Thursday, 12 May 2016

What Makes Me Happy

I always find it hilarious how me and my friends are so different and have very little in common yet we all get along and stick like glue, I'm not kidding take me and my best friend Karen, we have nothing, and I repeat nothing in common yet we get along like a house on fire, it's the same with Crellin and Annmarie none of us have a thing in common but we all make it work and that's why I think we all work so well together.
Annmarie is the studious one, work and education comes first with her but she's also the one who likes the drink, however in a nice quite pub.
Crellin is the kind one who'll do anything she can for anyone and goes with the flow, I'm the party one who loves to go out and have fun and then there's Karen....and what can I say she's monotone.
Annmarie, Crellin, (me) and Karen.
Crellin loves spinning around, Annmarie loves golf and Karen loves nothing and we all have our own things that make us happy, alike every single person reading this post right now. As much as being with these three makes me extremely happy there are a couple of other things that make me smile and keep me going day in and day out. Here are a few things that make me happy when I'm feeling down or sad :-)
''I think it's important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy. Paula Cole''

1(a). Dancing- 
I love going out and hitting the nightclub it's without a doubt my favourite activity and if I could head to the Foundry in Carlow every single Wednesday night I would. There's something about getting together with the crew and dancing the night away that makes me so so happy.
 1(b) . Music in the club -
The music played in practically the Foundry (in Carlow) partially, I love the proper bass dropping music and jamming out to these tunes makes me so so happy, here's a few of my fave:
Astronomia          Derp          The Wolf        Insomnia 
Zombie Nation    Body Talk     Secrets 

2. Mursher-
One of my favourite things in the whole entire world is by baby Mursher and in case you don't know who Mursher is she's my dog, a cocker spaniel and retriever mix and believe me when I say she is the most amazing dog on the planet.
 Everyone that knows me knows I'm beyond obsessed with my baby and understands why becuase she genuinely is the cutest, most stupid dog on the planet, you can't help but love her...unless it's four in the morning and she starts woofing it up, then anyone reading this is welcome to her and I'm not kidding she was up for the taking last night!!

3. Blogging- 
Obviously blogging has to go on this list as it's without a doubt my one huge form of escape, anything can be going on in the world or in your head but when you sit down to write a post everything just leaves your head and you start to type it's the best and one of the real things in life that genuinely makes me happy.

4. Ducks- 

I love ducks, when I'm feeling stressed I look up pictures of 'a pond of ducks' and I'm not joking when I say
it makes me feel a lot better, one of my favourite things to do in the world is to get some bread and head out the road to Glencomeragh (you can read about Glencomeragh here) and feed the ducks, and the hens it honestly must be the most relaxing thing on the planet, I just genuinely adore could you not?!!

5. Kings Of Leon- 
I've loved the band Kings Of Leon for years now and do this day there's nothing I love more than chilling out with some old school KOL (read about the KOL concert here) but honestly a good kings of leon playlist and I'm good to go, not to mention when 'Sex On Fire' is played, to the floor NOW!!

6. Pay Day-
Look no one in the world can deny the fact that PayDay makes them happy, come on we're all friends here no need for secrets, payday is the best day of the week.

7. The Pre Of Going Out Day-
I have this weird thing about a going out day, if we're going out on a Saturday night my friends will get a text around 10am that morning saying 'It's Piss Day' and from there the fun begins, I just love the whole day and the stages you go through, the 'buzzing' stage to the 'I'm not going' stage to the 'I wonder will he be out' stage then there's the alcohol shopping with the girls, the prep, the pre going out music and the pre drinks a going out day is sometimes better than the actual going out thing.

8. The Gate- 
The gate is probably one of my favourite place on earth I just love it. The gate is pretty much just a gate that's up a hill in my area of town, I know what you're thinking but honestly this gate is my favourite place to be with a pair of earphones. You can look down over the town and just think about everything, I love brining Mursher up to the gate early mornings and every time I do my day just improves it's like something magical happens up there... Okay I know I'm a weirdo don't worry about it..
I swear the view is much better in person.
 9. Singing in the car with the crew-
This happens all the time, especially with me in the car becuase I literally can't sit still so there's always a few dance moves busted along with a good aul sing song and it's when you stop for a second to catch your breath and you here everyone else squealing whilst trying to hit the high note that you realise you're genuinely seriously happy and I love that.

10. The back road- 
I told you I can be a serious simple girl but one of my favourite things to do is when driving home from Clonmel to take the back road.
It takes an extra 10/15 minutes, it's so bumpy it makes you sick, it's twisty and dangerous but it's my favourite road on the planet and driving through the countryside opposed to down the main road makes me so genuinely happy..I told you it's the little things.

11. Passing the rugby ball- 
One of my favourite hobbies, I love rugby and seeming as it took me so long to actually learn how to throw a ball I want to practice it on a daily basis. Everyone can get involved, it's fun and you can have seriously amazing chats when passing a rugby ball, and as long as my future boyfriend is up for throwing the ball around the garden with me I'll be a pretty happy woman.

12. A group quiz-
The group quiz is without a doubt one of the best things on the planet, we don't have these as much as we used too but when we did they would be the most funniest, stupidest few hours of our life. It would take hours to find a suitable 'kids quiz' before the fight broke out about being on teams then who was the quiz master? surely a fight would always break out and they were some of the best nights I've ever had.

13. Stars / The Moon-
Finally the list comes to an end and with the most magical thing on the planet and that is space, I'm obsessed with Nasa and all things related to the sky but there's something about the moon that manages to put me into a trance and when I'm at my calmest it's when I'm standing outside looking at the moon and wishing on stars.
And there you have it, thirteen things that genuinely make me so so happy in life. I told you there were simple things. I hope you also have at least ten things you can turn too to make you happy when you're feeling down and if not then it's something you really need to look into :-)

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