Monday, 9 May 2016

The Bank Holiday In Carrick

If there's one thing I love it's a bank holiday, what isn't there to love about a Monday shut down across the country? There's no work, there's no school and the best part???....there's a Sunday night out.
 If there's one thing guaranteed to get the majority of Carrick On Suir out on the town it's a bank holiday. The disco opens, there's live music in every pub and our favourite local band 'The Raggies' are guaranteed to be in some pub across the town so trust me when I say there's no better night out in Carrick than a bank holiday..cue another post about a night out, yes it really is my favourite topic ( ;-) )
   I previously spoke reems about a Carlow night out and how amazing they are, I make no bones about it my favourite place in the world is the Carlow Foundry but thinking back to my time there a regular chat we had was 'what's the disco like in Carrick?' .. 'What's a night out there like?' and hence the inspiration for this blog post where I really will give you the ins and outs of a night out in Carrick and hitting that disco.

Before I begin I might aswell say I've actually only ever been on a night out in a couple of places, Kilkenny, Clonmel, Limerick, Carlow and Carrick but trust me when I say when Carrick is good, it's very good and last week, the May bank holiday was one of those nights.
 Like everywhere in the country nights out usually begin with the pre drinks and the pre drinks always go one of two ways and you can let yourself imagine the two ways in which they could go. We usually go between the big pre drinks or the small pre drinks and the small pre drinks usually just being the intermediate girls (and Brannigan) and from there it's to the pub.
In Carrick we have a crazy amount of pubs but it's usually to the Junction because there's always a good crowd and great craic, realistically anywhere they do 3 for 10 vodkas is the place to go.
  After an hour or two there you've basically drank too much as it is and spoken to everyone in the perimeter of the pub it's onto the DISCO!! Aka, the 'nightclub' of Carrick On Suir.
 Yep the most asked thing about a night out in Carrick is the disco, It's actually really called 'Utopia' but believe me when I say no one calls it Utopia it's the disco and that's that don't call it Utopia....that's just sad!! Please, don't call it Utopia.

On a night out here there's a few unwritten rules and one of the main ones is you simply cannot, I repeat cannot be sober going into that disco. Well I mean you can but prepare yourself for an awful night and a fairly rapid escape an hour in, the doors open at 12 and by half 12 the place usually starts filling up.
At this stage no one is every really ID'd well actually come to think of it, that's really just my group of friends meaning I think we're there a bit too much but once you're through the bouncers and successfully down the stairs it's a 50/50 chance about how the night is about to go.
 It takes a while for the place to fill up (hoping that it does) so you usually just float around chatting before forking over for a drink and trust me when I say you won't be getting 3 for 10 on vodkas here.
 When the drink is down you can finally hit the dance floor and then there's the music, look when it comes to music in a club I expect music like Astronomia and Zombie Nation well basically the Foundry's set list but the DJ in the disco is slightly more Sean Paul and BeyoncĂ© 'Crazy In Love'... but shur look, what can you do. After a while you'll also beginning to remember the playlist but a night in Carrick is what you make it and that's the only way I can describe it.

I think and don't quote me on this that the disco ends around 2ish?? Could be half 2 I really don't know and then it's usually onto the Kebab shop before embarking on the stroll home. Usually there's a crew of us strolling home but a nightly ritual me and the girls have on a night out is to sit on the old bridge and finish off our food, it's a tradition and so God help anyone if they try take this away from us.
When we finally get home it's a sleepover, a gossip, a recap on the night before a four hour nap when it's time to attempt to get up and there you have it, a night out in Carrick On Suir.

If you want to experience the disco for yourself I'd def recommend coming down for a bank holiday, it's when you're most likely to meet the real Carrick crew!! ;)

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