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For the past three months one of the questions I get asked constantly is 'What is with your obsession with Loftus Hall' everyday ..and I'm not kidding I'm guaranteed to be asked about Loftus at least once and to be fair with the amount of times I mention it there's no shock I'm asked that much and hey! there are worse things to talk about ey ;)
 Believe it or not last week I spent yet another night locked inside Ireland's most haunted house for my second paranormal investigation (you can read about my first one here) and was asked by one of my readers to write about the second one and of course being the obliging soul that I am decided that of course I would but this one would be very different as I got to sit down with the owner of Loftus Hall, Aidan Quigley and find out the real story behind this incredible place just for you.
If you don't know the story behind Loftus Hall it's something I've spoken about before but if you want to find out in depth you can do so here  but basically in my simple terms the legend of Loftus is that one night a storm stuck on the hook and a boat carrying one man crashed onto the shore. The man on board the ship made his way to the only place where he could find lights which was of course Loftus Hall. The dark stranger was allowed to stay when he got very familiar with the family in particular the daughter Anne Tottenham, one night the family and the stranger played a game of cards and when Anne bent down to pick up a card she realised the stranger had hooved feet and with the anger that he'd been discovered he shot up through the roof in a ball of fire ... The hole still remains in the roof to this day.
The story itself is enough to make you second think even stepping into the house but when you're in there it's unbelievable. I've had a weird admiration with Lady Anne since I first heard about her so one thing I always love is going into the house she once lived's surreal!!
I fist came across the owner Aidan Quigley during my first lock down in October and was amazed by how passionate and genuine he was. I don't know why but I always imagined the owner of Loftus Hall to be very up himself and just there to make money but mark my words that is most certainly not the case. Before you start a lock down you get a tour of the house run by Aidan himself and the knowledge he has of not only the house but the area in general is amazing especially if you're someone like me who loves history. Any question you have Aidan can answer it and I couldn't believe my luck when I realised I had the chance to chat to someone as inspirational as Aidan and it was an experience in itself believe you and me.

The house was purchased in 2011 after being neglected for many years but it wasn't always going to be open the way you and me know it today as Aidan and his brother didn't actually know themselves what was going to happen,
''There was no original plan to open up, the idea was to mothball the house until there was a proper plan but from the minute we took possession of the house we realised that the roof needed a lot of work and that kick started the whole process a lot earlier than I would have anticipated, which did end up being a good thing.''

 If you were to go on and own Ireland's most haunted house would you be a believer or a septic? Me personally? the more I get into paranormal I'm becoming more sceptical but for aidan it's been that way since the beginning, but there are things he just can't explain and being a local man he understands the importance for the house..
''I grew up only a short distance from here, and where I'm originally from you can see the lighthouse from my house, so Loftus Hall was a huge part of my culture growing up. 
I was a big time sceptic when I was taking over the house I didn't really have any belief. It wasn't something that ever came across my radar but it's then you see how much fear and respect locals have for the house'' 

For a young person living on the Hook I can only imagine the fear of God when you heard the legend behind the house, imaging living within walking distance from a place the Devil once slept. Now that being said I do
live near a person who I would consider to have devil like tendencies but all jokes aside it must have been freaky as feck..
''I was eight the first time I was in Loftus Hall and I remember going into the loo and thinking that the devil could be in there you were always conscious of it, almost too young to understand it but were always afraid of it. Then I moved away and lived in Carlow and Dublin so you sort of remove yourself away from it but I know people who stayed around here all their lives and they've still retained their fear and would not step foot in this house, or even up the drive.'' 

