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My 2015 In Review

It's gone 6 O'clock on New Year's Day I'm in my dressing gown, hair wet and watching The Kardashians but the time has finally come for me to review my 2015, and with not a lot of time left to do so (because yes, it is officially 2016.)
 To be honest I find this post really hard to write because looking back on 2015 is an extreme roller coaster of emotions for me but with everything that happened this year I don't think I've ever taken more experience from a year in all my life. There's been tears, tantrums, laughs and general good times but looking back on the year a lot more happened than what I remember at a first glance. 
 I've read a lot of 'Goodbye 2015' posts over the last two days and I've been thinking about my own for the past two weeks 'how will I lay it out?' 'how will I explain the antics of 2015' 'how will I make such a shit year sound good?' so I went through every post I wrote of 2015 and it hit me ...2015 wasn't such a crap year, yeah okay it had it's shit moments but overall it wasn't actually that bad.
The Education: To be honest when It comes to 2015 and education it's hard to remember everything that this year threw at me, it started with me repeating my leaving cert I had just dropped out of school and was studying from home. I spent 80% of my week in grinds and the other 20% in tears, I had no idea where I was going in life or how I was going to get there. I can honestly say I had never been so down or depressed but college was worth the suffering. 
 Whilst repeating the leaving cert I also decided to take a course in broadcast journalism and presenting with Waterford Institute Of Technology, WLR fm and Beat 102 103 and it was the best 12 weeks of my life. Gaining the experience with radio and presenting was incredible and it really made me decide 100% on a career in media. I'd never felt such at home and heading into the broadcast centre every Tuesday was the highlight of my week!! It was tough with the LC I'll admit but I know have a degree in talking... it feels great ;)
After the course was over it was time for the LC exams to start, they really didn't go to plan but with the luck of God and cheat sheets I got my results and I was delighted with them. Results night was a different experience altogether myself and the two girls headed off to Waterford for a night out alike every other LC student in the South East and what a night it's a picture to sum up the night --> 
When it was CAO time I  found out wasn't heading to Limerick and was devastated, all I wanted in my life was to study journalism in UL but I got accepted into media and PR in Carlow IT and that's where I now am having the time of my life :) Moving to Carlow was one of the scariest things I have ever done, before I moved here I had never even been to Carlow let alone know anyone there so it was the scariest thing to ever happen to me. Months on and I'm so grateful for everyone I have met since moving there.  
 I've spoken about Carlow so much on the blog over the past few months so I won't go into detail but YES!! 

The Journalism and Media :January was a great month for my 'journalism career' with my first ever article getting published in Limerick newspaper 'The Limerick Leader' it was my first ever hard copy of a published piece so I was over the moon. It was a piece about the Irish education system and it went down really well, I then got a call from the team at Limerick Live Fm asking me would I come down to Limerick to debate the education system which I jumped at. It was so much fun getting to go on air live and made me realise that I needed to be on the radio.. it's the dream!!
 In January I also got some work experience done in Beat 102 103, I'd had so many days work experience there over the years but I was at age where I took everything on board even more and appreciated every second there.  
     2015 was the year I also got my fair share in writing experience, I began the year writing with online newspaper '' which I quit after numerous months as I felt it wasn't the right path for me. I took so much away from news reporting which I hope will help me in the future. I also began writing for Just Jen Blog and The Secret Obsession which was such a great experience in their own way. The finally later this year I began writing with which I'm so grateful for and love writing for so that's definitely a highlight of 2015. 

