Friday, 23 September 2016

2 For 1 Movie Review - Lights Out And The Young Offenders

I can be such a freak ask me if I want to sit down and watch a movie it's emmmm, I'll see but ask me if I want to go cinema??? What's on?? Who cares, I'm in!! I love going to the cinema it's one of my favorite hobbies and this week I'm going to be doing my movie review a little differently becuase I'm giving you 2  brand new movie releases in the one post... this was a slow week.
Both films are completely different, from the horror 'Lights out' to the Irish comedy 'The young offenders' I have the inside scoop just for you and right in time for the weekend. 

I'll start this post with the first film I went to see and it was the horror movie..
Lights Out 
When I see a horror movie in the cinema around Sept / October I'm there and it's not becuase I love horrors or anything it's that I'm immediately in Halloween spirit and I have no choice but to go but when it comes to this film, lets just say I'll never watch it again.
I'm usually okay when it comes to horror movies, I can watch exorcisms and ouija based films forever but there was something about this movie that just freaked me out for days on end, I couldn't even sleep that night that's how bad I was. 
 The story is a little weird, actually it's very weird but what makes it so interesting is it plays off all of our fears making us relate to the fear of the characters and following such a dysfunctional family come together to fight off the most darkest entity ever. 

When Rebecca (played by Teresa Palmer..which I'll get to in a minute) leaves home she thought her childhood fears would be left behind along with her very strange mother but when her little brother Martin comes to her experiencing the same things Rebecca went through when the lights went off she steps in to find out the real story and that's when the truth of Diana comes out.
Diana, without giving too much away is the evil of all evil she's what we all fear and literally she is the scariest character I've ever come across in a movie.
Back to Teresa Palmer, I had never came across Teresa before and she is such an amazing actress I was so impressed, she was honestly inspiring and made you want to really get behind Rebecca and route for the whole family. I also became obsessed with her grungy, laid back style literally I'm not obsessed the whole way through the film I was in awe of her hair and make up and of course her other half in the movie... Holy Days!! 
Well, it wouldn't be a movie without a hunk would it?!
Overall I thought this film was amazing if you want a scare for Halloween then this is the one, but that being said it scared me enough to only watch it once.

The Young Offenders 
At the completely other end of the scale it's only been released couple of days ago and it's already selling out around the country on Tuesday night I headed to IMC to see The Young Offenders and I literally am not joking when I say I almost wet myself, it's genius!! 
The minute I saw the trailer for this movie I knew I had to go and see it, the storyline is just comical. It's based upon the cocaine siege that happened in Cork that everyone in the country had heard about so to firstly get a story out of that and make it as funny as they did is genius.
Two young fellas from north Cork Jock and Conor steal bicycles and ride off on an adventure to find and steal a bail of cocaine worth a few million from a disabled drug dealer with a nail gun and that's the story. Do they find it? Do they steal it? Does the drug dealer shoot them with a nail?? ..all things you'll have to find out watching the film but if you want a little giggle then it's the perfect film for you.
I'm also genuinely so impressed that it's an Irish made film with amazingly talented actors to two lads really out do themselves, I'd really recommend going and having a look.
And there you have it two of the newest releases of the moment, whether you want to scare yourself silly or laugh like a, well laugh like a mad person these are the two movies for you.

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