Wednesday, 10 August 2016

River Island Hump Day Cheer Up

River Island are always right in there with the newest fashion trends and the new strappy over t-shirt look has left me obsessed and eager to get my hands on.
 I first came across this look last Sunday morning at a garage when I spotted a lady out and about wearing this cami top dress and I thought it was the coolest outfit I've seen in awhile.
I get most of my fashion inspo from people on the streets and have done all my life, I take no shame in it if I see a person who's style I love I will take a mental note and base my style around it, even girls on nights out if I like your style I will tell you (unfortunately for me on nights out I will probably tell you if I don't filter!!)

With my 21st birthday quickly approaching I've spent hours upon hours scrolling through the internet, and marching from shop to shop looking for the perfect dress and as expected hope but I did stumble upon this perfect cami top from River Island which costs €30.
If you need a little hump day treat then I think this is the perfect 'to me, from me' and I'll quickly be following in your footsteps ;) I hope you like this top as much as me!!
You can get your hands on this top in all River Island stores or online by clicking here.
Happy Hump Day ;-) 

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