Friday, 4 November 2016


We all know the stereotypes surrounding Irish people and their drink, we love it there's no bones about it so when someone tells you they're off the drink it's usually for one of the following reasons: 
1. They're on antibiotics or...

2. They're pregnant
so when myself and two friends decided to go off the drink for the month of October I don't think anyone, not even my mother believed I would stick it out...and in fairness I didn't even think I would myself.
I love the drink, I don't mean I love the drink as in I'm a big alco love the drink but I do love an occasional glass of prosecco, or moscato wine, or vodka, or Malibu oh and I do love an old can of bulmers from time to time, basically I enjoy an alcoholic beverage and yano what I'm not afraid to say it I love the sesh so when people started tagging me in posts on Facebook about going dry for October as a joke I decided yano what, let's go do one of my favourite hobbies....prove people wrong!!  

 The two girls Roisín and Annmarie got on board and with Halloween being a few days before the end of October we decided we'd start a week early so we were lasting the whole month and no one could say anything about not lasting the four HA! We lasted 5!! Almost 6!!!! The holy horror!! 
3 Sober Amigos -Crellin Me and Annmarie.
Long story short, the night it began Annmarie was out of the running and to be honest it was fairly touch and go with myself, week one was awful but then week 2 happened and I realised this was going to be a lot harder than I expected. 'You coming out tonight, all drinks are only €3' that message broke my heart and I only received it sixty odd times but as I realised there was only one week left and I'd completed SoberTober I couldn't have been prouder.
 People say when you give up drink you feel much more refreshed and energised, well I felt tireder than ever before I was aggravated because I couldn't go out and I was more broke than I'd ever been before the hype around being sober was shit craic but I have to admit waking up on a Sunday walking the dog with a clear head was fantastic, and I realised I actually didn't mind being sober as much as I thought I would. I wouldn't go as far as saying I enjoyed it by any stretch of the imagination but it definitely wasn't the worst thing and would I do it again???? Absolutely!!
 Best thing about being sober!!?? - HAAAAAA I proved people wrong!!!! 

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