Sunday, 3 January 2016

Carrick Under Suir

We all know about the floods that have taken over Ireland in the past couple of days but one of the worst hit areas was my home in Carrick On Suir, Co.Tipperary where the flooding was out of this world sending the entire town into shut down.
It began on the 29th of January storm Frank hit and sent everyone into a frenzy!! Normally you wouldn't mind a bit of rain or the odd puddle here and there but this was something else when Carrick was no longer Carrick On Suir but Carrick under the Suir... literally!!
Devastating to see old people removed from their homes and seeing local people's homes destroyed leaving them with nothing. Thankfully I'm blessed that I live on a hill so I wasn't in any danger but seeing the damage done to homes on the other side was heartbreaking.
The town was practically shut down with most roads blocked, there was no escaping the town either with the main roads closed. Havoc struck when the community was told about the pressure being put on the old bridge and how it was expected to collapse at high tide at 11pm on the 29th.
Thankfully the little bridge stood up to the water but it's still closed to this very day.
I decided to dedicate a post to the floods because I've never experienced anything like it and I'm feeling so blessed and thankful that my house wasn't damaged but I'm thinking about all the poor people who have had some serious damage done to their homes, take a look at some of the images for yourself via the Facebook Group 'Things I miss about Carrick On Suir'

See horrible isn't it, how can a small town put up with this? Once again though Carrick came out on top with most roads being cleared and reopened today. It was an awful thing to have struck the town and a time that I don't think anyone here will forget anytime soon.
Carrick On place in the world.

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