I feel like everyone who goes into Loftus Hall has their own experience and mine are generally good ones expect on this specific lockdown on the middle floor, I can't really explain it but it's as if a man was leaning on me and trying to push me out of the way, the freakiest part?? I could see this shadow and in the pitch black room. It scared me so much I literally had to close my eyes for the rest of the investigation and from chatting to other visitors and even Anne who works in Loftus Hall everyone has their own little experiences that has scared them,
'' I personally haven't had an experience that's terrified me, but when I lived here for six months there has been some unsettling, weird things happening and not things that you can ask people 'do you know what this is like' because it's not like anything you know. It's not like you can see anything it's more the feeling. 
 That's what we say to people when they go into the house, be aware of what can be around you but I wouldn't have a fear of it now I don't think there's anything to be afraid of I just have more a curiosity for it'' 

The room that freaks me out but at the same time brings me peace is weirdly the Tapestry room which would have been the room in which Lady Anne was locked away and her dead infants body buried in the wall and I don't know if it's because I feel close to Lady Anne anyway but this room always stops me in my tracks. It's my favourite room but for Aidan it's not exactly a room that gets him, and with a background in farming and building it's no shock. ''The place I love the most is the roof I remember sitting up on that roof in the first summer and it was all just sinking in, I was used to working in big cities but I was sitting up here 50 feet above everything just letting it all sink in''  

I grew up watching the likes of 'Most Haunted' which I hated with a passion, no joke growing up ghosts and paranormal scared the life out of me but if you watch shows like that then you're guaranteed to have seen or at least know of the American show Ghost Adventurers and they were actually the first team ever allowed into the house,
 ''I had no clue what a paranormal investigation was until three years ago and it was one of the first things that I was approached about, it was only then we realised what we were dealing with in terms of the house, the legends and the history and when the approach was made and we looked into them we decided to go ahead. 
I t was great, the last night they were here Zac got an awful land altogether and had to be taken there. 
It was like Hollywood on the hook!! 
 This year was huge for Loftus with it being the 666th anniversary but with the Halloween events, a music festival, lock downs, daily tours, restoring the gardens  and even a million and a half euro movie after been shot in the house what's left you might ask??!!  
''In 2017 we're going to take a rest, we crammed so much into last year that this year that we're going to sit back and smell the roses.
 What's Loftus Hall going to be in five years times, or ten years time. It's got a cult status and you can't go tempering with that now, what it has is that moment in time, it's got that feeling that you wont get in many places.''

The older I get the more I realise I know nothing, you'd be a gobshite to come in there and stand on them stairs and tell people you know everything and that's how you know people are spoofers, when they claim to know everything. You meet lovely people and of course some pain in the arses. 
Its an old building on the peninsula i believe it's full of stories and f you come in here with a good imagination you can go to any era. 
-Aidan Quigley

And there you have it, the most interesting night of my life in Loftus Hall. This is a post I could have continued to write about for pages and pages but I decided to wind it up, as much as I'd love to talk you through every second I had in Loftus I want you to go out and have your own experiences and not have mine in the back of your head. It's your own story and like Aidan said once you go in with an open mind you're going to come out with a story to tell.
 Huge thanks again to Anne and Aidan for inviting me back and giving me your time. I've had the time of my life in Loftus and roll on Janurary when I'm back again!! 
Of course if you want to find out more on Loftus Hall you can check out their Facebook page. 

Christmas 2016

First of all I just want to start off by wishing you a very Happy Christmas and had a great day with your family and friends. There was so many posts I wanted to have published before Christmas but when you're working right up until Christmas Eve I learned it's absolutely near to impossible to get anything done hence my lame excuse of posts this December. 
Working at Christmas is new to me, as embarrassing as it is to say that I've never in my life worked at Christmas time and you know what I learned? it's not fun, especially when you work in retail, in a store that's main focus is on Christmas..I kid you not but that's another story (and post that will be coming soon ;))
My Christmas was lovely, I'm not going to lie and say it was the best Christmas ever because it wasn't but it was lovely. I don't know what it was this year I just did not get that Christmassy vibe and I was so sad. I didn't make it to the Christmas tractors, I didn't get to Winterville in Waterford, yano what I didn't even get Hot Chocolate so this really didn't feel like Christmas to me the only tradition I really stuck to in the build up to Christmas was the 12 pubs, literally no shock there!!

