Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A Guide To The 12 Pubs

When it comes to Christmas there's certain things that have to be done such as going to mass, eating your body weight in turkey & ham and then there's the twelve pubs. If you're not from Ireland then you're probably thinking 'what in a blue f*ck is the twelve pubs' and if you are from Ireland then you know exactly what I'm talking about.
 With it officially being Christmas I decided the time had come to transform my blog into a little piece of Christmas and start running with the Christmas posts and of course it has to start with a night out.
In my home town in Tipperary every single year without fail on the 23rd of December we celebrate The 12 Pubs (It's also the day before my best friend Roisin's birthday so we really splash out there) but what initially starts out as what you'd think will be one pub in every pub in the town ends up with every Carrick person bopping around, scuttered in stupid Christmas jumpers at 1am and there's nothing I love more.

As much as I love the idea of 12 pubs it never actually happens for me, there's hardly even 12 pubs in the town let alone 12 pubs I'd step into but this year I'm determined to stick to the rules and I've summarised them for you too.
  1. Left-Hand Pub – You can only drink with left hand.
  2. Over Pub –You must say “over” after every sentence, over.
  3. No Names Pub – Don’t use names or nicknames.
  4. Free Hugs Pub – Grab a hug from a stranger, no problem!!
  5. No Pointing Pub – No pointing, apparently we do this a lot?
  6. Selfie Pub – Pose for a selfie with a stranger, not a bother we do this all the time.
  7. Swap Shoes Pub – Swap shoes with someone in group..anyone size 6?
  8. Stranger Pub – Pretend you don’t know any of your group, by pub 8 you won’t need to pretend anyway.
  9. Fake Accent Pub – This is my fave, you must use fake accent for the duration of your stay.
  10. Right Hand Pub – Drink only with right hand
  11. Stay Going Pub – Try your damned hardest to stay going.
  12. Go Home Pub – Seriously, go home, you’re drunk.
Do you have what it takes?!! And don't forget your Christmas jumpers, the stupider the better. My favourite website to get them off is Funky Christmas Jumpers. 
Have fun but be safe ;)

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