Tuesday, 2 February 2016

My Favourite Places In Ireland

In my eyes Ireland is the greatest country on earth with so much to see and so much to do if I was a tourist I don't think I'd ever want to leave, I mean I'm born and bred Irish and I don't want to leave so for a tourist...well I can only imagine!! 
With so much to see and do in Ireland I could write a book on my favourite things but there are four places throughout the country that literally are my favourite places on earth.

Number 1: Thomond Park
Thomond Park rugby stadium in Limerick city is without a doubt one of my favourite places in the world. I love Limerick as it is it's my favourite city in the world and with so much history and culture in one place it really is like entering into another world. 
 As a Munster fan Thomond Park is the greatest place to be and there's nothing I enjoy more than wrapping up and becoming part of the red army at a rugby match. 

Number 2. The Foundry Carlow
This is a place I've only gotten to know well over the past couple of months and trust me when I say there isn't a place on earth that makes me happier than a Wednesday night in The Foundry. Now judge me if you must but growing up in a small town with only the 'disco' to keep you occupied the Foundry is the place to be. I personally love the music that's played there, I love the layout, I love everything about the place and that's why the Foundry, Carlow is one of my all time favourite places on earth.

Number 3: The Dunbrody
If you don't know what the Dunbrody is then I really don't think we can be friends sorry... for those of you morons that haven't heard of it, the Dunbrody is the famine ship in New Ross, Co.Wexford and as a History lover this is the best place in the world.
 I've been obsessed with the Dunbrody for as long as I can remember, you literally feel as though you're going back in time having a guided tour through the museum and on board the ship, it shows you exactly what our ancestors had to go through during the famine and it really opens my heart, without a doubt one of the greatest places on earth.

Number 4 - The Woods/ The Gate/ Farmer Weileans
And finally I'm heading back home as my fourth favourite place in Ireland is in Carrick Beg, my little area back home. Going up to the gate makes sense to us back home trust me but there's no place in the world that relaxes me more than going for a stroll in the woods. Best place in the world.

And there you have it my four favourite places in the world, I know....I'm an odd ball but they're the best ;)

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