Thursday, 20 October 2016

Happy Birthday Mursher

'No Sorry I Can't Do Anything Today It's My Dog's Birthday' 
Four years ago on the 14th of October something great happened to the world. That miracle was the birth of my baby Mursher, my pride and joy and this year she turned the big four. I know you'd swear I was talking about a child but to clear things up Mursher is my 'puppy' she's a mix between a spaniel and a retriever and I love her to bits.
I know what you're thinking...Mursher??? It happens a lot, Mursher is a seriously friendly hound so whenever we go for a walk she of course likes to make friends with every person we pass 'oh she's gorgeous what's her name?' 'Mursher' ....'What??  Mursher...Mursher????? Oh he's lovely' suddenly the name makes her a man and I'm left to explain ' see I love rugby and my two favourite players are Mike Sherry and Conor Murray so I took the Mur from Murray and the Sher from Sherry and got Mursher and she's a girl Murray and Sherry are second names like girls can have those names too' and I never seem to speak to those people again, for some reason they tend to put their heads down the next time I pass them but one things for sure everyone loves my Mursher especially me.

Last month my other baby Molly passed away and it was without a doubt the saddest time of my life so this year I knew I wanted to make Murshy's birthday special no matter how crazy I sounded, and believe me I sounded crazy!!
I'd been planning her party for months, I was going to invite her best friend Ruby, have a few games of chase the pelican (her favourite toy) and spoil her rotten with a big wad of ham (she loves ham) and even though since then I got a cat and Ruby couldn't come it was a great day.
The day's coming up to the big party I started buying little bits and bobs for her, few toys, few treats but on the day of her birthday I woke her with the biggest bone you could have set your eyes upon! She was in her element!! When she was engulfed in that I decided it was the perfect opportunity to run over to the pound shop to pick up her card, some decorations and a balloon ... It's the balloon that made me realise I had lost it...slightly.
 'Do you want a weight for the balloon?' - 'Oh no thanks It's just for my dog' ...Silence. He knew I was crazy, my friend knew I was crazy, my mother knew I was crazy and I got told I was going up on the Mr
Price notice board for being a nut job. Yep, enough was enough.
That was of course until I got home, stuck up her decorations, made her open her card, stuck on her birthday badge and treated her to the longest walk known to dogs and she loved it.

From there it started raining so she went into her kennel with was left of her bone and I didn't see her for the
evening, she wasn't as impressed with her balloon or card but I know she had a great day and it made me realise the love you have for your animals is unbelievable, it really hit me after Molly passed that your pets are you best friends and you should treat them with the love they deserve.

 And on that note you probably think I've lost the ball completely and you know what I probably have but YOLO Happy Belated Birthday Murshy <3 Xx

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

REVIEW - Nyx Liquid Illuminator

I've found a gem, a small little ridiculously gorgeous glowy gem and as you may have guessed from the title of this post it is the NYX Liquid Illuminator . One day (about a week after my 21st birthday so I was rolling in the dosh) and decided I would go on a makeup spending spree in Sam McCualeys chemist and picked up heaps of little bits that I hadn't tried before and the liquid illuminator was one of those products.
 It cost about €10 in Sam McCualeys but from my first time trying it I knew it was so worth the money.
If you've ever read my blog post on highlighter and contour then you'll know how much I love looking glowy and if you're like me and love it too then this is a product you should definitely invest in with so many options to create a dewy base it's flawless.

How To Use: 

The bottle in itself is small but believe me when I say a little goes a very long way, when using this product you have 4 options with it... I love having options!!
1. Use it as a foundation base. After you prep and prime your face you can simply use the product before putting on foundation to create an extremely dewy finished look.
2. Use along the cheekbones and cupids bow after your foundation has been applied. This is what I tend to do, it needs very little product and makes the world of a difference.
3. Mix a pea size amount in with your foundation. This is what I also do, by looking at the foundation you don't really notice there's anything mixed into it but when it's on the skin it's radiant you really are glowing!!
4. And finally your fourth option and once again it's a trick I learned off Youtuber Jamie Genevieve  and that's to use this product when you aren't even wearing any makeup to still get that glow!! Yep you heard me highlighting without wearing any makeup and I will no longer leave my house without makeup if I don't have this product run along my cheekbones.

So as you can see there are so many options to this product it's so diverse and it also now comes in four different shades to suit everyone.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Lidl Autumn/Winter 2016 Coat Collection

Years ago to get a decent Winter coat you'd have had to splash out a small fortune to get one that was both stylish and warm but Lidl have genuinely out done themselves with their new 2016 coat collection and I'm obsessed.
I've gotten a sneak peak at the upcoming season and we are in for a treat believe me, layering is key this Winter so make sure to keep an eye out for Lidl's faux fur gilet hitting stores in November which will only set you back €14.99. With the new Premium collection by Esmara launching we're going to see a much wider variety in Lidl from knitted jumpers, ankle boots and making a debut is a range of gorgeous underwear.
The range will feature lace bras (€7.99) with matching underwear (€6.99) in several shades such as cream, grey and dusty pink. These will be landing in December.

