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Jack Derges is fresh out of Albert Square having spent six months working alongside the Mitchell sisters on the nation's favourite soap Eastenders Jack who played Ronnie's daughter Danielle's brother Andy Flynn was out for revenge and brought so much excitement to the square I could hardly stand it...who was he? was he going to kill Ronnie? did he really love Roxy? he was the most mysterious lovable character to ever grace our screens and from speaking to Jack yesterday morning he's as lovable as Andy (just minus the weirdness)...even though which one of us has the cutest dog still remains a mystery
             Monty Vs Mursher
 I couldn't believe my luck when I was told I'd have the opportunity to interview Jack so I wrecked his brains on Eastenders, his career, acting, rugby and of course lots of other things. Have a read below and I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it.

It's by no surprise Jack is no stranger to the television screens having been on Channel 4's Humans but acting wasn't something Jack had his eyes on from the very beginning with a keen interest in sport growing up Jack told me he always thought he would become a PE teacher, or a rugby player but 'he wasn't really good enough' his words, not mine! but slowly but surely got into acting through a friend of the family
'' A really good friend of the family came to me and said 'to me you are an actor' and from that it ran it's course and she unlocked the potential in me. I liked being the centre of attention at the time so it seemed right. Apart from going to college in Devon it was all natural progression for me''

Jack attended drama school for three years uprooting his life from a small town in Devon to the capital city London where he began television and film studies with a friend ''It's three years full on training so you really do unlock your potential, in the third year it's when you're put in front of agents and casting directors it's hard work 
 I got picked up by an agent, just started auditioning and the rest is history really''

Thinking back to when I was in college (I studied media and public relations in Carlow) I loved going out, so much so that the local nightclub 'The Foundry' became my best friend on a Wednesday night but obviously moving to London didn't come cheap and Jack had to work his back off just to survive living there but that doesn't mean he didn't have the craic and live it up ''My best mates who were doing sport science in Uni only had about 12 hours a week so spent a lot of their time with cans of strongbow but like I said I was in drama school and it was school, 9 to 5 everyday but obviously we were living for the weekend''
Coming from a small town I relate to Jack on the moving to a city isn't as cheap as you'd think and for the first few years he would practically work seven days a week to make his passion and lifestyle work '' Living in London you have to be able to support yourself, I was working in Hollister on Saturday's and then in a restaurant on Saturday and Sunday evenings before heading back to school on the Monday so it was very full on'' 
 London holds such a strong place in my heart with it being my good aul pops hometown and for Jack straight away he knew this was the place for him 'I wasn't nervous moving to London, I knew it was the next stage of my life most people say you get homesick when you go to uni but there wasn't a sense of that for me. 
 Growing up where I grew up in Devon it was a rat race to see who could get out not because it was bad but because you wanted to move on, moving to London has always been the aim'' 
   Personally growing up in a small town I know whenever I'm away from my home the smell of pig sh*t will straight away remind me how great my hometown of Carrick On Suir is (I know, wonderful how the smell of shite reminds me of home) but it wasn't until Jack was away from home that it made him realise how much he loved it ''I never thought I'd appreciate being back and seeing the hills and clear sky at night when I grew up there I did not appreciate any of that but I certainly do now'' 

In March this year Jack took on one of the biggest soaps and began working with BBC's Eastenders which is
probably what he is now best known for working along side The Mitchell sisters, stalking Ronnie and falling for Roxy and getting a right aul clobber from Jack Branning a whole experience which Derges will never forget,
'' There's no great story to how Eastenders came about, it's just another job but I changed agents just after I did humans and we do auditions all the time it came at the right time but with something as big as Eastenders a lot of other things come with it like you have to have social media training, you're briefed on how to deal with certain fans it was just one of those things that came at the right time and it would involve me in a big storyline so I thought it would be perfect'' 

''It was one of those jobs that really took me by surprise, I wasn't nervous but I felt like I was in a surreal environment for my first few days it was really fast paced. You're shooting four shows a week but you just have to crack on with your work.
 The first thing that got me was first going on the set I was with Leo who played Linford we were casually walking up to set and then suddenly I'm on the square and we were mid conversation and I had to stop them like 'sorry I need to take this in'. 
 It looks smaller than you think it would, it's kind of like a small toy town'. 

 Things can change so quickly in terms of the scripts and on one occasion this was experienced when Andy's final scene with Stacey Slater was added in ''You get given your script three or four weeks in advance so I've never really had much of a change but how it was going to plan out was with Andy and Ronnie going on a roller coaster of emotions and the last scene was supposed to be between me and Ronnie when she gave Andy her pendant but the writers came to me and said they were working on a little scene between me and Stacey and the final added scene with Stacey wasn't supposed to happen.
 Would there be a return to Eastenders though??? Well 'never say never I'm aware that I haven't been killed off so we'll see what happens' ;) 

 Swapping the Albert for the live stage is what's next as he hits the West end something Jack cannot wait for '' I'm so looking forward to working on the stage, It's so important for actors to mix up their work. I feel very, very comfortable on stage probably more than when I'm on screen'' 
Dogs...Dogs...Dogs...Dogs if you read my blog or know me at all you'll know one of my biggest loves in my life is my spaniel mixed retriever Mursher, she's my baby but imagine having a dog more popular than yourself, well that's exactly what Jack must face day in and day out.
Monty The Mini Dachshund who you can follow here has  over 37,000 followers on Instagram and gets more attention than you, I, and Jack put together ''It make me very proud haha and jealous I use Monty's page to try flog the Soap insiders awards I try get the dog community to support me.
 I started it by taking little cute pictures of him and social media is a weird thing, there are brands who get in touch wanting to send food, collars, toys and whenever any brand writes to us they start the message with 'Hi Moty' like do you realise he can't reply??? haha he pays for himself -we've got a celebrity right here' 

Do you ever think about your life and say 'hmm if I was a movie who would play me?' well I didn't until the
other day and it got me thinking, who would play me?? a short blonde girl with an Irish accent? it's near to impossible to choose so I put Jack on the spot and made him choose and you've got the exclusive here if Jack Derges life was turned into a movie he would be played by.... James Norton 'he's one of those actors I've recently noticed and I really admire his work''

One of my biggest passions in life is rugby, Munster rugby particularly and as a lover of all things sport one of Jack's biggest passions also is rugby ''I was watching Usain Bolt until four o'clock this morning acting is my work, but sport is my life''

For any aspiring actors out there Jack's advice to you is 'Its all on the individual, I get asked by my old drama school to go back and give talks but I remember when I was in school getting talks from actors and they would give this blanket advice and the minute you start saying what you should and shouldn't do the individual starts to adhere to some type of rules.
 Some people will really learn from the training by finding what works for you but there are certain people who would not benefit from that at all and if they have the confidence in them to be able to hold themselves on casting calls well then it could be a waste of time and money.
 I couldn't say exactly but the biggest piece of advice I could give is to go and speak to people in the industry try and get through to influential people. People that are seriously interested in acting should go speak to an actor, speak to a casting director and say 'look this is what I want to do' what do you think and they could want you straight away.''

And on that note my interview with the lovely Jack Derges has come to an end, over the past few years I've interviewed so many amazing people who I look up to and admire and I can truthfully say I've never enjoyed doing an interview so much with a person, it was a bundle of laughs and I'm still pinching myself..
Huge thank you to Jack for taking his time out to speak with me and to Amber for arranging the interview for me. I genuinely hope you enjoyed this little post x

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  1. Brilliantly written with a twist of humour. I really enjoyed it Linda, I'm following Monty now ;-)