Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Best Of Television... Back In The Day

If you ask for my opinion television back in the day was far more entertaining than it is now. I grew up watching the best television had to offer and years upon years later these shows are still close to my heart and make me literally almost wet myself every time there's a re -run on TV or  I can't sleep and YouTube the episodes.
These programmes are classic gold and I can guarantee you that some of my readers will never have even heard of some of these shows, I'm feeling my age big time right now.
Anyway here are 9 of the best television programmes ever made.....

1. Absolutely Fabulous: 
I grew up watching this programme and constantly compared it to my mother and my godmother, yes if you watched that show you'd understand how bad that is but without a doubt one of my favourite shows that has ever graced the airwaves.
The storyline is about best friends Patsy and Eddie and they're pill popping alcoholics with the funniest antics you'll ever see raising Eddie's Daughter and that's what makes me compare these two to my mammy and my godmammy definitely not the alcohol and the pill popping - Christ talking myself into a hole here.

2. Only Fools And Horses:
Del ~Boy and Rodney will always have my heart and probably everyone reading these has seen the comedy that is Only Fools And Horses, the story of two brothers sailing their way through life with their ups and downs it's a classic and a programme I'll most definitely be showing my children, in the way far off distant future I can assure you!! Here's two serious classic scenes - Batman And Robin and  The Chandelier. 

3. Father Ted: 
Father Ted is my favourite television programme in the whole entire world and is the only thing that can literally make me wet myself laughing no matter how many times I watch it. I've the box set, I've every episode recorded on my TV I could watch Father Ted all day.
 In case you live under a rock this story is based on 3 priests living on Craggy Island and I can't even describe it in anymore detail just watch this clip. 

4. Never Mind The Buzzcocks: 
Never mind the buzzcocks was my favorite back in the day think 'A League Of Their Own' yet not as attractive and completely music originated instead of sport. It had everyone who was an anybody as guests like Pixie Lott, Amy Winehouse, Gary Barlow, Alesha Dixon, DJ Sammy, Dappy, Dermot O'Leary and so many more and it was comical.
With rounds upon rounds of music games I was hooked and it was the best show ever.

5. The Catherine Tate Show: 
She's the funniest woman on the planet and the Catherine Tate Show was the funniest programme on the tv. Catherine played different characters and did different sketches and they were gold. My personal favourite sketch was the nan and you need to watch it here, serious gold...bring it back!!

6. Steptoe And Son:
Que the music -
Steptoe and Son probably sums up my childhood in television shows and if for some reason you wanted to know what my childhood was like, this was it. Picture this, Sunday afternoon curled up on the sofa with my dad watching episode upon episode of Steptoe and when the colour came into the show.. WOW!!
 The definition of my daddy and granddaddy in one program this story follows a father and son and it's made my stomach hurt with laughter so many times I couldn't even count.. a classic. 

7. Keeping Up Appearances: 
'The Bucket residents, the lady of the house speaking' and what a lady she was, it's to this day one of my favorite shows on television and admittedly I see a lot of my future self in good aul Hyacinth. An everyday working class couple with Hyacinth attempting to up her social ranking with any given opportunity embarrassing herself every week. Words cannot describe this show and with that I'll leave you with this little clip....howling!! 

8. One Foot In The Grave: 
Now this, this is an old show and flipping classic. I was in love with this show growing up and that famous catchphrase 'I don't beleive it' don't even get me started when he appeared in Father Ted ---> I seiously couldn't beleive it my life was made. A grumpy old man who I adore so much.

9. Grumpy Old Men/Women:
And finally we finish with the funniest series ever and that's watching old people give out about things. These series made me laugh so much there's the grumps on holidays, at Christmas all the time and it's quite frankly grumpy old people giving out... classic!!

And there you have it nine of my all time favourite TV shows from the olden days, I grew up watching these kind of shows and I seriously don't believe they will ever be beaten.. CLASSICS!!

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