Wednesday, 19 October 2016

REVIEW - Nyx Liquid Illuminator

I've found a gem, a small little ridiculously gorgeous glowy gem and as you may have guessed from the title of this post it is the NYX Liquid Illuminator . One day (about a week after my 21st birthday so I was rolling in the dosh) and decided I would go on a makeup spending spree in Sam McCualeys chemist and picked up heaps of little bits that I hadn't tried before and the liquid illuminator was one of those products.
 It cost about €10 in Sam McCualeys but from my first time trying it I knew it was so worth the money.
If you've ever read my blog post on highlighter and contour then you'll know how much I love looking glowy and if you're like me and love it too then this is a product you should definitely invest in with so many options to create a dewy base it's flawless.

How To Use: 

The bottle in itself is small but believe me when I say a little goes a very long way, when using this product you have 4 options with it... I love having options!!
1. Use it as a foundation base. After you prep and prime your face you can simply use the product before putting on foundation to create an extremely dewy finished look.
2. Use along the cheekbones and cupids bow after your foundation has been applied. This is what I tend to do, it needs very little product and makes the world of a difference.
3. Mix a pea size amount in with your foundation. This is what I also do, by looking at the foundation you don't really notice there's anything mixed into it but when it's on the skin it's radiant you really are glowing!!
4. And finally your fourth option and once again it's a trick I learned off Youtuber Jamie Genevieve  and that's to use this product when you aren't even wearing any makeup to still get that glow!! Yep you heard me highlighting without wearing any makeup and I will no longer leave my house without makeup if I don't have this product run along my cheekbones.

So as you can see there are so many options to this product it's so diverse and it also now comes in four different shades to suit everyone.

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