Monday, 11 July 2016

The Munster Final

I can't lie and say I'm the biggest hurling fan admittedly I can't make headen nor tale of what goes on in a game of hurling but when there's a Munster final and the two teams are Tipperary and Waterford then shit gets real. The tale of 'am I Tipp or am I Waterford' is a debate had a lot where I'm from.
 With the town being situated in Co.Tipperary and a quarter of the town being situated in Co.Waterford I am directly on the border of both, with one house being in Tipp and the other in Waterford you'll see half of Carrick Beg people claiming to be from Waterford when the people (like myself) in the right state of mind know we're in Co. Tipperary which makes me a Tipperary woman.
 However could it really just be that easy for me to be a Tipp fan? of course not since my mother decided to give birth to me in Ardkeen hospital in Waterford, there's no real winning for me is there.
But at the end of the day ask me what am I? and as clear as crystal I will proudly declare that I am and always will be a Tipp woman... maybe not as proudly as my friend Karen Ryan who sweats blue and yellow but none the less a proud Tipper.

Anyway, Sunday 11th July 2016 was the day Tipperary took on Waterford for the Munster final and what a day it was. You couldn't help but sense the excitement in the air from the minute you woke up, knowing half the town was dressed in blue and white and the other in blue and yellow (as they should be) was beyond exciting and you just knew the day was always going to be positive.
 As if the day wasn't exciting enough every year for the Munster final the disco opens on the Sunday night, this only happens on special days and just to put that little cherry on top it was a 70s, 80's and 90's night, fan flipping tastic.
 If there's one thing I love in life it's 80's music between 'Give It Up' and 'September' on loop since my eyes opened I couldn't wait for the day to begin.
Everyone in the town goes out and everyone who's still alive at 12 o'clock goes to the disco, it's literally the unwritten rule of the town and it did not disappoint.
 Sunday began like every other drinking day and that was to the rain pelting off my window, if there's one thing I hate it's the rain Jesus Christ it drives me insane I'm automatically in shit form but not today Rosaline nothing was going to get my mood down as I watched a few episodes of Father Ted and did the nails.
It wasn't long until Roisin arrived in for the annual alcohol shopping, my favourite kind of shopping and the buzz really started to reel in.
From there it was home to arse around for a while before it was match time!! I'm not going to go into details but   ;) ;) ;)                               Tipperary 5-19 Waterford 0-13   ;) ;) ;)
Then the hair was curled and over to my friend Haleigh's for the face to be painted, sometimes it helps to have a friend severely talented ... sometimes!!
Check out her facebook page here trust me, she does wonders!!

When the make up was done it was time to run home, throw on the Tipperary top and out to Roisin's for pre drinks which I have to say was probably one of the funniest/best pre drinks I've ever been too. If the pre drinks was turned into a movie the song in the background would have been Selena Gomez and that just sums up the night.
 At around 10 o'clock we headed back into town where we hit the pub and at 12 it was finally time to rock the disco.

It was one of the greatest disco's ever and the music...WOW!! It was hopping and if only a big idiot didn't burn me with a cigarette then the night would have been perfect!!!
There's nothing I love more than a night out with the three best friends, good music and a boogie...
 And so that was it, the night slowly came to an end and we headed home without any chicken nuggets....serious downer alright but nothing could ruin the buzz of Tipp winning and the amazing night that was had.
Munster Final in Carrick On Suir ...there's nowhere I'd rather be!!

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