Monday, 26 September 2016

Molly - The Dog We'd All Aspire To Be

This is a post I've been thinking of writing for a few days now and it is without a doubt the saddest thing I've ever written about, to anyone out there reading this they'll think to themselves 'what the hell it's a dog' but for any dog lovers like me out there you'll relate to me on this one. I normally like to keep things happy and fun on my blog but after a recent event in my life I decided I had to dedicate a post to my best friend, Molly.
Molly, my black labrador mixed with some other unknown animal has been in my life for fourteen years. I got Molly off my uncle Vincent when I was seven years old and never in a million years could I ever have dreamed I'd be so attached to something in my life...Molly was put to sleep last Wednesday 21st September and it was the saddest day of my life, even writing this post I'm currently in tears but how lucky am I to have had something so special in my life that it makes saying goodbye so hard.

As much as this is the saddest post you'll ever find on my blog I can't be sad when dedicating a post to Molly, she'd have hated that she was the most human like dog I've ever came across in my life and she was the dog of all dogs, as weird as this may sound to you Mollys personality is the person I aspire to be. To be frank she didn't give a shit! Excuse my language but she didn't! 
'Molly stay in the garden' - Nah, she uses her paw to open the gate and let herself out
'Molly don't drink the cats milk' - Nah, she manages to drink it and blame Mursher
'Molly don't dig a hole in the garden' - Nah she comes in with a muddy nose and paws 
that was her and you couldn't love a dog more. Dare someone come in trying to sell a carpet...well, I wish them luck! She'd go above and beyond to protect everyone she could but get on her wrong side and you'll be barked down the road (with her tail wagging behind)

Like I said I had Molly for about fourteen years so she's been through it all. She grew up with me and all my friends from the avenue she'd seen everything and I mean if dogs could talk we'd be dead. There for all my good times, all the bad times, the study days the drunk nights coming home waking her up, poking her and whispering 'you're my best friend' Molly is a queen, always has been and always will.

I'd need a year to explain all of her characteristics to you but the loyalty, the determination the couldn't give a shitness is something I've learned from Molly, she is and will forever be a Queen.
I love you Moll Xx

Friday, 23 September 2016

2 For 1 Movie Review - Lights Out And The Young Offenders

I can be such a freak ask me if I want to sit down and watch a movie it's emmmm, I'll see but ask me if I want to go cinema??? What's on?? Who cares, I'm in!! I love going to the cinema it's one of my favorite hobbies and this week I'm going to be doing my movie review a little differently becuase I'm giving you 2  brand new movie releases in the one post... this was a slow week.
Both films are completely different, from the horror 'Lights out' to the Irish comedy 'The young offenders' I have the inside scoop just for you and right in time for the weekend. 

I'll start this post with the first film I went to see and it was the horror movie..
Lights Out 
When I see a horror movie in the cinema around Sept / October I'm there and it's not becuase I love horrors or anything it's that I'm immediately in Halloween spirit and I have no choice but to go but when it comes to this film, lets just say I'll never watch it again.
I'm usually okay when it comes to horror movies, I can watch exorcisms and ouija based films forever but there was something about this movie that just freaked me out for days on end, I couldn't even sleep that night that's how bad I was. 
 The story is a little weird, actually it's very weird but what makes it so interesting is it plays off all of our fears making us relate to the fear of the characters and following such a dysfunctional family come together to fight off the most darkest entity ever. 

When Rebecca (played by Teresa Palmer..which I'll get to in a minute) leaves home she thought her childhood fears would be left behind along with her very strange mother but when her little brother Martin comes to her experiencing the same things Rebecca went through when the lights went off she steps in to find out the real story and that's when the truth of Diana comes out.
Diana, without giving too much away is the evil of all evil she's what we all fear and literally she is the scariest character I've ever come across in a movie.
Back to Teresa Palmer, I had never came across Teresa before and she is such an amazing actress I was so impressed, she was honestly inspiring and made you want to really get behind Rebecca and route for the whole family. I also became obsessed with her grungy, laid back style literally I'm not obsessed the whole way through the film I was in awe of her hair and make up and of course her other half in the movie... Holy Days!! 
Well, it wouldn't be a movie without a hunk would it?!
Overall I thought this film was amazing if you want a scare for Halloween then this is the one, but that being said it scared me enough to only watch it once.

