Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A Love/Hate Relationship With...Shots

It's Carlow Rag Week 2016

It's Rag Week in Carlow which is why I'm still recovering from Sunday night on this fine Tuesday evening but I feel as though it's the perfect time to publish this piece on something we're all that little bit too familiar with and that is.... SHOTS!!!
Let's face it a night out is not a night out until you grab the girls and drink a couple of shots (sorry mammy) but in all seriousness, it's not a night out without them is it ???
Tequila, Sambuca, Jager and my personal favourite fire eater (cinnamon whisky) are all common shots drank on my nights out, well minus the Bucca because that just gives me the heebie jeebies!! 
I love shots but don't get me wrong I also despise shots so here's my argument for and against shots!! 

Number 1: Brings friends together 
There's no bones about it shots on a night out bring the girls together, throwback to Sunday night Foundry nightclub Carlow one of my best friends from home Karen was also in Carlow so obviously we planned on meeting up so around half 12 the messages were sent.
'Where are you, meet me here' ' no meet me here' 'no' 'shots?' 'on the way' we can't help it shots just bring us girls together!!
BUT, it makes you lose friends
I mean shots can make you lose friends in two ways either you spend the next ten minutes fighting with your best friend over the smallest thing only to make up half an hour later in a bathroom cubicle or else you literally don't see them again for the night.

Number 2: It's cheap, cheaper than a vodka 
You see the thing about shots is they're relatively cheap I mean €3 you can manage (just about) compared to that extra 50c for a vodka and splash. 
However that means the drunker you get the more you want then all of a sudden.....
Where's my money gone? 
The next minute you check the purse and it's empty..OKAY!!! Who the hell robbed me!!!!!

Number 3: Confidence Game Strong 
There's no bones about it you may not be feeling great in yourself, the hair might be flat, the brows may not be on fleak but three tequilas later and that boy standing over there will be yours...
Crap, he ain't that good looking
This doesn't even need a description does it?

Number 4: Magically makes a bad night good 
You walk into the club, the girl you hate is standing there, the ars*hole is over there and crap he's looking decent right what we gonna do!! what we gonna do.... SHOTSSSS!!!!All of a sudden you're on the dance floor, hands up in the air dancing like you just don't care you'll even be heard shouting 'THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!
But, it also magically makes a good night bad 
'Just one more shot' those famous last words it's not long after that statement that you're back home, gotten put to bed and guess what?? ... no after session for you as you end up crying yourself to sleep.

Number 5: Brings out the best dance moves 
We're all a victim of this well well I most definitely am just look at my friends snapchat stories after a night out but there's something about shots that make you think you are the dancing queen. Arms flapping, legs in the air step back everyone, clear the floor...
Then, there's the embarrassment of the next day  
Like I said snapchat is no friend of mine the day after a night out and even though you felt like a God on the dance floor the night before the morning after isn't such a pretty sight (who thought us these moves)

Number 6: The Variety is phenomenal 
Listen the amount of shots one can purchase is crazy you can get every colour, every flavour you can get anything you want you like the taste of fizzy cola? Sidekicks...cinnamon? fire eater ...red bull? Jager bomb there's so much to choose from that you will never, ever get bored of the same shot.
 However, the internal mixture isn't so pleasant
Lets face it, shots never taste nice sober or drunk they're never going to be nice but the shock comes the next day when you you have a mixture of sambuca and tequila mixing around in your stomach...someone pass the bucket quick. 

Number 7: The heels become much more bearable 
The more shots you take it somehow disguises the fact that your feet are bleeding because of the stilts you have on your feet, the pain just somehow disappears, you may not be able to walk in a straight line but the pain is gone...  
because they usually end up on the other side of the club (or in the river) 
When it comes to my heels on a night out I'm like Bambi on ice so it's actually quite rare that I come home in my shoes anyway but after a few shots the shoes are off, and could be gone ...forever!!!! 

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