Monday, 4 July 2016

The Stress - Planning A 21st

Having a 21st birthday party wasn't always something I thought too much about but the closer it got I realised my friends were giving me no choice but to have one, only right I suppose being the designated 'party girl' of the group so with my birthday approaching quickly (okay, okay ..the end of August) I decided to take pen to paper and start planning my 21st birthday.
 I started the prep way back in May, I roped in my friends and the work began, there was just one thing I didn't exactly make clear to them and that is that I am an complete and utter partyzilla and there's no even denying it.
 I'm the type of girl who loves planning, all my life. If I was going away for even one night I'd make a checklist on my phone, I've been planning my wedding for nearly three years now and my thirteenth birthday was like prepping for a space mission so what did anyone expect the planning of my 21st to be like it's just misfortunate that my friends stuck with me this long and now have to choice but to embrace my partyzilla personality.
      I decided to write this post because believe me when I say never in a million years did I ever expect a party to cause this much stress. Back in January my best friend Annmarie turned 21 and we threw a surprise party for her, the whole thing was planned in about 2 weeks and went perfect.
We booked the band, ordered the food, invited the people and bought the decorations and that was it, done, dusted and perfect. We couldn't have asked for a better night actually that being said we had two parties for her one in Carlow and one in Carrick and of course neither caused this much stress and the nights were amazing!! I just feel like there's just something about 21st that are special and almost worth the stress..kinda!
When it came to my own party I knew I wanted to have a theme, this is where I think my friends really realised how intense party planning with Lynda was going to be. I wanted something that was going to make my party different and that's why we decided on a theme, bouncing from one to the other from Vegas to black and white before finally deciding on Hawaii, then going back to Vegas before yet again going to Hawaii so yes my 21st will be a Hawaiian themed party. I'm not going to go too much into the whole theme just yet but It's gonna be tropic!!
 Of course though when you decide on throwing a themed party it automatically causes more stress, decorations will have to be bought, costumes, will it be fancy dress??, will we have a hula girl?? There's so much you need to think about and at the same time I want something that will make my party different.
Of course having a theme means numerous trips to my favourite shop in the world 'Party World' in Waterford, for any type of party this is the place to go too...unbelievable!! I'm known to all the staff in there at this stage it's just the best shop in the world.

When the theme was decided it was time to choose the venue, I just went with my local pub as it's cheap, my friends know it, it's easy to get too and the landlady is the coolest woman in the world, I love her so it's the perfect place for me to have my 21st. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!! I left the food to my mam, sorted in .9 seconds easy. The cake...well, hahaha when it comes to the cake serious planning was involved. I created a mood board, everyone designed their own draft cake on a piece of paper incorporating my favourite things before we finally decided on an idea and believe me when I say I cannot wait to show you!!
  Everything was falling straight into place that was until it was time to sort the music.
 Let me just say finding a band/dj was the most painful thing I've ever had to do in my life and never has something caused me or Roisin, or Annmarie, or everyone in my company so much grief!! Considering I tried to find a suitable band back in May and no luck is shocking!! I did however find my dream band a Kings Of Leon tribute band called 'Knights Of Leon' -wedding band 100% but it wasn't until the other day that the chief in charge of music Roisin finally found a DJ and we were good to go.

And so far that's as good as it gets, I think planning this party has been one of the funnest things I've ever done and even though it's not until the end of next month and the gang are in for a serious shock come August I am having the time of my life planning the party, what can I say you can only have a 21st once in your life.
 When it comes to planning for me it's simple I need three things,
A folder and notebook to write down every single thing that ever happens and the crew. I'm in constant need of help when it comes to planning and the girls plus Darragh always have my back, be it to help design a cake, buy 15 leis or to embrace what's soon to come!! (aka, the get me ready, the keep me calm and most importantly the clean up.)
 I'll keep you posted on the night don't worry ;-)

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