Monday, 29 February 2016

Irish Women Who Inspire

I first discovered by love for business and enterprise in Transition Year in school when we were put into groups and told to come up with our own 'mini enterprise'. 'What is this bull' I thought to myself (okay probably said it out loud, too loud for school) but when we finally decided we would start up our very own school magazine I was hooked on business and start up enterprises.
I was a woman possessed, a sixteen year old who had this new profound love for business, at this time of course I still loved my fashion and my journalism but business was something I knew I wanted to get involved in when I'm older. As the school years went on and 'What's The Banter' (the magazine) ran it's course I decided my future goal is to have my every own pub franchise...and well, to this day I'm still working on that but mark my day!! 
 As much as I love enterprise and the business world there's one thing I love more and that is women in business and women taking over the world. Over the years I've been so inspired by some of the country's most amazing women and in my mind Queens. I wanted to write this little post to celebrate these amazing women and to acknowledge how much these women have inspired me in one way or another.

Ruth Negga

 I couldn't begin this list without anyone other than THE QUEEN Ruth Negga, born in Limerick (a city very close to my heart) I don't think anyone ever knew what she would amount too, a young Limerick gal who has proven that no matter where you are from, what you look like, who you are you can follow your dream and she's a hero to me...All hair Queen Negga!!

Courtney Smith 

Read my interview with Courtney here
Miss Courtney Smith, I can't begin to tell you how long I've been annoying Courtney for since first getting in touch with her at fifteen. I was that bright eyed bushy tailed teenager who wanted to be a fashion stylist and Courtney Smith was my Queen. To me no on in the fashion industry stood a chance against Courtney (expect for my King Gok Wan.)
 To this day I remember checking my emails (it was the family email address too, I know the same) to see I'd received a reply from Courtney herself explaining to me all the different types of fashion stylists and how she became one. Since then I've been a follower of Courtney's career and I've never been so proud to see a woman go as far as her, she's the ultimate female. (Thank you Courtney <3)

Laura Whitmore 

Check out my interview with Laura here
Since I was no age I always adored Laura Whitmore, I think that anyone out there who dreams of doing anything in the media industry idolises Laura Whitmore for obvious reasons. To me, I don't believe anyone in this industry can beat Laura. I remember watching interviews she had done and taking so much from them into my own college course and any interviews I have done.
 Having emailed with Laura ganing so much advice I got to meet Laura in flesh before having a phone interview with her and I quickly learned how down to earth and normal she was. If I could end up like anyone in this world it would be Laura Whitmore, she's an icon.

Suzanne Jackson 

It's every blogger's dream to follow in the footsteps of Suzanne Jackson and I am most certainly not any different. Blogger Suzanne is a prime example how blogging and youtubing can open various doors and allow you to change your life around and follow your dreams.
 Having her own blog which led to her own books which led to her having workshops which led her to having her own makeup collection, she's done it all and I love seeing bloggers do well. She's someone to look up to so much and flies the flags for all bloggers yet again another Irish Queen.

Coia Dahill 

Read my interview with Coia here
A local women now hailing from Clonmel in Co.Tipperary and that is MUA and hairdresser Coia Dahill. I first saw Coia do her thing when my friend Haleigh booked Coia to do her make up for her 18th birthday, at that time I was terrified of make up as in, don't go near my eyebrows, don't make my eyes dark I was a nightmare with make up but watching Coia I stood there in amazement, she was amazing and was such a lovely, warm women (I won't get started on the style becuase let me tell you Coia has style). I then booked Coia for my debs and literally learned so much from just watching her at work. 
 From starting off at a hairdressers to setting up her own mobile business to writing a hugely successful blog and Youtube channel and now Coia has taken a huge step to open her own salon in Clonmel in the upcoming week which I wish Coia and her team all the best with but she's gone on to prove herself as such a successful woman in business and someone I admire very much!! 

