Wednesday, 31 August 2016

My 21st Hawaiian Style

Last sunday, the 21st of August I turned the big 21 but if you've read my blog before you'll probably already know this, you can read about it here, and here ... turning 21 was something that terrified me but now that I'm 2 weeks into 'that age' I'm actually enjoying it. I had my party on Saturday the 20th and I have to say it was without a doubt the best night of my life.

As you may have guessed my party was Hawaiian themed so all guests were made to wear leis (the flowers around the neck) and everyone looked beautiful.  My prep work for the party started last May would you believe, I love party planning so I was literally in my element but slowly but surely things fell into place, booking hair and makeup, finding a Dj and the torture of finding a bloody dress but on Friday the real work began. Friday night when we headed to the pub to transform it into the beach, I roped in my two best friends Annmarie and Crellin along with with my cousin Stefan and within two hours everything was perfect I couldn't have been happier with how it turned out, I bought all my decorations in Party World in Waterford which is my favourite shop in the world and couldn't recommend enough, all the staff are so lovely and helpful and I also bought a few bits online so with everything the place looked unreal when that was done we then headed home to finish decorating the house...there was just no stopping us and eventually the time came to hit the hay before we faced our 7am start.

 When Saturday finally arrived it was literally all go, go, go and it was the funniest, most amazing day of my life. My morning began with a shower then it was time to curl the hair before the girls came and we set about our adventure. At half ten we headed to Carlow to get our makeup done by the amazing Triona Brennan who I would recommend to everyone. Whilst in Carlow I got to meet up with my college bff Tanya who I hadn't seen in months so already my birthday was off to a great start. Then the trip home the tunes were blared and we danced our way home, from Carlow it was to Waterford to collect my cake and oh my word... I got my cake made off Gracie based in Waterford, check out her page here, she is the most incredible cake maker I have ever come across in my life, just look at the cake she made for me. My bottom tier as you can see is incorporating my theme, with a little bottle of prosecco, the middle one is of my favourite place in the world The Foundry in Carlow and then the top is of course the moon. My friends even said it it's as if Gracie went into my head and knew exactly what I wanted, if you want a cake made then I honestly think you couldn't find anyone better than her.
 After the cake was collected it was onto Party World to collect the balloons and I swear to God I never got whacked in the head so much..... 
When we got back to Carrick that's when the stress hit in. I took out my hair rollers and disaster I can't even begin to stress how much of a disaster it was, tho fro was out in all it's glory so straight away it was straightened and re curled but it wasn't long until all was salvaged and I could breathe again. Then the breakdown began, the dress wouldn't pin in the right place, my mother wouldn't get in the shower and I was losing the plot, but it wasn't long until everyone arrived, drinks started flowing and I found my happy place.. who would have known it would be in a bottle of peach schnapps ey?! 

 At half nine the taxi's came to bring us to the pub and from the minute we arrived it was shots..shots...shots...shots...shots... and a lot of laughing and dancing!! All my family was there and my greatest friends on the planet. I never thought I could have so much fun but my God it was amazing. I got to catch up with all my cousins who I hadn't seen with a while, I got the most amazing cocktail off Paulene (the landlady) I got to dance to all my favourite tunes and the best part is that I got to sit and dance and drink a ridiculous amount of tequila with some of my favourite people on this planet. My biggest fear about having a 21st is that no one would show up but they did and the best part was that there was no one that I didn't like there and I had the best night of my life. From there it was time to hit the disco..and when it comes to the disco there's only 3 things I remember and that's tequila, salt and lemons.. I kid you not.

After the disco (around half 2) we decided to get a small group small being  and head back to mine to watch the Mcgreggor match, I won't lie to you and say I even knew there was a UFC match on boxing just isn't really my thing but with the boys adamant of having pizza and Mcgregor who was I to disagree?? Long story short, I didn't have the channel and the Olympics went on. Not that it was even watched or anything. I have to say that the after session on my birthday was my favourite part of the night, I was surrounded by my best of friends and it was the best feeling in the world. Mai, my bff from Carlow was down and having her there alone was the best present I could have asked for. A minor blip occurred when I fired my shoe at my mother but shur hey! at least it was a flat...or so I think it was!!
 My best memory from my birthday??? It was without a doubt waking up on the floor at seven am looking around and seeing my four favourite people passed out around me and for me that's exactly what life is all about. 

If someone asked me would I recommend them having a 21st party, well .. HELL YES!!! - There isn't one night of my life that I'd like to relive again more than my birthday, but what I learned about everything is that even though I go OTT with the planning, and stress levels went through the roof if you have great people around you that's all that matters isn't it? Well it certainly did for me!!
 I got some of the most amazing presents too, some of the most thoughtful gifts in the world, a new phone, driving lessons, jewelry and the cutest little teddy bear that says' I love you to the moon and back' from Mai, my friends know me so well and it's fantastic!! 
One of the greatest presents I did receive was off my bff Crellin of the most attractive Munster rugby player since Conor Murray and Mike Sherry...Francis Saili, I'll just leave this here..
Yeah I know, there are no words... Francis Saili told me to live it up.. yep, yep!!
So on that attractive note I may end this blog post I just wanted to let you know how my birthday went, turning 21 may feel like the scariest thing in the world but ever since I did in a strange way life has just improved.. I think 21 will be a good year ;) 
 Thanks so much to everyone who came to my party, gave me lovely presents or wished me happy birthday!! Absolute Legends!! 

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