The Young Offenders 
At the completely other end of the scale it's only been released couple of days ago and it's already selling out around the country on Tuesday night I headed to IMC to see The Young Offenders and I literally am not joking when I say I almost wet myself, it's genius!! 
The minute I saw the trailer for this movie I knew I had to go and see it, the storyline is just comical. It's based upon the cocaine siege that happened in Cork that everyone in the country had heard about so to firstly get a story out of that and make it as funny as they did is genius.
Two young fellas from north Cork Jock and Conor steal bicycles and ride off on an adventure to find and steal a bail of cocaine worth a few million from a disabled drug dealer with a nail gun and that's the story. Do they find it? Do they steal it? Does the drug dealer shoot them with a nail?? ..all things you'll have to find out watching the film but if you want a little giggle then it's the perfect film for you.
I'm also genuinely so impressed that it's an Irish made film with amazingly talented actors to two lads really out do themselves, I'd really recommend going and having a look.
And there you have it two of the newest releases of the moment, whether you want to scare yourself silly or laugh like a, well laugh like a mad person these are the two movies for you.

Also, don't forget to download your 3 plus app where you can get 2 cinema tickets for €10!! It's brilliant for the discounts and shur why not make the most of it?? I adore this app and you can use your vouchers in The Odeon or IMC...Just a little helpful tip for you ;)

Sunday, 18 September 2016

GOMO - The Fall Bucket List

First things first has anyone not ever heard of Eventbrite? Has anyone heard of it but has no idea what it was? Yep that second option was me before I heard out about their new project 'GOMO' ...'GOMO' what the heck was GOMO I had heard of 'FOMO' (Fear Of Missing Out) as I planned on attending a FOMO night in the Foundry Carlow later that week but GOMO???!! GOMO I found out stood for 'Going out more often' -Eventbrite will change the way the events are planned in the future, it's exactly what the event management industry needs. Don't believe me??? check it out their page for event management for yourself.
 If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll understand my love for going out and doing stuff, if there's one thing I hate it's being stuck inside every single day especially when it's Autumn, my favourite season and Eventbrite has the same idea 'we plan on getting people away from Netflix and Chill, and into the habit of GOMO (Going Out More Often) to make the most of fall this yearand on that note, I was in and the research began.
I took it upon myself to find ten things to do around Ireland this Autumn and believe me when I say there's so much more going on under our nose that we don't realise.

1. Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival - Clare 

One of the oldest traditions in Ireland is matchmaking and one of the only true matchmakers left in Ireland is Willie Daly who runs a pub in Ennistymon and each year he attends the Lisdoonvarna festival making it the most popular matchmaking event of the year.
 For the month of September dances run from 12 noon each day until the early hours of the morning and if anything think of the fun that could be had, let alone finding your one true match. 
To find out a little bit more head on over to their website -

2. The Nightmare Realm  - Cork
 With it being Autumn, my favourite day is quickly approaching HALLOWEEN and what better to get you in the mood for this spooky day than to be spooked silly at the nightmare realm. I think everyone has heard of this before but it's basically a haunted house that comes back every year and it's definitely on the agenda for this year. Check out the website here -

 3. Loftus Hall - Wexford 
Sticking with the Halloween theme and off to the most haunted house in Ireland and on the most special time, it's the 666 anniversary of Loftus Hall. The story of this house is beyond interesting and it's something I'm fascinated by especially with it being so close to Halloween.
I'll be there over Halloween so if you go too be sure to let me know if you do head on down to Wexford over the upcoming weeks. You can check out the website here -

4. Drive In Cinema - This is something I have always wanted to do but have never had the chance but now that I know there's one so locally I'll definitely be going there this Autumn I don't know there's something about it so old fashioned and cool about it so it's definitely on the bucket list.
 There's so many unreal films coming up over the next few weeks, from Pretty Woman to Toy Story there's such a huge variety, keep an eye on on their website and keep me posted on your experience

5. The Young Offenders - Nationwide 
 Sticking with movies now and I know this post is about getting away from that 'Netflix' but in my opinion there's nothing better than a trip to the cinema it's just one of my favourite things to do and when I was last there and saw a trailer for The Young Offenders I almost choked on a popcorn kernel it looked amazing and I cannot wait to go and see this flick, just watch the trailer becuase I can't explain this movie -

6. The Ploughing Championships - Offaly 
Everyone in the country knows about the ploughing championships and shame on you if you haven't ever been that being said I have only been there the once and that was in Transition Year in school and it was without a doubt one of the best days of my life. I know I'm not giving you heaps of notice but the championships run from tomorrow (20th) to the 22nd and if you happen to have the day off then you should definitely get yourself off to Offaly. You can read more on their webpage which you can look at here. 

