Saturday, 2 January 2016

'Sisters' - Movie Review

From the minute I saw the trailer for 'Sisters' I knew it was a movie I had to see, even though I don't have my own sister my best friends are like my sisters so I could literally relate to every part of the trailer and it looked hilarious.
 On our last night of college before our Christmas break myself and my two housemates decided we would have a girls night dinner, cinema and then a girlie movie night and we decided to head off to see 'Sisters' best decision we ever made....

The movie stars Amy Poehler and QUEEN Tina Fey (from Mean Girls) so straight away I knew it would be comedy gold, there's never been a film (except for The Martian and The Wolf Of Wall Street) where I saw a trailer and enjoyed the movie every bit as much as I expected but with this movie I did.
  The film is about two sisters Kate (Tina) and Maura (Amy) who have to return to their family home to clean out their bedroom, they spend their night routing through their rooms when they decide to have one last party and go out in style allowing Maura to have her night in the house.
 The party escalates pretty quickly and as the movie goes on the funnier it gets with a dance routine that I seriously need to learn and you know what else? John Cena is in it, yep JOHN CENA <3

Trust me when I say this is a film you need to go see, if there's one thing you need to do this month it's gather the girls and head to the cinema.. you wont regret it, not one tine tiny bit!!

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