Friday, 29 July 2016

Chloe Ferry Though

I've been watching Geordie Shore since the very beginning and was always one of the biggest fans of the show. I adored Holly, fancied the pants off Gaz and found seriously similar traits to Charlotte but season after season I found the show got kinda, dare I say it 'boring' that was until the new queen arrived Miss Chloe Ferry.  From the very first time Chloe appeared on the screen I was in love, she was the funniest girl on the planet.
 I'm 21 in two weeks and Chloe is only 20 so we're seriously similar in age and that's one reason I love her so much.
 Over the past seasons I've seen Chloe mature and start 'growing up' I don't mean like stopping her crazy antics but the way she got her first car, has to have her mam in the car when she drives, learnt to handle herself with boys and with our mutual love of chicken nuggets she's the coolest person on the planet and there you have the main reasons why I decided to dedicate this blog post to Chloe Ferry.

Maybe it's due to the fact I'm literally ancient at this stage but now that I'm in the process of writing a reeling the years post it's made me look at how I've grown up and like I said you can't help but look at Chloe's life and how she's progressed through the years on TV.
Marty and Chloe
I personally couldn't do it, I mean dealing with your own antics on a Sunday morning is one thing but dealing with them and having the world watch you not only deal with them but cause them, well... well, it just won't be happening but one thing that really made me admire Chloe was during the latest season when bff Charlotte kissed her man Marty.
When Chloe found out she was absolutely heartbroken but did she lose the plot? NO??!! How? I've no idea but she handled the situation so well and so mature that you couldn't help but notice how much she had grown as a person. If that was me in that situation there's no way I'd have handled it as well as she did, what a woman...

Not only has she grown as a person but she's upped her appearance 100% looking unbelievable. I know there's so many people out there who are against young people getting surgery or any type of surgical procedures and although I won't be rushing off to get injected anytime soon Chloe transformed her life by working out changing her body and looks incredible. Known as a Kylie Jenner look alike she's what most 20 year olds aspire to look like and she's all about hard work and determination.

One of my favourite things in this world are chicken nuggets which is something me and Chloe really have in common..don't believe me just look at our twitter headers ;) but anyone who loves chicken nuggets as much as me is basically family!!
 Another thing people would never know about Chloe is she's a trained figure skater and to make things better she falls just as much as I do on night's out and once again that's something I love.
On nights out I am Bambi on ice I'm not kidding I fall at least once every fifteen minutes on nights out and she's as clumsy as me... chicken nuggets and clumsiness, we should just be best friends!!

So there you have it my love for Chloe Ferry summed up in one post, I love girl power and Chloe is a seriously amazing lady!! Whatta woman!!

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