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Irish Women Who Inspire

I first discovered by love for business and enterprise in Transition Year in school when we were put into groups and told to come up with our own 'mini enterprise'. 'What is this bull' I thought to myself (okay probably said it out loud, too loud for school) but when we finally decided we would start up our very own school magazine I was hooked on business and start up enterprises.
I was a woman possessed, a sixteen year old who had this new profound love for business, at this time of course I still loved my fashion and my journalism but business was something I knew I wanted to get involved in when I'm older. As the school years went on and 'What's The Banter' (the magazine) ran it's course I decided my future goal is to have my every own pub franchise...and well, to this day I'm still working on that but mark my day!! 
 As much as I love enterprise and the business world there's one thing I love more and that is women in business and women taking over the world. Over the years I've been so inspired by some of the country's most amazing women and in my mind Queens. I wanted to write this little post to celebrate these amazing women and to acknowledge how much these women have inspired me in one way or another.

Ruth Negga

 I couldn't begin this list without anyone other than THE QUEEN Ruth Negga, born in Limerick (a city very close to my heart) I don't think anyone ever knew what she would amount too, a young Limerick gal who has proven that no matter where you are from, what you look like, who you are you can follow your dream and she's a hero to me...All hair Queen Negga!!

Courtney Smith 

Read my interview with Courtney here
Miss Courtney Smith, I can't begin to tell you how long I've been annoying Courtney for since first getting in touch with her at fifteen. I was that bright eyed bushy tailed teenager who wanted to be a fashion stylist and Courtney Smith was my Queen. To me no on in the fashion industry stood a chance against Courtney (expect for my King Gok Wan.)
 To this day I remember checking my emails (it was the family email address too, I know the same) to see I'd received a reply from Courtney herself explaining to me all the different types of fashion stylists and how she became one. Since then I've been a follower of Courtney's career and I've never been so proud to see a woman go as far as her, she's the ultimate female. (Thank you Courtney <3)

Laura Whitmore 

Check out my interview with Laura here
Since I was no age I always adored Laura Whitmore, I think that anyone out there who dreams of doing anything in the media industry idolises Laura Whitmore for obvious reasons. To me, I don't believe anyone in this industry can beat Laura. I remember watching interviews she had done and taking so much from them into my own college course and any interviews I have done.
 Having emailed with Laura ganing so much advice I got to meet Laura in flesh before having a phone interview with her and I quickly learned how down to earth and normal she was. If I could end up like anyone in this world it would be Laura Whitmore, she's an icon.

Suzanne Jackson 

It's every blogger's dream to follow in the footsteps of Suzanne Jackson and I am most certainly not any different. Blogger Suzanne is a prime example how blogging and youtubing can open various doors and allow you to change your life around and follow your dreams.
 Having her own blog which led to her own books which led to her having workshops which led her to having her own makeup collection, she's done it all and I love seeing bloggers do well. She's someone to look up to so much and flies the flags for all bloggers yet again another Irish Queen.

Coia Dahill 

Read my interview with Coia here
A local women now hailing from Clonmel in Co.Tipperary and that is MUA and hairdresser Coia Dahill. I first saw Coia do her thing when my friend Haleigh booked Coia to do her make up for her 18th birthday, at that time I was terrified of make up as in, don't go near my eyebrows, don't make my eyes dark I was a nightmare with make up but watching Coia I stood there in amazement, she was amazing and was such a lovely, warm women (I won't get started on the style becuase let me tell you Coia has style). I then booked Coia for my debs and literally learned so much from just watching her at work. 
 From starting off at a hairdressers to setting up her own mobile business to writing a hugely successful blog and Youtube channel and now Coia has taken a huge step to open her own salon in Clonmel in the upcoming week which I wish Coia and her team all the best with but she's gone on to prove herself as such a successful woman in business and someone I admire very much!! 

Marissa Carter 

You simple can't have a list of successful leading Irish women without including Marissa Carter I mean that would just be wrong wouldn't it, owner of the hugely successful fake tan Cocoa Brown Marissa is the business queen and an inspiration to nearly every female boss out there!! Marissa for president!!

Madeline Mulqueen

Check out Madeline's interview here
Madeline, Madeline, Madeline my actual hero.
Madeline Mulqueen is one of Ireland's top model from Limerick and watching how far she has come in the past few years is absolutely the most inspiring things ever. I reached out to Madeline on facebook years ago after Madeline was a victim of a vicious man in Limerick, I was disgusted when I heard and she sent me back the nicest message and after a while and and a good few messages later I began to realise how sweet of a person she is and how no matter how far you go in life to stay down to earth and grounded and Madeline is exactly that. She's a QUEEN!!

Aoibhe Devlin 
Aoibhe Devlin Interview
Aoibhe Devlin is a friend and the owner of the amazing website '' and she also happens to be one of the biggest inspirations in my life. Since I first discovered TSO Aoibhe has always been so lovely to me and has always been there to help and support me in everything I've done in the past few years. Following Aoibhe's story has been nothing but interesting working with some of the biggest fashion brands in the country to living her dream and moving to Perth Aoibhe has shown me how important it is to follow your dream and work hard to achieve results. 

Caroline Downey

When it comes to women in business and inspiring business women you can't pass Caroline Downey, you simply cannot do it. as a director of one of Ireland's biggest industries Caroline is the female boss in a 'man's world' and is probably one of the most inspiring women in Ireland.
 I wouldn't trust the country in the hands of any man but Caroline Downey... I'd trust her with my life!! 

Lisa Cannon 

Check out my interview with Lisa here
 Lisa Cannon is a presenter on TV3's Xposé and is the sweetest, most down to earth human I've ever had the privilege of speaking with. Lisa has done everything and is without a doubt one of the country's best TV presenters. I feel as though with Lisa what you see is what you get and what I see is a beautiful lady who loves her job and makes the most of every situation she's been in. I absolutely adore Lisa Cannon.

Emma Kenny 

Emma Kenny is one of the country's top illustrators who has been thanked by Queen Kim Kardashian. I've been a follower of Emma's for months now and everything she does just amazes me, she's full of ambition and perseverance which is something I admire so much.  
 I adore Emma's work and having brought her passion into a business I think she is the ultimate woman and someone we all need to adore and look up too..what a woman!!

Ellen Weber And Grace O'Sullivan Aka, Glitz n Pieces 

When I talk about entrepreneurship and women in business there is two woman who in my opinion cannot be beaten and that's Grace and Ellen from boutique Glitz n Pieces who design the most beautiful jewelry, accessories and clothing and guess what...... early 20's!!! 
 As a twenty year old interested in entrepreneurship I idolise these two after they set up their business at only 19, they're the ultimate female bosses. 

Laura Mullett  

 I've been a fan of Laura Mullett for years now ever since I discovered her blog 'Lipstick Gossip' and started following Laura's career more and more, as an aspiring presenter I always listened to her interviews and learned so much from listening back to them, Laura then went onto be one of the country's best fashion stylist and reporting with Xposé and RTÉ she's come so far and there's nothing stopping Laura.
 She's someone who is a prime example of working hard and yet another female boss!! 

And there you have it, an handful of Irish women who inspire and push themselves every single day. Unfortunately I've had to leave out so many amazing individuals who I do indeed look up to such as Roz Purcell, Karen Koster, Kathryn Thomas to name but a few but these particular individuals that I've chosen today have made me sit up and pay attention whilst also inspiring me to be the best possible version of myself. 

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