Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My Favourite Summer Cocktail Recipes

**Pinch Punch First Day Of The Month**
It's finally June which for me marks the very first day of summer (May doesn't count) and I'm absolutely scalded with sunburn, I can't stretch my forehead up with the burn. I feel as though I've gotten botox, I have no idea what that would feel like but that's what my head feels like. My shoulders are so burnt my bra strap might as well be a knife and my back feels like it's been grated along with a heap of cheddar but that being said IT'S SUMMER and I'm buzzing. 
One of my favourite things of summer is sunbathing and having a few cocktails, I will admit that usually our 'cocktails' come in a glass bottle from Lidl but on the odd, rare occasion that we decide to be adventurous and create our own ones from scratch they're the best drinks ever and here are my top 4 summer cocktails and the recipes to go with them, just on one condition....if you make one for yourself you're making one for me!! 

1. Woo Woo:
 This cocktail was extremely popular in the 80's and contains three of my favourite drinks. Vodka, Peach Schnapps and Cranberry juice. 
 To make yourself (and me, don't forget) you need.
1. 3oz of Vodka  
2. 1oz of Peach Schnapps
3. 1oz Cranberry Juice
Place ingredients and ice into a shaker then pour into a's that easy!! 

2. Strawberry Daiquiri 
Without being sexist I think a daiquiri, partially a strawberry one is every girls favourite cocktail and you've never tasted nothing like the Daiquiri in Tully's Bar in Carlow believe me! But they're my favourite cocktail and although I normally drink them made in a bottle there's nothing like the real stuff and here's how you make one
1. 4 Fresh Strawberries  
2. 2 tbsp of sugar
3. 35ml white rum
4. 25 ml lime juice
5. 1 tbsp strawberry liqueur 

Place all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and mash the strawberries with the end of a rolling pin.
Shake well and pout into a martini glass and there you have it...easy peasy aka, get a man to do it whilst you sunbathe. 

3. Tequila Sunrise
 I remember the first time I ever had a tequila sunrise like it was yesterday. I was 17 and on holidays in Malaga and they were giving out free cocktails. Not one to miss out on the party I tried one, and then another one and then, well look long story short I fell in love and they're the nicest cocktails ever. 
 I don't like tequila, I'm not joking give me a shot of tequila and you'll be seeing my dinner but when the measurements are right it's the perfect drink. 
1. 4oz Orange Juice
2. 2oz Tequila
3. 1/2 oz grenadine (nicest drink ever)

The decorative manner in which you serve this drink is essential which is why you must follow my directions correctly!! 
Pour the Orange juice and Tequila into a shaker and shake it all about before transferring to a long glass, then you pour the grenadine in the side of the glass so it looks like a sunrise, the syrup will sink and then start to rise up...unreal!! 

4. Sex On The Beach
 I would drink a gallon of this cocktail and my fridge is never without a cocktail mix of this. It's so fruity which is why I think it's the perfect summer drink.
To make this cocktail you'll need:
1. 45ml Peach Schnapps 
2. 45ml Vodka
3. 60ml Cranberry Juice
4. 60ml Pineapple Juice
5. 60ml Orange Juice

I simply cannot be more straightforward when it comes to this, to make a sex on the beach all you do is place all the ingredients into a jug or shaker, shake it up and serve in a glass with ice. 

And there you go four of my favourite summer cocktails, with the bank holiday coming full steam ahead why not give one or two or four of these cocktails a go and see which is your favourite :) 


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