7. Comedy Carnival - Galway 
Everyone loves a bit of a giggle and one thing I've always wanted to do and never got the chance too was go to a comedy festival.
This year I'm going to do it and the Galway fest is without a doubt on my bucket list.
The event runs from October 25th to the 31st and has some of the country's top comedians such as Tommy Tiernan, Jason Manford, Rubberbandits, PJ Gallagher and Jason Byrne to name but a few. If you want to find out a little bit more then head over to their page here.

8. Dunbrody Famine Ship - New Ross

 I couldn't make a fall bucket list without including my favourite place in the country and that is the Dunbrody Famine Ship in New Ross. All my life this was my favorite day out and if you have never been it's something you need to put on your bucket list right now.
 Take a step into our historic past and experience the story of the potato famine and see what our ancestors had to go through, it's such an eye opener and you need to check it out. It's open 7 days a week and 9-6 and don't even ask questions just GO!!! - Check out their page here-

9. Freshers Week - The Foundry, Carlow
WAHHEYYYY ME BOYYY!!! - I moved to Carlow last year when I began studying media and public relations and for the life of me I don't remeber one thing about Freshers week...did it happen? did I go? who was playing? Na I've not a clue but this year....OH WOW!!
This years line up is unreal, my favourite DJ in the country Stephen Power is there along with THE BINGO PLAYERS!!! and so much more but I'll leave you discover that yourself check out the Foundry's facebook page to keep up to date with everything and watch this video....just do it ;)

 10. Festival Of Food - Kilkenny This is a one for all you foodies out there and I'll definitely be in attendance and you should be too. This is the perfect day out for families with food stalls showcasing local produce and some of the country's top TV chefs demonstrating how to cook it's the perfect day out.
It's running from the 28th to the 31st of October and you can find out a little bit more here

 And there you have it ten things around Ireland that are on my bucket list and should be on yours too, there's so much going on under our noses that we don't even know about. I have a special Halloween inspired post coming for you very soon so keep your eyes posted for that too

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wish List Wednesday - Adidas 3- Stripes Tee

When it comes to fashion there's obviously the aspect of wanting to be on trend and looking amazing but what if there was a new trend for €30 that looked amazing and was the most comfiest top you've have ever placed on your body?? Well this weeks 'Wish List Wednesday' is something I actually purchased last week and I don't think I've ever loved a top as much, I'm not joking when it comes to washing time it's nearly easier getting me in the washing machine than the tee shirt.

I actually fell in love with a similar tee shirt back in April when my favourite YouTuber Jamie Genevieve was wearing it in her 'Lip Fillers & Botox' video and from that minute I thought she looked so so cool and I was obsessed with her top. I'm obsessed with Jamie in general anyway but this top was unreal!!

I didn't really think much more of it then until I went to Waterford to Lifestyle Sports and spotted the top in the distance I had just about €30 with me so straight away grabbed the top and ran to the checkout, no questions asked and it's without a doubt the best purchase I've ever made.
 The minute I got home I was straight into it and I'd never felt more casual, yet comfy and stylish in my whole entire life, if I could I'd swear this top on a night out and I'm not even joking I love it that much. Sportswear is ridiculously in at the moment so the top really is really in at the moment and
whether it is anyway why wouldn't you wear it it's fab?!
I know people will say spending €30
on a black tee shirt is piss taking seeing as though you'd get one for €2.50 in Penney's but honestly just try on this top and then get back to me the comfort is something to nothing and of course the quality is amazing, unlike Penney's it's not going to rip in half an hour.
   If you like this as much as I do head on down to your nearest Lifestyle sports or you can order it online here I hope you like this as much as I do :)

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Review - SEVENTEEN Define & Conquer Contour Kit

Make up is something I've always had a slight obsession with admittedly I was probably better at doing my make up four/five years ago but one of my all time favourite trends to ever grace the makeup scene was contouring.  I'm pretty sure everyone in this day and age knows what contouring is what what is it exactly? ''Contouring is giving shape to an area of face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup' and that's literally it. I love using contour to obviously sculpt my face but I also love it for thinning my nose and that's the beauty of contour, you can change your features without changing your look..ideal. If you want to read a little bit more into contouring Teen Vogue have done a brilliant article on it which you can check out here or just learn like I did through Youtube Tutorials, my favourite youtuber is the amazing talented Jamie Genevieve and she's done a great video on contouring so check that out here and if you're like me and obsessed with highlight check that one out here.

