Saturday, 1 October 2016

The First Day Of Halloween 🎃👻

Oi Oi
It's officially here and I couldn't be more excited, now that it's October 1st it's Halloween and I couldn't be any more excited if I tried. Yano that feeling you got as a child on Christmas eve? well, that's right now. Laugh if you must but I adore Halloween for so many reasons it's my favourite day of the year and this post is just a small introduction to why I love Halloween and what's to come on my blog over the next four weeks.
  First things first what do I have planned for Little Piece Of Lynda throughout the month of October? Yesterday over on my facebook I gave you a little intro but going into more detail coming this week I have a list of ten spooky alternatives to do over Halloween which has been one of my favorite posts to write. I love a real traditional Halloween but trust me when I say there's so much going on that we've no idea about and!! 
I'm also going to go into the history of Halloween but made super fun, I'll have reviews, movies to watch just so much coming up which I hope you're going to enjoy!!
Now back to my obsession with Halloween, I did write a post about this before which you can check outhere  but summing up that post my love for Halloween goes back years, I was definitely a witch in my past life there's no doubt about it and this year I have my own little black cat 'Luna' as a real life prop so I really am embracing my past life.
 Something that's always played on my mind is my childhood and how amazing it was ans one of my favourite memories was October 31st every year, it was the one day a year that truthfully made me so happy I could cry even to this day when thinking about Halloween I could cry with a mixture of happiness and nostalgia if there's one thing I'm sure of in this life it's that my child will have as much fun on Halloween as I did growing up.

My love for the history of Halloween came from my days in primary school, each week our fifth class teacher would make us do a 'know, want to know and learned' on different topics and one week it was Halloween. We got a sheet with the history of the day and that was it I was hooked I think that's where the real obsession came, I knew everything there is to know about Halloween and when it was over I'd cry myself to sleep...weird isn't it?!

I know I haven't really answered why I love the day so much but truthfully I don't know myself all I know is I'm going to do my very best over the next four weeks to make you love it as much as me!! ;)

Also just a little tip if you want to see all my 2016 Halloween posts then click these emojis '🎃👻' at the end of this post and it will bring you to them all. 

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