Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Global Woman Who Represent

As a female I never understood women putting each other down, in prominent male world I always thought women should stick together and inspire one another and having recently wrote a piece on my blog about Irish women who inspire it made me really think about the wider community and the women around the world.
 I get inspired by women who work hard, be brave, don't let people put them down and more importantly embrace other females and empower them to be as successful as they are. I've met women like this in my life and my friends are these women but I've also seen the women who hate seeing others do well.
 I've picked out nine strong females who have inspired me from around the world and they just show that just becuase men believe they are the stronger race when women stick together we can do anything!!

1. Nikki Bella -
I decided to begin my list with Nikki/ Nicole Bella as I can truthfully say I believe she is the most inspirational women in the world. Nikki is a WWE diva and one of the main people on E's show 'Total Divas' you may also know her as hunk John Cena's other half but from watching Total Divas I've developed a serious love for Nikki Bella.
 I believe Nikki has the exact same goal I have in life and that is for females to empower one another as opposed to putting them down, as the Diva's champion she always spoke about being the best she could so others can look up to her, she fought through trolls body slamming her to putting put down by a colleague in work but has always planted a smile on her face and became to woman I one day aspire to be.

2. Iskra Lawrence -
It will come as no shock to anyone that I have included model Iskra Lawrence on this list and for obvious reasons. To this day having interviewed Iskra for my blog as been one of the highlights of my life and the post has gone onto become my most viewed post ever, you can check it out here.
 The curvy NYC based model faces trolls every single day of her life and just smiles back and does her job, she spends days making women feel good about themselves and helping them to be comfortable in their own skin refusing to ever put another female down. A beautiful person inside and out. 

3. Kim Kardashian -
Controversial I know but Kim Kardashian in my eyes is a queen always has and always will be. She pretty much rules the world and yes you may say 'but she became famous off a sex tape' and ehm yes she did but look how she turned that around. She's used it to become the most influential women in the world and an amazing strong business woman and for that alone she needs to be admired.

4. Holly Hagan - 
Holly Hagan from Geordie Shore is next on the list having undergone the biggest transformation both physically and mentally becoming what I believe one of the most beautiful women in the world both on the inside and outside.
Holly began on the MTV show when she was only eighteen years of age and it's safe to say she made her fair share of mistakes (like us all) but the only thing is her mistakes were broadcast on television, becuase of this it opened Holly up to cruel comments from ignorant people but it's made her into this strong, intelligent, brave woman she is today. I adore Holly Hagan and admire her transformation so much.

5. Iggy Azalea -
The queen of hip hop Iggy has fought her way into the hip hop industry being put down for her white skin trying to be a 'black woman'. She established herself in the industry making it clear that no matter what your skin colour, what your race, what your gender you can do whatever you set your mind to and Iggy is a clear example of this. 

6. Hilary Duff - 
I was the generation growing up watching the Disney channel and my favourite show was always Lizzie Mcguire. Hilary Duff was one of my first idols and to this day I still admire her. She's a hardworking, determined woman who has never let anything go to her head, known as one of the only Disney stars who hasn't gone insane and I love this pure classy lady.  

7. Laura Whitmore- 
Back to Ireland now and it's my hero Laura Whitmore as a female trying to one day break into the media industry Laura is the one to go to and has helped me personally on so many occasions. I've included Laura on this list becuase not only is she unbelievably talented but she's a prime example of trying to help other females. 
Like I've said the advice and knowledge Laura has given me is phenomenal and a woman we need more of.

8. Jamie Genevieve
She's the queen of YouTube and my biggest girl crush, Jamie not only has the coolest name on the planet but the talent to go with it. Her tutorials are the best in the world and with jaw dropping results I am in awe of this young lady..amazing!! That's all I can say - Amazing!! 