Anyway back to business,  I've gone through so many contouring pallets from cream to powder and I've finally found my favourite one yet and guess what... it's under €9!!
 It's the Seventeen 'Define & Conquer Contour Kit'  which I pick up in Boots Pharmacy. I love this product so much that this is my second time purchasing the kit. You can view the product or buy it here. 
 It comes with a lovely matt highlight the perfect shade of contour and a little instruction page seen above. I can't recommend this product enough, the price you're paying the quality is phenomenal the only thing that doesn't do it for me is that the highlight just isn't shimmery enough for me, I love glowing!!

Even though the highlight in the kit is perfect I wanted that little bit extra so one day in Sam Mccauleys chemist I came across a little miracle the Catrice 'Prime and Fine' contouring kit and to finish off my make up everyday I rely on the highlight from this kit (as you can see from the picture I really depend on it) and do you want to know how much it costs??? €4!!! Yep you heard me €4.  Highlighter is applied above your cheekbones to give you that glistening finish and for me the more the better.
 Just by rubbing my finger along the highlight once and rubbing it on my hand you can't help but notice the glow off it. Pretty isn't it!!

 The contour itself I can't say is my favourite as I feel it is rather dark and a little bit too shimmery for me but it's still perfect to use, and whenever I run out of my Seventeen contour it's the first option I turn too but €4 for the highlight alone is well worth it.
 And there you have it my two favourite contour and highlight pallets if you could only have the one I'd definitely recommend picking up the SEVENTEEN kit high quality at a low price what could be better ;)

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Movie Review - Bad Moms (2016)

If there's one thing I love it's gathering the troops and heading to the cinema with a large blue slush puppy to see the newest release, I've seen some of the greatest films in the cinema from 'The Martian' to 'Sisters' but last week I went to see the newest flick 'Bad Moms' and I left that cinema speechless, and believe me when I say that does not happen often haha.
First of all there's just something about Mila Kunis (who plays the lead in this film) every time I watch her in movies I get the desire to become an actress I don't know what it is about her but she's such an amazing actress and the minute I see her name attached to a movie I just know it's going to be unreal and 'Bad moms' has been without a doubt her best film.
Check out the trailer below....

This film is all about (big shock) motherhood and follows the story of three mothers in particular who are extremely different to each other but all on the same path and struggling with parenting.
 Amy (played by Kunis) seems to have the perfect life, an amazing career, two perfect kids, an amazing home and a gorgeous husband, believe me when I say GORGEOUS!! but deep down she's stressed, overworked, falling to pieces and oh yes, her beautiful husband is in fact cheating on her. Amy joins forces with two other distressed mothers to quit being 'amazing moms' and go on a long overdue run of freedom, fun and putting themselves first and it is hilarious.
Kathryn Hahn is one of the mothers followed in the story and she outdoes herself, she is comical I honestly never laughed at a character so much in all my life, if anything go and just laugh at her.

There was something about this film that made me really think about motherhood and the connection mothers have with their children, I even cried on the way home I kid you not. Now that I've turned 21 I now know I've about a ten year window until I have my own little brats running wild and it got me. Will I have children? What will they be like? Can I ever love them as much as I love Mursher? It made me think so much and it hit home.
A perfect film for females in particular, motherhood is such a special thing and if anything this film will make you come home and call your own mother and tell her how much you love her.
I give this film 5 stars you need to check it out.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Moving Out For The First Time - My Story

Thinking back to this time last year is a whirlwind for me, I had just turned twenty and I was preparing to move out of home for the first time. I thought from the very beginning I'd be moving to Limerick but when results day hit and I had the choice between a course in Limerick or a dream course in Carlow I went with my heart, bit the bullet and found a house in Carlow town.
My God it was the scariest feeling I've ever felt in my life. What was going to happen? Who was I going to live with? What if they're horrible? What if they're messy?What about Mursher?!!! (my dog) but never did something feel so right in all my life.
 I can't describe what it is, the time was just right to leave home and as scary as it was I couldn't wait to begin my new adventure. The envy I have for new first years is crazy, it's as if you're out of your body looking in, everything is so different for the first time in your life you have to do your own shopping, you have to cook your own don't cook you don't eat mammy isn't there with a cup of tea in hand and you have to mentally prepare yourself to go out every week it's tough but never in your life will you ever experience anything like it..seriously, live it up!!