The Blogging:Little Piece Of Lynda really took off this year, I had over 19,000k hits on my blog this time last year and my aim for right now was to have 30,000k hits, I now have over 83,000k and I've never been so happy. This year I also purchased my URL and I got my new blog header which I'm obsessed with. 
As Well as this my blog was nominated in the Irish blog awards in the best youth, lifestyle and beauty category which I couldn't believe. During the year I did consider leaving the blog and took a break from blogging, it didn't last long but the break did the world of good and I now love blogging more than anything in my entire life.
 2015 was an amazing year for interviewing people, my favourite part of the media industry is chatting and meeting new, interesting people and this year was mega.
 You can check out all my interviews here:

One of the most exciting things to happen to me this year was getting the opportunity to interview one of my favourite rugby players Mike Sherry for my course which was literally my most favourite interview I've ever done, Mike is such a lovely man so having the opportunity to interview him was amazing. 
Everything Else: So apart from the writing and the education this year has been seriously great. After going through a bit of a stumble in late March I decided I needed to get myself away and I headed off to Glencomeragh Hermitage House for a few days with my best friend.  
 Going to Glencomeragh was one of the most amazing things I had done during the year, I didn't have any internet, no make up, no one only my best friend and it helped me escape so much, whilst there I got to spend time alone with my thoughts. I spent an evening listening to my earphones, walking the ground and writing notes which may not seem the most fun thing to people but for me it was exactly what I needed and I couldn't have been happier...I mean look at the view, that was amazing in itself.

 2015 I also decided to join the 'I Am A Girl' blog campaign which I'm so proud to be a part of, supporting women's rights is so important to me. 

One of the best days of 2015 was when we went to Cork to see the Irish rugby team training, being in the same perimeter as Tommy Bowe and Ian Madigan was a dream come true but the day could only get better when I met Jamie Heaslip and God Jordi Murphy...such lovely, lovely men. There hasn't been many days in 2015 that stood out and made me go 'WOW' but this was one of the greatest days without a doubt. I actually also met Irish rugby player Sean O'Brien on a night out in Carlow (I may or may not have referred to him as the 'tullow hunk' instead of the 'tullow tank' ...morto). 
Halloween in 2015 was one of the best nights of my life, we all dressed up like idiots and headed out in both Carlow and in Carrick every single one of us had the best night ever and I don't think any Halloween will ever live up to that, In August this year I also turned halfway to forty which was devastating!! This year I'll turn 21....WOW!!! 
Aisling's Debs
Summer was shit. Not gonna lie all it did was rain and was boring but one major event we had was Aisling's debs and you know when your bestfriend is making their debs so you go up to get a picture with them ...and then completely cut them out of the picture, yep that's us but she did look amazing I promise.  We also had a new addition to the family last year with my cousin Maeve giving birth to the beautiful little Lucy, a highlight of the year 100%.

One of my most proudest moments of 2015 was when I finally plucked up the courage to visit the dentist and get my first filling and it was the most traumatic experience of my life even though I was highly sedated!!
I promised my best friend and my mother I'd go to the dentist before the end of the year and in December I bit the bullet and off I went (I did almost have a heart attack but nonetheless I did it!!!)
 One of the most memorable moments of 2015 for me was when I got my first (and last) tattoo, a little moon on the top of my spine... I'm obsessed it's without a doubt my favourite thing in the world and I have it for the rest of my life :) There it is over there <---
 This Christmas my uncle also came home from Canada to spend Christmas at home and although it wasn't what I had imagined or anywhere near as good at least I got to see my uncle after years and years.

And so there it is those are the 2015 highlights for me, nothing very exciting I know but there they are. I mentioned before that for me 2015 wasn't the most amazing year but it taught me so so much.
Friendship was something I learned a lot about this year, it was only since summer that I got close with one of my bestest friends in the world Rosin Crellin, a person who I now couldn't live without so I'm so grateful to have met her!!
 Another thing I learned the hard way is that you really can push a loyal person to the point that they no longer care and it's very hard to ever fix that but what I did learn is things can always be fixed, they may never go back to the way they were and it may take a long time but where there's a will there's a way. It's safe to say 2015 was a serious whirlwind of emotions but I have nothing but great expectations for 2016.

I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who takes the time to read my posts, It means so much to me <3
Wishing all my readers nothing but the best for 2016!!
Here's to a good one :)

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