On the 23rd, Christmas Eve- Eve the day had come so we decided to treat ourselves and get our make up done in Inglot in Waterford, I had my make up done by the unbelievably talented Lydia and the day itself was unreal. I had the 23rd off work which was a shock to the system in itself but I loved it. When we finally headed out to the 12 pubs we realised we were going to be defeated and stopped at pub number 3 and just writing this now I realised I lost Roisíns umbrella....shit!! Sorry girl.
 Anyway pub number 3 is where it all went downhill when I realised someone had stolen my coat, my house keys and €70!! Well, I was like a dog. When something like that happens there's literally nothing you can do but wait for the bad karma to hit, and if you're a believer in the Universe like me, then you know it'll do it's job and you can just move on (as devo as you will be) and enjoy your Christmas or whatever it is you need to enjoy. 
 Then there was the disco. Well, the disco in Carrick is not great, I can't lie but when it's not even 12 o'clock and the doors are closed because it's over full and you're standing in the lashing rain waiting to pay €10 to be trapped in a can like a sardine..well, that's when you realise it's officially Christmas!!! This year wasn't the same though with my best friend Annmarie being in England for Christmas but 3/5 best friends to spend Christmas Eve with, it aint bad. Even if I was minus €70 and my favourite coat!!!!!
Christmas Eve was a struggle in itself especially when the alarm went off at 9am and I realised I has work in 2 hours and that was not fun believe you and me that really was not enjoyable!!!!
 7pm I was out the doors of work and home to realise I was close to death's door, after getting a Chinese it was time to make the trifle and prep for the small family gathering after of my fave Christmas traditions!!

Every Christmas morning all my family arrives over to my house and I love it. It's been going on for years and it's so special to me. It's a time where we come together, swap presents, eat chicken nuggets and realise how old we're really getting. I think it's only when you come together and you see how things have changed between new babies, engagements, new houses and jobs you realise how much we've all grown and to me family means everything at Christmas. Well, except when you have to get into pictures with your gorgeous cousins and you're still fighting a hangover from the 23rd looking like a spud....curse my good looking family!!!
 When everyone had left around 3 o'clock it was finally time to put the turkey in the oven and by that I mean I got to go, lie down, watch Monsters University and Despicable me oh and Shark tale all before the dinner was ready. 
This year it was only myself and my mam for dinner and I loved it. This Christmas I really did realise how old we're all getting and as it hit me that I might not still be at home next Christmas I really soaked up every minute and had literally the nicest Christmas ever...well, until Dermot collapsed in Fair City and ruined my Christmas night!!!!!!!!!
I was never a Christmas lover, I'm much more of a Halloween gal but if there's one thing I can admit, Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. I feel so lucky that I get to see all my family every Christmas, It's a tradition that's happened for as long as I can remember and although we lost people over the years we still come together and it's special.

I hope that this Christmas time you got to spend time with the people who mean something to you, I also noticed as I wrote this post I could think of nothing only Christmas With The Kranks so I'm going to go watch that now, but once again I wish you the happiest Christmas and a great new year!!.

Finally, I just want to say a huge thanks for the support I've received over the past year, I've been blown away by the amount of views/ comments/ messages and I can't thank you for reading my posts enough.
 I'm not one of those bloggers that gets thousands of likes or tonnes of free stuff but I get the nicest comments and known that I've helped people or I've made them smile, that's why I blog!! Thank you all so much <3
Loads of love,
Lynda Hennebry 

Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Best Songs Of 2016

Music is one of my biggest passions in life so any chance I'm giving I'm on the Internet looking up new tunes and this year has been no different. Thinking back over the song releases in 2016 it's obvious to me there hasn't been any 'Insomnia' or 'Sex On Fire' like yano real ballads released but that being said some of the tunes this year have been unbelievable and this is my official countdown of the best songs of 2016.

Without a doubt my favourite song of the year was 
Kungs Vs Cookin On 3 Burners- This Girl 
What a f'ing ballad!!!
Kings Of Leon - Reverend 
Oh And Walls  
And Waste A Moment, basically every single song Kings Of Leon released this year...what?!! They're the greatest band on the planet for Christ Sake!!
DJ Snake And Justin Bieber- Let Me Love You 
Drake - One Dance 
Mike Posner- I Took A Pill In Ibiza 
Meghan Trainor - Me Too 
DNCE- Cake By The Ocean 
Calvin Harris- My Way 
The Weeknd -The Hills
Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend
 The Chainsmokers - Closer

And there you have it, twelve of the greatest songs of the greatest songs of the year, for me I have three clear favourites. This Girl, Reverend and Let Me Love You...absolute bangers!!!
What was your favourite song of the year??!! 