College and my story with education is something I spoke a lot about on my blog literally my whole school story is on this blog including my college experience even though my time spent in college was short everything I've learned in those five months changed me so much as a person and what I learned then has helped me more than anything else I've ever learned in life.
 I remember my very first day moving into Carraig Abhainn in Carlow, actually I'll never forget the day. Driving down the motorway tears just kept filling my eyes it was a mixture of nerves, excitement and sheer sadness but as I pulled into my new estate and saw some hunks I knew everything was gonna be okay. I met the landlord got my keys and began unpacking my boxes, I was sticking posters up left right and centre trying not to completely turn the house into a Munster zone...which didn't last long.
 After finding out my two new housemates were in the same course as me I was over the moon until I found out they weren't moving down until the next day and I'd have to spend my first night of college on my own... oh the joys!!
I cried, I wanted to go home there was no way I could do this but I did and the next morning as I sat pretending to be studious in the kitchen with an apple I heard a suitcase roll up...well, shit.
I will never forget that feeling hearing the key in the door I could of passed out until I heard 'helllooo' and there she was my new housemate Jennie Byrne. It was the weirdest thing ever it was as if me and Jennie had been friends all our awkwardness, no strangeness we just sat there trying to get a mirror to work and pretending to our other housemate (who still hadn't arrived) that we hated each other it was the craziest feeling ever. Little did I know the adventures that would await us.
 When Shannon finally arrived (my other housemate) we met her in college and I loved her straight away, I remember one of my first ever memories with Shannon was coming home from college, making dinner, turning the sofa around so we could look out the window and chatting about life and I knew straight away this girl was like a sister and a friend for life.
My first night out in Carlow actually happened a year ago yesterday when we headed to the foundry and I had the best night of my life, I was buzzing I couldn't believe I was in a proper night club that's sad isn't it?!! haha but living a small town with 'the disco' you can only imagine what it was like stepping into 'The Foundry' which soon went onto become my special place..I kid you not!!
 That's one thing about college, going out. I think as a thing most people will experience one of two things either
A. You're not really pushed about going out.
B. You live for going out and I was definitely B, I loved going out to be honest it was probably one of the only things I liked about college by the end but it's something that affected me big time. I would go out, drink wayyy to much, go to wayyy too many after sessions and then die with a hangover the next day, it was predicted every single week and that's without a doubt the wrong way to be. I 100% think that college is the time for going wild having fun, living life to the max but if you just want to drink and go out every single day you're doing it wrong that's the number one advice I could give to anyone heading off to college.
  Something which every college student in every college will come across is drugs, there's no getting away from it. Weed is something which almost everyone smokes and it's ridiculously accepted it's almost seen 'strange' if you don't smoke weed but with that comes a lot worse and where I lived was particularly bad for pills aka MDMA. This was everywhere on nights out and the easiest thing to get by the end it almost seemed normal but you just need to keep your head on, stand by your morals and don't be stupid becuase at the end of the day that's what drugs are...stupid!!
 'Try everything whilst you're at college' YES DO.. but don't be an idiot and try drugs!! Honestly, be prepared enough to know that they're going to be everywhere, and you're going to be offered them A LOT but be smart enough to know the dangers and be brave enough to say NO!!

Okay, enough with the mammy lectures (See I told you turning 21 was doing funny things to me) but college life is the greatest experience you can ever have, you can go to bed after your lectures, eat cereal for dinner, and actually skip a class (which you shouldn't ever do... I never did ;)) for the sake of it and no one cares, never in your life will there be a time like college.
 I dropped out of college in January and began working in the 'real world' and believe me when I say it's shit craic.. thinking back it makes me sick that I left college to life in this world BLEUGHHH!!! Live it up my friends, live it up.
  On a final note about college life I'm gonna end with the people. The people you meet in college will always have a piece of your heart, they will I'm not even joking. Not every single one of them like believe me when I say there's some people I met in college that I'd happily see stand on lego but you meet the odd special person.
I met so many amazing people, the girls in my class Emma, Megan, Rachael, Eimear, Annie, Erica, Abby etc meant so much to me and we all became sisters. Tanya another PR girl will always hold my heart, I shared some of the best nights out in Carlow with her and she is without a doubt a friend for life. Then of course there's Mai K my college sister. I've never met a girl like her and I never will so you really will meet the most amazing people.
 Your neighbours will become your best friends (well I loved mine) or they can become annoying idiots ( they were that too) but at the end of the day college is what you make it and if you, can I even say this again?! LIVE IT UP you'll never experience anything like it.