Marissa Carter 

You simple can't have a list of successful leading Irish women without including Marissa Carter I mean that would just be wrong wouldn't it, owner of the hugely successful fake tan Cocoa Brown Marissa is the business queen and an inspiration to nearly every female boss out there!! Marissa for president!!

Madeline Mulqueen

Check out Madeline's interview here
Madeline, Madeline, Madeline my actual hero.
Madeline Mulqueen is one of Ireland's top model from Limerick and watching how far she has come in the past few years is absolutely the most inspiring things ever. I reached out to Madeline on facebook years ago after Madeline was a victim of a vicious man in Limerick, I was disgusted when I heard and she sent me back the nicest message and after a while and and a good few messages later I began to realise how sweet of a person she is and how no matter how far you go in life to stay down to earth and grounded and Madeline is exactly that. She's a QUEEN!!

Aoibhe Devlin 
Aoibhe Devlin Interview
Aoibhe Devlin is a friend and the owner of the amazing website '' and she also happens to be one of the biggest inspirations in my life. Since I first discovered TSO Aoibhe has always been so lovely to me and has always been there to help and support me in everything I've done in the past few years. Following Aoibhe's story has been nothing but interesting working with some of the biggest fashion brands in the country to living her dream and moving to Perth Aoibhe has shown me how important it is to follow your dream and work hard to achieve results. 

Caroline Downey

When it comes to women in business and inspiring business women you can't pass Caroline Downey, you simply cannot do it. as a director of one of Ireland's biggest industries Caroline is the female boss in a 'man's world' and is probably one of the most inspiring women in Ireland.
 I wouldn't trust the country in the hands of any man but Caroline Downey... I'd trust her with my life!! 

Lisa Cannon 

Check out my interview with Lisa here
 Lisa Cannon is a presenter on TV3's Xposé and is the sweetest, most down to earth human I've ever had the privilege of speaking with. Lisa has done everything and is without a doubt one of the country's best TV presenters. I feel as though with Lisa what you see is what you get and what I see is a beautiful lady who loves her job and makes the most of every situation she's been in. I absolutely adore Lisa Cannon.

Emma Kenny 

Emma Kenny is one of the country's top illustrators who has been thanked by Queen Kim Kardashian. I've been a follower of Emma's for months now and everything she does just amazes me, she's full of ambition and perseverance which is something I admire so much.  
 I adore Emma's work and having brought her passion into a business I think she is the ultimate woman and someone we all need to adore and look up too..what a woman!!

Ellen Weber And Grace O'Sullivan Aka, Glitz n Pieces 

When I talk about entrepreneurship and women in business there is two woman who in my opinion cannot be beaten and that's Grace and Ellen from boutique Glitz n Pieces who design the most beautiful jewelry, accessories and clothing and guess what...... early 20's!!! 
 As a twenty year old interested in entrepreneurship I idolise these two after they set up their business at only 19, they're the ultimate female bosses. 

Laura Mullett  

 I've been a fan of Laura Mullett for years now ever since I discovered her blog 'Lipstick Gossip' and started following Laura's career more and more, as an aspiring presenter I always listened to her interviews and learned so much from listening back to them, Laura then went onto be one of the country's best fashion stylist and reporting with Xposé and RTÉ she's come so far and there's nothing stopping Laura.
 She's someone who is a prime example of working hard and yet another female boss!! 

And there you have it, an handful of Irish women who inspire and push themselves every single day. Unfortunately I've had to leave out so many amazing individuals who I do indeed look up to such as Roz Purcell, Karen Koster, Kathryn Thomas to name but a few but these particular individuals that I've chosen today have made me sit up and pay attention whilst also inspiring me to be the best possible version of myself. 

