derges
A real life witch - Patricia Weston, an Irish ghost buster Tina Barcoe and the owner of Ireland's most haunted house Aidan Quigley. Chatting to new people is without a doubt my favourite thing about blogging and each of these people were such a pleasure and an honour to feature on the blog.
 This year (well last year but you know what I mean) I also launched my new blog Instagram and twitter so if you're not already please come and follow me and in terms of blog wise that's been pretty much it this year.

In January this year we celebrated the first of the groups 21st birthday's and quickly realised that 21st birthday parties are the best things ever. Annmarie turned 21 on the 18th of Jan so we threw her a surprise party for her and it was probably one the best nights out in my life.
 Up next we had Karen's 21st and for three out of four to turn 21 in the same year I think it's safe to say we celebrated in style!

 In August it was my time to turn 21 and with months of planning and preparation it finally went ahead and turned out to the without a doubt the best night of my life (you can read about it here) It was one of those nights that to be honest I don't really remember it but it's something I'll never forget, does that make sense?
I was surrounded by my best friends and it literally was the greatest night of my life, as for the after session probably the greatest few hours of my life, loved every second!!

In February a very special thing took place in our town and that was the arrival of THE MR TOMMY BOWE!!! I kid you not!!!
 He's the most beautiful, kind, lovely, most unreal man on the planet and there I am..looking like a dog in a picture with him, EUGH!!

This was also the year of vehicles as Karen got her new beast (a nissan micra) and Annmarie went through cars like there was no tomorrow but it was also the year that I learned how to drive and believe me it was pretty touch and go for a while there.
I can't say I'm a natural at driving but I am pretty decent at it, once I get the car going I'm flying it but none the less there I am, a driver!!!

In April it was the first family christening in years as my cousins baby Lucy was christened, she's gorgeous and literally the pride and joy of the family right now. The cutest baby in the world.
 With that came nights out and what a few we've had, going on a night out is clearly my favourite activity I love it and we definitely celebrated in style. Between Aisling and Crellin's 20th birthday, a night out with Vera, a new moon party, Rag Week in Carlow and just too many nights out in general this year was fairly decent with them and there's only one that I stand back look at and go hmmmmm.....and that's very rare indeed. A night back in July which at the time seemed like the worst thing to ever happen, then what happens? flipped around and turned out to be a blessing in disguise literally, every cloud and that... 2016 you were some woman for the nights out!!

Other things that happened this year was of course Carrick basically going under the river Suir , Kings Of Leon making a return with their unbelievable album Walls, releasing my favourite KOL song 'Reverend'  and I discovered my all time fave song 'This Girl' what ultimate bangers!! 
 I tried coffee for the first time (won't be happening again I can assure you) I went to cover my first media event, a comedian in Thurles, I got a new cat.. Luna the psycho!! Mursher turned the big 4 and I lost my bestest friend in the world Molly. 

From October onwards this year the spiritual realm really took me over and I began getting very spiritual and interested in the paranormal. After starting my Halloween blog I wanted to ensure we had the best Halloween ever so started attending anything Halloweeny that we could find and Youghalloween was our first stop. What an unbelievable experience!!
 Becoming spiritual then, well it's not really something you can explain to anyone else because everyone is on their own journey but WOW! It's changed my life for the better and gave me such a different outlook on life, I love it so much. 
 The paranormal side then, well, coming from a person who still shivers to the theme song of Most Haunted it's weird how interested I became but there are two words I have to say....Loftus Hall.
 My favourite discovery of the year without a doubt, it's surreal. I've spent so many hours in that house over the past few months and each time I get a different experience I love it so much.

Overall my outlook on life has changed drastically last year/this year/ the year of 2016 you still get what I'm saying don't you? I really realised that negativity is what stops you from doing so much so if you remove that from your life you'll go on leaps and bounds. As harsh as it may be, pick out the aspects of negativity from your life, put in a bin and move on and it works great believe me.
 I'm so excited to start 2017 and although New Years Eve didn't kick off great I have such faith in this year and wish everyone the very best. No matter what happened last year, no matter what you went through just remember that this is a brand new book and you're holding the pen. 
Thanks so much again for reading my blog and I'll see you soon.
Happy New Year!!!
Lynda Xx

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