Thursday, 20 October 2016

Happy Birthday Mursher

'No Sorry I Can't Do Anything Today It's My Dog's Birthday' 
Four years ago on the 14th of October something great happened to the world. That miracle was the birth of my baby Mursher, my pride and joy and this year she turned the big four. I know you'd swear I was talking about a child but to clear things up Mursher is my 'puppy' she's a mix between a spaniel and a retriever and I love her to bits.
I know what you're thinking...Mursher??? It happens a lot, Mursher is a seriously friendly hound so whenever we go for a walk she of course likes to make friends with every person we pass 'oh she's gorgeous what's her name?' 'Mursher' ....'What??  Mursher...Mursher????? Oh he's lovely' suddenly the name makes her a man and I'm left to explain ' see I love rugby and my two favourite players are Mike Sherry and Conor Murray so I took the Mur from Murray and the Sher from Sherry and got Mursher and she's a girl Murray and Sherry are second names like girls can have those names too' and I never seem to speak to those people again, for some reason they tend to put their heads down the next time I pass them but one things for sure everyone loves my Mursher especially me.

Last month my other baby Molly passed away and it was without a doubt the saddest time of my life so this year I knew I wanted to make Murshy's birthday special no matter how crazy I sounded, and believe me I sounded crazy!!
I'd been planning her party for months, I was going to invite her best friend Ruby, have a few games of chase the pelican (her favourite toy) and spoil her rotten with a big wad of ham (she loves ham) and even though since then I got a cat and Ruby couldn't come it was a great day.
The day's coming up to the big party I started buying little bits and bobs for her, few toys, few treats but on the day of her birthday I woke her with the biggest bone you could have set your eyes upon! She was in her element!! When she was engulfed in that I decided it was the perfect opportunity to run over to the pound shop to pick up her card, some decorations and a balloon ... It's the balloon that made me realise I had lost it...slightly.
 'Do you want a weight for the balloon?' - 'Oh no thanks It's just for my dog' ...Silence. He knew I was crazy, my friend knew I was crazy, my mother knew I was crazy and I got told I was going up on the Mr
Price notice board for being a nut job. Yep, enough was enough.
That was of course until I got home, stuck up her decorations, made her open her card, stuck on her birthday badge and treated her to the longest walk known to dogs and she loved it.

From there it started raining so she went into her kennel with was left of her bone and I didn't see her for the
evening, she wasn't as impressed with her balloon or card but I know she had a great day and it made me realise the love you have for your animals is unbelievable, it really hit me after Molly passed that your pets are you best friends and you should treat them with the love they deserve.

 And on that note you probably think I've lost the ball completely and you know what I probably have but YOLO Happy Belated Birthday Murshy <3 Xx

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