Man Crush Monday: Abel Makkonen Tesfaye

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye aka The Weeknd is a 26 year old Canadian singer who just so happens to be my ultimate dream man (okay along with Caleb Followill and Calvin Harris and Kris Humphries) but none the less Abel is absolutely gorgeous and that voice..... WOOOHOOO!!
Anyway, seeing as it's Monday and I hate Monday's I've decided to go back to my old ways and throw up a little Man Crush Monday. 
Look what can I say..anything to make the day that little bit easier ;)
And there you have it the gorgeous Mr Abel my Monday has automatically been made better has yours? ;)

Thursday, 25 February 2016

My Ultimate Playlist

There's nothing I enjoy more than nights searching through YouTube for new music to show the girls, I mean just look at my Ipod you'll find everything from Faithless to Kings Of Leon to Marlena Shaw I have a very strange taste of music which some of my friends love and some despise. More despise I'll have to admit.
 When it comes to pre drinks the girls normally listen to whats in the charts and sometimes even the little mirmaid ...I know.
But when I'm at home getting ready there's a few songs that I love to listen to and that really help get me in the mood to go out. Talking to my best friend Mai (Mai K All Day) last night was the reason I'm writing this post today as she gave me the biggest compliment of my life.... that I SHOULD BE A DJ!! (safe to say my friends weren't impressed)

So here you go here's my ultimate playlist for the perfect night out (or at least when you're alone getting ready because your friends have a shite taste in music and won't leave you play it at pre drinks!!)

1. Kernkraft - Zombie Nation
2. Vicetone & Tony Igy - Astronomia
3. Artemesia - Bits & Pieces
4. Faithless - Insomnia
5. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - The Wolf
6. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Martin Garrix - Tremor
7. DMX -Party Up
8.Dzeko & Torres - L'Amour Toujours
9. KURA - Blow Out
10. KURA & Tony Junior - King Kong
11. Martin Jensen - 
12. Mauro Picotto - Komodo
13. Mike Posner - I Took A Pill In Ibiza
14. Morgan J - Madda Fakka
15. Oasis - Wonderwall Remix
16. Sander Van Doorn - Rage
17. Sigala - Sweet Lovin
18. Snoop Dogg - Smoke Weed Everyday (remix)
19. Tiesto & KSHMR - Secrets 
20. Will Sparks - Ah Yeah! 
And there you have it my ultimate going out playlist I hope you enjoy it!! :D 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A Love/Hate Relationship With...Shots

It's Carlow Rag Week 2016

It's Rag Week in Carlow which is why I'm still recovering from Sunday night on this fine Tuesday evening but I feel as though it's the perfect time to publish this piece on something we're all that little bit too familiar with and that is.... SHOTS!!!
Let's face it a night out is not a night out until you grab the girls and drink a couple of shots (sorry mammy) but in all seriousness, it's not a night out without them is it ???
Tequila, Sambuca, Jager and my personal favourite fire eater (cinnamon whisky) are all common shots drank on my nights out, well minus the Bucca because that just gives me the heebie jeebies!! 
I love shots but don't get me wrong I also despise shots so here's my argument for and against shots!! 

Number 1: Brings friends together 
There's no bones about it shots on a night out bring the girls together, throwback to Sunday night Foundry nightclub Carlow one of my best friends from home Karen was also in Carlow so obviously we planned on meeting up so around half 12 the messages were sent.
'Where are you, meet me here' ' no meet me here' 'no' 'shots?' 'on the way' we can't help it shots just bring us girls together!!
BUT, it makes you lose friends
I mean shots can make you lose friends in two ways either you spend the next ten minutes fighting with your best friend over the smallest thing only to make up half an hour later in a bathroom cubicle or else you literally don't see them again for the night.

Number 2: It's cheap, cheaper than a vodka 
You see the thing about shots is they're relatively cheap I mean €3 you can manage (just about) compared to that extra 50c for a vodka and splash. 
However that means the drunker you get the more you want then all of a sudden.....
Where's my money gone? 
The next minute you check the purse and it's empty..OKAY!!! Who the hell robbed me!!!!!