Anyway back to the reason I'm writing this blog ...the coats!! When it comes to Winter coats I probably have about 5 good warm coats but how many do I wear ?? One, I wear the same one every day of Winter and have done for the past four years so this year I've promised myself to widen my horizons and invest in some new coats. It wasn't until I came across the press release for Lidl that I realised my Winter hunt had become a lot easier.

My favourite piece from this collection is this gorgeous grey coat which is a steal at only €24.99
This is the piece that really caught my eye from the minute I saw the collection, Autumn is all about layering and I love how this coat was shown in the pic above, kept open with a knitted dress, if that doesn't scream Winter I don't know what will.

It's all about the grey colour this Winter and Lidl have really kept with this theme by releasing this coat for €24.99. The pricing is so reasonable especially with the Lidl quality being surprisingly brilliant.  
The third coat I'm in love with is this black 'you can do no wrong' coat and for €24.99 why wouldn't you head to your local Lidl and pick it up?? It will go with everything and can dress up an outfit so well, no matter what you're wearing, no matter what colour it is this is literally the most perfect priced accessory to go with it this Winter. 
And there you have three of my favourite coats from the new Autumn/Winter collection, there are so many more fashion pieces coming your way from now until December but definitely go to your local store and pick up one of these coats while stocks last...I'm in love!! 

Monday, 3 October 2016


Hello Everyone πŸŽƒπŸ‘»
I think it's already pretty obvious to everyone who reads my blog/ follows me on social networks/ knows anything about me that I am an super freak fan when it comes to Halloween and that's a well known thing. 
In my last blog post my 'October 1st' one I spoke about how I had so much to write about Halloween and couldn't wait to begin and then it hit me 'not everyone loves Halloween as much as you, get a grip!' so I stopped and began thinking about what I should do...I mean I really wanted to share Halloween posts with you but at the same time I didn't want to constantly spam my blog with Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.

Then it hit me - why not make a seperate Halloween blog??? and I did, just like that. I've been working on it since 10am this morning without stopping and it's finally done, my Little Piece Of Halloween blog is now live and you can check it out BELOW 
At the moment all I have uploaded is my introduction however, I have so much more coming that I just can't wait to share!! Of course Little Piece Of Lynda is still going to be up and running but my main focus is on Little Piece Of Halloween for the rest of the month.
 I'm so excited to actually have a Halloween blog it's always been a dream of mine to have my own little Halloween section so I hope you love it as much as I do!! 
OΓ­che Shamhna Shona Daoibh

PS... This morning I also launched two new social media accounts for Little Piece Of Lynda....
Instagram - littlepieceoflyndablog and Twitter - lpl__blog
Come Follow Me!!

Saturday, 1 October 2016

The First Day Of Halloween πŸŽƒπŸ‘»

Oi Oi
It's officially here and I couldn't be more excited, now that it's October 1st it's Halloween and I couldn't be any more excited if I tried. Yano that feeling you got as a child on Christmas eve? well, that's right now. Laugh if you must but I adore Halloween for so many reasons it's my favourite day of the year and this post is just a small introduction to why I love Halloween and what's to come on my blog over the next four weeks.
  First things first what do I have planned for Little Piece Of Lynda throughout the month of October? Yesterday over on my facebook I gave you a little intro but going into more detail coming this week I have a list of ten spooky alternatives to do over Halloween which has been one of my favorite posts to write. I love a real traditional Halloween but trust me when I say there's so much going on that we've no idea about and!! 
I'm also going to go into the history of Halloween but made super fun, I'll have reviews, movies to watch just so much coming up which I hope you're going to enjoy!!
Now back to my obsession with Halloween, I did write a post about this before which you can check outhere  but summing up that post my love for Halloween goes back years, I was definitely a witch in my past life there's no doubt about it and this year I have my own little black cat 'Luna' as a real life prop so I really am embracing my past life.
 Something that's always played on my mind is my childhood and how amazing it was ans one of my favourite memories was October 31st every year, it was the one day a year that truthfully made me so happy I could cry even to this day when thinking about Halloween I could cry with a mixture of happiness and nostalgia if there's one thing I'm sure of in this life it's that my child will have as much fun on Halloween as I did growing up.

My love for the history of Halloween came from my days in primary school, each week our fifth class teacher would make us do a 'know, want to know and learned' on different topics and one week it was Halloween. We got a sheet with the history of the day and that was it I was hooked I think that's where the real obsession came, I knew everything there is to know about Halloween and when it was over I'd cry myself to sleep...weird isn't it?!

I know I haven't really answered why I love the day so much but truthfully I don't know myself all I know is I'm going to do my very best over the next four weeks to make you love it as much as me!! ;)

Also just a little tip if you want to see all my 2016 Halloween posts then click these emojis 'πŸŽƒπŸ‘»' at the end of this post and it will bring you to them all.