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What You Don't Know About Working In A Call Centre

Working in a call centre is a piss easy job right? I mean what does it involve? You just sit there, answer the phone, chat to customer and solve their broadband issues, what's easier than that, you couldn't find an easier job right???
 Well I've been working in the call centre for almost six weeks now and before I started working here I had the same expectations as you, I thought it was going to be the easiest job in the world. I love chatting to people and a job that involves 8 hours solid of talking this was going to be piss, I mean really thinking about it as an aspiring radio presenter this was the closest thing, chat, chat, chat and some more chatting it's great however there's another side and that's the actual working side and now that side...well, let's just say there's a lot that goes on in a call centre that unless you work there you'd never understand.
   You've to be in the building half an hour before your shift (which yes if you've a shift at 8am you're there at 7:30, which means leaving at 7am) you rarely leave on time, yes if your shift ends at 6pm and you get a call at 5 seconds to 6 guess what, you're taking it!!
The systems...they're always slow and the main thing you can't take anything personal.
 So as you can see there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes here's 20 more things that you may not know about working in a call centre...

1. It's hard -
Yep believe it or not working in a call centre is hard working, I work in the broadband department and it's one of the most difficult things in the world. You've two computers in front of you, about 10 systems you need to know inside out and considering I failed ECDL in school and every IT exam in college it's not exactly a piece of cake.

2. Abuse - 
1 in every 3 calls is an angry customer, the things people call you are beyond believable. I was once told I had the world's worst voice and shouldn't be answering the phone, I got abused becuase we weren't open 24/7 and that's just the little things, trust me you need to have a very thick skin to work in a call centre.

3. You appreciate nice people so much - 
When you answer a phone and the person on the other end is nice, friendly and full of banter then there's nothing better. I'm a chatter and love chatting to people, I've talked to people about the Bermuda triangle, Calvin Harris, The Loch Ness monster, wine and journalism some people are so lovely and friendly and that's the best part of the job.

4. It's fun times -
When you have someone who's nice and exactly like what I said above there's nothing better than having the craic.
One customer told me my accent would 'make him melt', I told one lady to 'have a lovely weekend' and she replied with 'I love you too' and then there was the time on April fools day I pretended to a customer he owed £500 on a bill.
 When it's a quiet day (Sunday evenings) movies go on like Ride Along 2 and The Martian (2 of my faves) we can also play hangman and guess who in our teams so it really can be a bit of a time.

5. You talk : A LOT - 
This kind of goes without saying but you do talk a lot, from the minute you go in until the minute you leave you're yapping, yapping, yapping and come five o'clock I develop a lisp, not even kidding!!!

6. You make great friends - 
The friends I've made in the call centre are one in a million from Eiren to Amy, Joey to Declan there's so many new friends I've made in just my few weeks there.

7. Days are long -
You work 8 hour shifts and if you think a 60 minute lecture is bad you should spend 60 minutes on the phone being shouted at.

8. There's serious talent - 
Look, when you work in a firm with over 200 people it goes without saying there's a quar bit of talent strolling around...shur look I'm only human.

9. Music- 
There's always at least two radios on the go and you'd be surprised how important the tunes are to get you through the day. Then of course there's the tunes when you're on hold, 'how deep is your love' and don't get me started when 'hot line bling' comes on #RaveToTheGrave

10. Rainy days make you happy - 
When it's raining outside I'm the saddest, most down human being on the planet however when I'm in work on a sunny day, well... lets just say I rather when the rain is pouring down!!

11. You have to dress good - 
Yeah this is something a lot of people don't know but you actually have to dress well when working in a call centre, Monday to Thursday is business wear and Friday to Sunday is business casual. This means heels everyday, work pants and a fairly decent appearance in general. Yep this does mean no tracksuit, no runners and no jeans everyday....the horror!!

12. There's A LOT that can go wrong with people's broadband - 
And the 'have you tried turning it off and back on again' doesn't always make the cut.

13. You talk shit-
The amount of utter shite you talk on a daily basis is phenomenal, I didn't even know I was liable to talk that much crap but you do, you talk absolute crap!!

14. It's a crazy social job -
There's zero chance you can be an antisocial person when working in a call centre, every minute of the day you're dealing with people, even since I started working there I've noticed how incredibly social I've become and I love it!

15. You bullshit A LOT -
Similar to the talking shit, you bullshit.... every second thing is bullshit and sometimes it just can't be helped!! Obviously customers rather when you're truthful and just come straight out with something but there are times you have no choice but to bullshit 'sorry my systems are running slow today, bare with me' *begs neighbour to help you solve the problem*

16. Stress - 
And there's a lot of it, I can tell you from my own experience I've left that live floor in tears as has members of my team as well as almost every other agent on the floor.
 The minute you leave that building you have to leave what happened there behind or else you really will get drowned with stress.

17.The environment is unreal -
I can't speak for every call centre but the one I work in is without a doubt the most unbelievable place to work, the emphasis on teamwork is unreal and there's always unreal incentives like free sausage rolls, free drink and even a free television!!

18. The General public are ignorant!! - 
Look, I'm not even messing when I say this people are horrible, horrible like!!!

19. Hardest job, unreal experience - 
The job itself..not gunna lie, it's not the best it's hard, harder than you could ever have imagined but the experience?... it's worth the torture!!

20. We hear everything -
Oh also, you know when you're on 'hold' - we can hear everything you say! We're muted, you're not ;)

And there you have it, 20  things you may not have known about working in a call centre, decide yourself what you make of working here!! 

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