Number 3: Confidence Game Strong 
There's no bones about it you may not be feeling great in yourself, the hair might be flat, the brows may not be on fleak but three tequilas later and that boy standing over there will be yours...
Crap, he ain't that good looking
This doesn't even need a description does it?

Number 4: Magically makes a bad night good 
You walk into the club, the girl you hate is standing there, the ars*hole is over there and crap he's looking decent right what we gonna do!! what we gonna do.... SHOTSSSS!!!!All of a sudden you're on the dance floor, hands up in the air dancing like you just don't care you'll even be heard shouting 'THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!
But, it also magically makes a good night bad 
'Just one more shot' those famous last words it's not long after that statement that you're back home, gotten put to bed and guess what?? ... no after session for you as you end up crying yourself to sleep.

Number 5: Brings out the best dance moves 
We're all a victim of this well well I most definitely am just look at my friends snapchat stories after a night out but there's something about shots that make you think you are the dancing queen. Arms flapping, legs in the air step back everyone, clear the floor...
Then, there's the embarrassment of the next day  
Like I said snapchat is no friend of mine the day after a night out and even though you felt like a God on the dance floor the night before the morning after isn't such a pretty sight (who thought us these moves)

Number 6: The Variety is phenomenal 
Listen the amount of shots one can purchase is crazy you can get every colour, every flavour you can get anything you want you like the taste of fizzy cola? Sidekicks...cinnamon? fire eater bull? Jager bomb there's so much to choose from that you will never, ever get bored of the same shot.
 However, the internal mixture isn't so pleasant
Lets face it, shots never taste nice sober or drunk they're never going to be nice but the shock comes the next day when you you have a mixture of sambuca and tequila mixing around in your stomach...someone pass the bucket quick. 

Number 7: The heels become much more bearable 
The more shots you take it somehow disguises the fact that your feet are bleeding because of the stilts you have on your feet, the pain just somehow disappears, you may not be able to walk in a straight line but the pain is gone...  
because they usually end up on the other side of the club (or in the river) 
When it comes to my heels on a night out I'm like Bambi on ice so it's actually quite rare that I come home in my shoes anyway but after a few shots the shoes are off, and could be gone ...forever!!!! 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

When Tommy Bowe Came To Town

Let's be honest with ourselves here for a minute if there was a King of Ireland it would be Tommy Bowe, everyone loves him, every woman wants to marry him and every man wants to be him and it's for obvious reasons.
 My love for Tommy Bowe has been on the burner for many years now and really kicked off four years ago when I was in Transition Year (TY) in school. It was the Rugby World Cup and the only reason I was watching these matches was for Tommy Bowe, I did then of course discover Conor Murray and was hooked on rugby for life (I did actually fall in love with the sport too) but Tommy Bowe has always been the dream man for me.

Now let me tell you about the attempts I've had to meet Tommy Bowe, and there's been a few I can assure you!!
 I've purposely gone to plenty of Munster Vs Ulster matches with the dream of seeing Tommy Bowe and every single match, I'm not kidding you now when I say EVERY SINGLE Munster Vs Ulster match I've gone too Bowe hasn't been playing, then another time we got the opportunity to meet the Ulster team in the flesh in Thomond Park where was Bowe???? - Injured... I know, shit craic!!
 Then the Irish rugby open training session last summer (you can read about that here) we went with the intention of meeting Tommy and he was right there!! Let me tell you this one now, we were up at the railings, over he came within two people of us then turned and went the other about devastation!!! I didn't think any of us would ever recover from that experience until we left the grounds and Tommy pulled up beside us in the car, well I never...we couldn't even get a picture but all that changed last Saturday when T Bowe came to town!!

