Saturday, 6 August 2016

Why I Love Autumn And You Should Too

Autumn is my favourite season without a doubt summer is over rated, winter is too cold and miserable but Autumn it's the perfect season. I don't know if I can actually put into words my perfect 'day feeling' like you know a day that like feels ...perfect??? I'd say I've lost you but take away doing anything during that said day like not what you're at it's just the feeling and atmosphere of that day you get me????
Well, my perfect 'day feeling' is in October, early morning with bright blue skies, sun blaring and breathing fresh cold air...that is my perfect day feeling and to me that's what Autumn is all about.
After someone recently asked me 'what's so great about Autumn anyway?' I easily listed off every single thing great about my favourite season so here are 13 reasons why I love Autumn and you should too. 

Number 1: Scarves, Hats and Gloves
One of the best things about it being Autumn is that it's finally cold enough to wrap up and get cuddly. I adore scarves and must have at least 57 different colours in my wardrobe just dying to get worn. 

Number 2: My Birthday
One of my favourite things about it finally reaching Autumn is that on the 21st of August every year it's my birthday and normally I hate becoming that one year older but with turning the big 21 this year I'm so excited that it's finally my birth month. 

Number 3: Halloween 
One of my most favourite things in the world is Halloween, ask anyone I am obsessed and Halloween is the greatest day of the year. Being honest if Halloween was in Summer, summer could possibly be my favorite season but it's not it's in Autumn and I love it.

Number 4: Bonfires/ Fireworks
Okay....this is controversial becuase I am terrified of fire but when it comes to Halloween I love a good bonfire, there's also nothing I love more than being out strolling around on an Autumn night and hearing fireworks exploding in the sky. As much as it seems to be dying out these days they're strong Autumn loves for me.

Number 5: The Colour
To me the world just gets prettier in Autumn, the leaves turn golden they fall the sun seems brighter the air is crispy everything just looks so so pretty and no one can deny it. 

Number 6: Smell Of Wood Fires
When I get the smell of a fire burning wood the first thought that comes into my head is HALLOWEEN!! It's one of my favorite smells in the world and there's nair a wiff of it in the air spring or summer so you have to love Autumn for that reason alone!! 

Number 7: Comfort Food
Autumn is all about those real home comforts, pies, soups, stews anything that will warm your insides out thoroughly after a day outside is the perfect food for Autumn. 
 Tying in with our number 8 is also - Hot Drinks - Hot chocolate on a daily basis, bottles of whiskeys ;) ;) ;) 

Number 9 - Pumpkins 
Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins--- my favourite things in the world are pumpkins!! How can you not love them? Every year I make a big day out of going pumpkin shopping, I get the girls and we head over to the main street to pick the ripest, biggest, most perfect pumpkin that you can buy.
 Then there's the carving, the playing with their insides the overall appearance of them.. I just love them!! 

Number 10 - Cold crisp morning walks
I love morning walks as it is but when it's early in the Autumn with cold air and mist then I'm the happiest girl on the planet, I love strolling along, ipod on, kings of leon playing...oh the dream.

Number 11 - Rugby 
YES - We all know one of the only bad things about summer is the fact the rugby season comes to an end but what happens in September??? rugby is back and weekends are planned around Thomond Park, oh and those Munster hunks are back on the television. 

Number 12- Countdown To Christmas
WAHHEYYYY- Yes you know it's true you can finally officially start counting how many Fridays to go before the big man comes down the chimney!! 

Number 13 - Out We Go
And on the last note one of my favourite things about Autumn is that it gets dark an hour earlier, and when it comes to a Saturday night that just means you get to go out an hour earlier.. whoop whoop!! 

And there you have it 13 things I love about Autumn and you should too..

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