Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas 2016

First of all I just want to start off by wishing you a very Happy Christmas and had a great day with your family and friends. There was so many posts I wanted to have published before Christmas but when you're working right up until Christmas Eve I learned it's absolutely near to impossible to get anything done hence my lame excuse of posts this December. 
Working at Christmas is new to me, as embarrassing as it is to say that I've never in my life worked at Christmas time and you know what I learned? it's not fun, especially when you work in retail, in a store that's main focus is on Christmas..I kid you not but that's another story (and post that will be coming soon ;))
My Christmas was lovely, I'm not going to lie and say it was the best Christmas ever because it wasn't but it was lovely. I don't know what it was this year I just did not get that Christmassy vibe and I was so sad. I didn't make it to the Christmas tractors, I didn't get to Winterville in Waterford, yano what I didn't even get Hot Chocolate so this really didn't feel like Christmas to me the only tradition I really stuck to in the build up to Christmas was the 12 pubs, literally no shock there!!

On the 23rd, Christmas Eve- Eve the day had come so we decided to treat ourselves and get our make up done in Inglot in Waterford, I had my make up done by the unbelievably talented Lydia and the day itself was unreal. I had the 23rd off work which was a shock to the system in itself but I loved it. When we finally headed out to the 12 pubs we realised we were going to be defeated and stopped at pub number 3 and just writing this now I realised I lost Roisíns umbrella....shit!! Sorry girl.
 Anyway pub number 3 is where it all went downhill when I realised someone had stolen my coat, my house keys and €70!! Well, I was like a dog. When something like that happens there's literally nothing you can do but wait for the bad karma to hit, and if you're a believer in the Universe like me, then you know it'll do it's job and you can just move on (as devo as you will be) and enjoy your Christmas or whatever it is you need to enjoy. 
 Then there was the disco. Well, the disco in Carrick is not great, I can't lie but when it's not even 12 o'clock and the doors are closed because it's over full and you're standing in the lashing rain waiting to pay €10 to be trapped in a can like a sardine..well, that's when you realise it's officially Christmas!!! This year wasn't the same though with my best friend Annmarie being in England for Christmas but 3/5 best friends to spend Christmas Eve with, it aint bad. Even if I was minus €70 and my favourite coat!!!!!
Christmas Eve was a struggle in itself especially when the alarm went off at 9am and I realised I has work in 2 hours and that was not fun believe you and me that really was not enjoyable!!!!
 7pm I was out the doors of work and home to realise I was close to death's door, after getting a Chinese it was time to make the trifle and prep for the small family gathering after of my fave Christmas traditions!!

Every Christmas morning all my family arrives over to my house and I love it. It's been going on for years and it's so special to me. It's a time where we come together, swap presents, eat chicken nuggets and realise how old we're really getting. I think it's only when you come together and you see how things have changed between new babies, engagements, new houses and jobs you realise how much we've all grown and to me family means everything at Christmas. Well, except when you have to get into pictures with your gorgeous cousins and you're still fighting a hangover from the 23rd looking like a spud....curse my good looking family!!!
 When everyone had left around 3 o'clock it was finally time to put the turkey in the oven and by that I mean I got to go, lie down, watch Monsters University and Despicable me oh and Shark tale all before the dinner was ready. 
This year it was only myself and my mam for dinner and I loved it. This Christmas I really did realise how old we're all getting and as it hit me that I might not still be at home next Christmas I really soaked up every minute and had literally the nicest Christmas ever...well, until Dermot collapsed in Fair City and ruined my Christmas night!!!!!!!!!
I was never a Christmas lover, I'm much more of a Halloween gal but if there's one thing I can admit, Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. I feel so lucky that I get to see all my family every Christmas, It's a tradition that's happened for as long as I can remember and although we lost people over the years we still come together and it's special.

I hope that this Christmas time you got to spend time with the people who mean something to you, I also noticed as I wrote this post I could think of nothing only Christmas With The Kranks so I'm going to go watch that now, but once again I wish you the happiest Christmas and a great new year!!.

Finally, I just want to say a huge thanks for the support I've received over the past year, I've been blown away by the amount of views/ comments/ messages and I can't thank you for reading my posts enough.
 I'm not one of those bloggers that gets thousands of likes or tonnes of free stuff but I get the nicest comments and known that I've helped people or I've made them smile, that's why I blog!! Thank you all so much <3
Loads of love,
Lynda Hennebry 

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