When it came out that Tommy Bowe was coming to the local shoe shop Meany's shoes in Carrick On Suir it's safe to say myself and my friends were in disbelief?!! I mean come on now why would Tommy Bowe be coming to a small town in the South East?? Moff it, there's no chance, surely it's just going to be a look alike or a cardboard cut out none the less anyway we were going!!!
 So Saturday came and I was as calm as a cucumber, Annmarie was up in a loop panicking about not having enough time to get her eyes tested and seeing Tommy as for Crellin, she was more worried about the crowd of people there but me, I was as cool as a daisy, I mean yeah he may be the best looking man in the world but at the end of the day he's just a man right???.....

So over the town we went, myself and Crellin on the lookout for Annmarie (we didn't know how her eye test went at this stage, so we knew we'd be the ones to have to keep the eyes open for her) I was still in disbelief that Tommy was actually coming to town 'Lads I'm telling ye now Tommy Bowe will not be in town' so as we're crossing the road Crellin ran ahead (almost killing herself in the process) so as I stand at the other side of the street waving my arms like a mad woman 'Crellin......some friend you are leaving me stranded......' and Tommy drives past me in the passenger seat of a car.
Okay 'lads Tommy is coming to town, actually he's in town' so we went up to the shoe shop and began to line up.
Crellin getting Leanne's ball signed.
 At this stage I was still fine, I couldn't have been calmer all was A okay!! After waiting for about half an hour we got one foot in the door and that was it, Dear Lord we were in the same building as Mr Tommy Bowe as a matter of fact we could see him!!

So when our time had come to meet Tommy everything was a bit of a blur, I may or may not have had a bit of a heart attack, as most of my friends know about me, what happens when I get nervous is I shake, trust me I shake like a leaf. I also get cold but that's a minor detail.

I couldn't talk to Tommy, I couldn't say a word, but none the less I had finally met Tommy Bowe and he was as amazing as I ever imagined he would be. He couldn't have been nicer, without a doubt one of the nicest people I have ever met.
A dream come true and yes, something else ticked off the bucket list :)

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

My Favourite Places In Ireland

In my eyes Ireland is the greatest country on earth with so much to see and so much to do if I was a tourist I don't think I'd ever want to leave, I mean I'm born and bred Irish and I don't want to leave so for a tourist...well I can only imagine!! 
With so much to see and do in Ireland I could write a book on my favourite things but there are four places throughout the country that literally are my favourite places on earth.

Number 1: Thomond Park
Thomond Park rugby stadium in Limerick city is without a doubt one of my favourite places in the world. I love Limerick as it is it's my favourite city in the world and with so much history and culture in one place it really is like entering into another world. 
 As a Munster fan Thomond Park is the greatest place to be and there's nothing I enjoy more than wrapping up and becoming part of the red army at a rugby match. 

Number 2. The Foundry Carlow
This is a place I've only gotten to know well over the past couple of months and trust me when I say there isn't a place on earth that makes me happier than a Wednesday night in The Foundry. Now judge me if you must but growing up in a small town with only the 'disco' to keep you occupied the Foundry is the place to be. I personally love the music that's played there, I love the layout, I love everything about the place and that's why the Foundry, Carlow is one of my all time favourite places on earth.

Number 3: The Dunbrody
If you don't know what the Dunbrody is then I really don't think we can be friends sorry... for those of you morons that haven't heard of it, the Dunbrody is the famine ship in New Ross, Co.Wexford and as a History lover this is the best place in the world.
 I've been obsessed with the Dunbrody for as long as I can remember, you literally feel as though you're going back in time having a guided tour through the museum and on board the ship, it shows you exactly what our ancestors had to go through during the famine and it really opens my heart, without a doubt one of the greatest places on earth.

Number 4 - The Woods/ The Gate/ Farmer Weileans
And finally I'm heading back home as my fourth favourite place in Ireland is in Carrick Beg, my little area back home. Going up to the gate makes sense to us back home trust me but there's no place in the world that relaxes me more than going for a stroll in the woods. Best place in the world.

And there you have it my four favourite places in the world, I know....I'm an odd ball but they're the best ;)