Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Road Trip Playlist

If there's one thing I love in life it's going for a drive with the girls, it's one of the most relaxing things you can do and there's nothing better than having good tunes on that trip.
 Going for a drive is very popular amongst my friends, whether it's been a hard day at work or you just need a chat the car is the perfect place to be.
The same when I was in college, me and my housemate Jennie would always go on drives around the Carlow county.
 Then of course there's the drives with the girls when the music is banging and you listen to the best throwback songs and sing every word, yes I think everyone loves a good road trip from time to time hence the inspiration for this post.

What mainly inspired me to write this post though was when I came across an American car rental Company Turo  which I love the concept behind. You can rent the car from order people and have your own perfect driving experience with some drivers leaving behind their own personal road list playlist. 
Even though Turo is currently just available in the US and Canada from looking into the website and the company it's something I feel will definitely be taking Ireland and the world by storm very soon!! Imagine, renting a car and driving through the streets of Los Angeles....oh the dream!!

Anyway, back to music!! As a lot of you reading this will know I love my music and making playlists for different things like my ultimate night out playlist and now I'm making the perfect Road Trip playlist. When it comes to the type of music we listen to on drives it really depends where and when we're driving. If it's a Saturday afternoon and we're planning on heading out that night it'll be similar to the playlist above, however if it's a Monday morning on the way to work it's going to be a lot like Adele and sad music... it's the way it goes so what playlist do I include??
 Well, think a Sunday evening spin when you're with the girls, you're happy and fancy a sing along but also a bit of a dance this is what this playlist is representing... I hope you enjoy!! :-)

 Bieber has to be on the playlist whether you pretend you hate him or not  I couldn't decide between Sorry or What Do You Mean.... Sorry won!! 
Long story short What Do You Mean made the list.

It's one of my newest favourite songs and not only can you sing along but it's chilled, cooled and relaxed, the perfect drive song.

Nothing puts me in a trance more than this mans voice which is exactly why Abel made the cut with one of my all time favourite songs!!

They're my favourite band in the world and no one compares to the Followill boys but this song, it's a ballad and needs to be played on every single road trip across the globe.

Growing up this was my favourite song in the world having listened to it 890878 times (no exaggeration) but every time it comes on it's like hearing it for the first time and a sing along on a road trip is always A1.

Everyone knows wonderwall and everyone knows every lyric to Wonderwall and even though it could possibly leave you in tears by the end it's the perfect song for a drive. 

Picking up the pace a bit now and it's my get going song, there's nothing like this song with a decent bass so put it on, turn it up and a mad woman!!

It's the ultimate feel good song and I love nothing more than grooving out to this tune. If you haven't heard it before then you need, I repeat NEED to listen to it!! 

Yes...that is all!!

Another one of my new fave songs is this banger by Sia and it's the perfect song to rock along too in the car.

A remix of the classic L'amour Toujours that is almost as good as the original!!! 

I adore Milky Chance and this song is perfection at it's finest. 

Blurrrreeeddddd linesssss

Everyone loves a bit of Britney and if you say you don't then you're lying!! Nothing gets the girls going than a Britney sing song on a car ride

Another KOL track but a guarantee feel good song. 

Everyone's favourite Mr Brightside is also on the list and it's a song that I know you don't want to give into and sing but the minute it starts.... 'coming out of my cage....'

One Of Mr West's best tunes in my opinion and my God is it wonderful, blaring this, driving along it's the perfect road trip tune. 

THE PERFECT DRIVING SONG!!!! - Don't even try disagree with me!!

My favourite coldplay song of all time and I adore this belter when we're driving along, good aul Charlie B

I listen to this song at least once every single day and it reminds me of my college days in Carlow and there's nothing better than when a song brings back those feels!! 

A playlist wouldn't be complete without a bit of Calvin Harris especially a bit of a throwback from his hunk so here is you used to hold me. 

I love Mike Posner and this song has literally brought him back with a vengeance and it's gone onto become one of my all time favourite songs. 


Here's a throwback that everyone knows and everyone loves.

There's something about hearing Zombie blaring in the car that gets you going, especially as an Irish Woman. 

Slowing down now again but for good reason, such an intense but amazing song. 

Okay so this may not be everyones cup of tea but for me it's one of my favorite songs in the world, listen to this and try not want to head out. 

If you're friends with me this is a song you're likely to hear about 23 times a week and I'm not joking, faithless is King!! 

And finishing our list on a tap end it's Crunk... the only thing I can advise about this song it to blare it up, down the windows and nod the me it's the best way to go!!

And there you have it my 30 top tunes for the perfect Road Trip, even though there's about 15,000 more that I've wanted to put in, aka Dimitri Vegas, more Calvin, Taylor Swift, Cha Cha slide but I hope you enjoyed some of them and can incorporate them into your own drives :) 

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