Saturday, 5 November 2016

What Makes Me Happy - The Fupin Eejits

There's so many things in life that makes me happy for example payday, 3 for 10 on vodkas and Mursher but if there's one thing I love more than anything it's having a laugh, to be fair I'm the type of person who can make myself laugh for hours because as we all know I'm hilarious but there's one thing, well 3 things, 3 men I suppose you'd say that make me laugh more than anything and they are The Fupin Eejits!
 If you haven't heard of the fupin eejits then you literally must live under a rock because they're the greatest thing to have come out of Tipperary (apart from myself and Bulmers obviously) with their vines and videos. The very first video I ever saw from these lads is one I've shared thousands of times already but it's my favourite vine ever made and it's the 'are those helium balloons' I swear to God I never laughed as much when I saw it, I won't even mention my 21st birthday when we had to drive home with a car full of balloons it's just comedy gold.
From vine the lads went onto make short videos and they're the best thing since slice bread I'm not even joking, I'm so critical when it comes to vines and people making 'funny videos' half the time when I watch a funny video and just get pissed off at the lack of funniness but I'm yet to watch a fuppin eejit video and not genuinely LOL ...and I hate the word LOL but it happens I actually do ....LOL!!!
 The most recent video which I genuinely almost wet myself watching was one my favourite eejit Eddie Whelan did on his Halloween and it's actually just hilarious you have to watch it!!

Speaking of Eddie, would you believe me if I said I actually met him there in Clonmel just before Halloween I kid you not.
 I got dragged up to buy contact lenses with the girls and as we were walking into the costume shop who's walking out only Eddie flipping Whelan, well I never!! Probably the best moment of 2016 by far and I couldn't even ey!!

No matter what I'm feeling, whether I'm actually happy out and fancy a laugh or feeling down I know within 6 seconds the lads will have brightened up my day and that's all you can ask for!! They're three of the biggest legends in the county and that's all there is to it, hon the fupin eejiots!!
What do they say, 'a day without laughter is a day wasted' well not with the fupin eejits!!
You can follow their Youtube Channel or Facebook page and watch all the videos as they go up :)

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