Saturday, 16 January 2016

10 Things That Happen On A Night Out In Carlow

Since moving to Carlow in September I've become mildly obsessed with heading out for a night on the town, coming from a small town with only one option for a dance on a night out going to Carlow was a shock to the system especially when I got introduced to The Foundry!! Aka, my new favourite place in the world. It's so big there, the music is out of this world, the drink is cheap and to top it off it's an actual nightclub something I was not one bit used to having to attend 'the disco' back home for years.
 Before I go on to make myself sound like a session moth or anything of the sort let me explain to you why I love a night out so much.
Firstly it breaks up the week so well, the student nights out in Carlow are Monday and Wednesday which are perfect nights when you think about it.... Monday, sets you up for the week and a Wednesday is bang straight in the middle of the week and having lectures all day everyday, you do need the odd night out to 'de stress' yourself.
 Secondly it's the best way to catch up with all the college girls and thirdly when I move back home I won't have The Foundry or The Tower or Scrags so Ima live it up whilst I have the option and still have my hips!!
  As much as I love nights out in Carlow they've become pretty predictable and you know that certain things are going to happen and it's just a waiting game, here are 10 things that happen on a night out in Carlow:

  1. Tully's is discussed -  Tully's is the student bar in Carlow and it just so happens to be my favourite bar in the country, there's nothing I love more than a quick stop into Tully's before heading to The Foundry. There's live music, cocktails and a dance party going on so Tully's is the ultimate beginner but we need to talk about this 'Are we going to Tully's?' 'Lads stop are we going there first?' 'I dunnooooo....maybe not, maybe just straight to the Foundry!!''Yeah no it'll save money'  it may not sound much, but it's discussed...EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!
2. You fall into Tully's anyway no matter what the decision - Agh feck it it's only 11pm to Tully's we go!!!
3. You fall out of Tully's and hit the club - Whether you're drunk or not you fall out of Tully's there's about 890 people squeezed in so when you're leaving you're all leaving together and you've no choice. Hand in hand you walk up the street to The Foundry where yet again there's more cueing!! 

4. The Bouncers Are Shouting - This happens all the time and to be honest it quite annoys me, no matter what time you decide to head to the Foundry the bouncers are always shouting at some person usually with some good reason but none the less dampner on the night or what?!! Head down...keep walking!!

5. There's a fight - Okay this happens everywhere in the country but there is always a fight on a Wednesday night, I mean obviously when every single student in the town is out for a good night but there's always a fight. Be it out on the street, in the club or even in Wangs after the dancing the lads (mainly girls) always start something!! - Eugh, give it a rest!! 

6. Wangs Or Milano's-  One thing I can't understand about Carlow people is how they eat Chinese after a night out?? 3 in 1 after a night of vodka? no thanks curry cheese chips any day but none the less there you go, piled into Wangs or Milanos for a Thursday/Tuesday morning of regret!!

7. The fight for the taxi begins - Look, friendship does not exist when you're looking for a taxi after a night out, with 1,0000,000 million thousand people looking for a taxi and only two taxi's all hell breaks loose!! The only way to get a taxi is to leave early and even at that it's a struggle!! -bloody taxi shortages!! 

8. The search for a session- It's like clockwork the Foundry clears, the taxi's are shut for the night and the search begins... there's always a session in Carlow but WHERE?!!!! WHERE IS THE SESSION AT?!!! 

9. You leave the session, in tears and in a panic- WHAT AM I EVEN DOING HERE?!!!! All sessions go different ways but there comes the stage you realise you're too drunk, you look around see things you don't like, then it hits you....I'm out!! 

10. College Time - You wake up either on that Tuesday morning or that Thursday morning and for a minute everything is okay and then it hits in 5 minutes!!! KILL ME!!

And there you have it ten things that happen on every single night out in Carlow, and Monday night cannot come quick enough ;)

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