9. Lily Aldridge -  
She's married to my dream man King's Of Leon's Caleb Followill so opposed to the utter jealousy this Victoria Secret model she's an amazing leading female and inspires other females like me everyday. Working her back off to get where she is today Lily goes about her day helping young women be confident and stay true to themselves. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Charcoal Rescue Masque - Review

'' A Little Miracle In A Bottle''

I recently got sent this charcoal 'rescue' masque and to be 100% truthful with you I wasn't expecting much. I thought to myself 'well obviously it's going to be good because it's from dermalogica' a brand in which I've always trusted but I just presumed it would be average, God I was wrong.
 Having used this masque twice now it's without a doubt my favourite skin care item I've ever used and something I'll be using every week for the rest of my life.
Putting on the masque was a bit of a giggle, I looked like a madwoman but as it slightly tightened I could already feel it working. I was hungover, my eye bags were awful but there it is on my face...looks crazy doesn't it!!
 After 7-10 minutes you gently massage it into your skin with very wet hands and then rinse off. It's better to do this in a shower because trust me when I say you need a lot of water.
 When it eventually came off I couldn't believe how soft my skin felt and I was glowing!!
 The masque itself contains charcoal, volcanic ash, sea silt, bamboo and sulphur and them ingredients in themselves just sound amazing.
You can apply your masque up to four times a week, really whenever you feel like your skin needs a break, It's as if you've had a spa treatment in ten minutes it's without a doubt made me smile from ear to ear.
It's a little bit pricey retailing at (€48.00/£38.00) but believe me it is worth it. A little miracle in a bottle.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My Favourite Summer Cocktail Recipes

**Pinch Punch First Day Of The Month**
It's finally June which for me marks the very first day of summer (May doesn't count) and I'm absolutely scalded with sunburn, I can't stretch my forehead up with the burn. I feel as though I've gotten botox, I have no idea what that would feel like but that's what my head feels like. My shoulders are so burnt my bra strap might as well be a knife and my back feels like it's been grated along with a heap of cheddar but that being said IT'S SUMMER and I'm buzzing. 
One of my favourite things of summer is sunbathing and having a few cocktails, I will admit that usually our 'cocktails' come in a glass bottle from Lidl but on the odd, rare occasion that we decide to be adventurous and create our own ones from scratch they're the best drinks ever and here are my top 4 summer cocktails and the recipes to go with them, just on one condition....if you make one for yourself you're making one for me!! 

1. Woo Woo:
 This cocktail was extremely popular in the 80's and contains three of my favourite drinks. Vodka, Peach Schnapps and Cranberry juice. 
 To make yourself (and me, don't forget) you need.
1. 3oz of Vodka  
2. 1oz of Peach Schnapps
3. 1oz Cranberry Juice
Place ingredients and ice into a shaker then pour into a's that easy!! 

2. Strawberry Daiquiri 
Without being sexist I think a daiquiri, partially a strawberry one is every girls favourite cocktail and you've never tasted nothing like the Daiquiri in Tully's Bar in Carlow believe me! But they're my favourite cocktail and although I normally drink them made in a bottle there's nothing like the real stuff and here's how you make one
1. 4 Fresh Strawberries  
2. 2 tbsp of sugar
3. 35ml white rum
4. 25 ml lime juice
5. 1 tbsp strawberry liqueur 

Place all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and mash the strawberries with the end of a rolling pin.
Shake well and pout into a martini glass and there you have it...easy peasy aka, get a man to do it whilst you sunbathe. 

3. Tequila Sunrise
 I remember the first time I ever had a tequila sunrise like it was yesterday. I was 17 and on holidays in Malaga and they were giving out free cocktails. Not one to miss out on the party I tried one, and then another one and then, well look long story short I fell in love and they're the nicest cocktails ever. 
 I don't like tequila, I'm not joking give me a shot of tequila and you'll be seeing my dinner but when the measurements are right it's the perfect drink. 
1. 4oz Orange Juice
2. 2oz Tequila
3. 1/2 oz grenadine (nicest drink ever)

The decorative manner in which you serve this drink is essential which is why you must follow my directions correctly!! 
Pour the Orange juice and Tequila into a shaker and shake it all about before transferring to a long glass, then you pour the grenadine in the side of the glass so it looks like a sunrise, the syrup will sink and then start to rise up...unreal!! 

4. Sex On The Beach
 I would drink a gallon of this cocktail and my fridge is never without a cocktail mix of this. It's so fruity which is why I think it's the perfect summer drink.
To make this cocktail you'll need:
1. 45ml Peach Schnapps 
2. 45ml Vodka
3. 60ml Cranberry Juice
4. 60ml Pineapple Juice
5. 60ml Orange Juice

I simply cannot be more straightforward when it comes to this, to make a sex on the beach all you do is place all the ingredients into a jug or shaker, shake it up and serve in a glass with ice. 

And there you go four of my favourite summer cocktails, with the bank holiday coming full steam ahead why not give one or two or four of these cocktails a go and see which is your favourite :)