Thursday, 8 December 2016


 I've always had a fascination with the unknown but growing up even the idea of ghosts and spirits freaked me out, I couldn't watch a horror film and actually to this day I couldn't watch one on my own but over the past year my love for the paranormal world flourished especially with my recent trips to Loftus Hall.
On my last visit there, which you can read about here the investigation was lead by Tina Barcoe and her team, The Paranormal Researchers Ireland and I couldn't believe how normal the team, especially Tina was, I felt so at ease and everything was done so respectfully that I couldn't help but admire the PRI team and it left me with millions of questions and who better to ask than one of the top paranormal researchers in Ireland Tina Barcoe.
I know this post won't be everyone's cup of tea but whether you believe in ghosts or not it's completely up to you, I'm not here to change your mind, either is Tina but there are some things that you just can't explain. I spent my morning chatting to Tina and I can truthfully say I had one of the most interesting conversations of my life and I hope you enjoy this little piece of Tina Barcoe.
First things first how does one become interested in paranormal? Is it something you're born with or grow into the boots.
''I was always interested in the paranormal from my teens up but it wasn't until my late twenties/ early thirties that my interest grew and I really got into it'' 

The PRI (Paranormal Researchers Ireland) is an Irish 'ghost busting' team that cover public and private investigations was actually set up by Tina herself and has literally gone from strength to strength.
''I was on a team for a few years but I was more into gathering evidence than the fame side of it so I decided why not make my own team. I met these people through friends of mine and doing investigations and I put the team together' 

I've never doubted that there was spirits, growing up watching Most Haunted with my parents it was just something I've never doubted similar to Tina but as she began her investigations she actually switched roles and began seeing things through a skeptic's eyes,
''It's actually really strange but before I was on a team or got into the paranormal I was a huge believer but when I did get into it I became a skeptic. I became more skeptical because I started to doubt things like the way your eyes can play tricks on you, it's really made me re-think my beliefs. That being said we have caught things that can't be explained but I am quite skeptic'' 

As much as you're into ghosts and spirits the paranormal can be quite scary and even if you're are an investigator like Tina
'' I've had two occasions where I had sheer terror, one of them was in Loftus Hall and it had me questioning whether or not I was actually safe''
One thing that I've always been told to stay away from is the dreaded Ouija boards and this is something Tina and her team stay away from also, growing up it was the one thing I always had such a desire to do but seeing as though I did make a promise to my mother years ago I've never touched them and never will but why?
'' If somebody has weak mental health and they decide to play the Ouija board well the suggestion alone that they could conjure up something demonic the suggestion won't help their mental health. I've been to so many houses for private investigations and people are falling apart becuase they've used an Ouija board. Everything starts going wrong when they play the Ouija boards'' 
When I was in Loftus Hall one thing I spoke about in my previous blog was when we placed a finger on the glass it moved itself which can be similar to an Ouija board and this amazed me but is it what it seems?
'' Scientifically that can be explained, we have muscles in our arms that are tensing all the time and we don't even know about them so that could be an answer but I've also seen people hovering over the glass and it moved so that's something that can't really be explained'' 

I don't know why but for me I always associated the paranormal investigations as very serious and dark but in Loftus Hall we all started laughing at one stage and suddenly we saw the glass move as Tina explained laughter actually creates positive, light energy
''When you laugh you give off positive vibes and when you're inviting somebody in the room with you you want them to be positive, a lot of our energy has been raised when we're having a laugh, having a joke and then you hear a big bang and you're like 'what was that' but positive energy is what you want to attract''   
The PRI team amaze me, they do public investigations at Loftus Hall and Wicklow gaol but more importantly they've helped so many people in their private investigations which they carry out free of charge for the public Tina advises me that ''anyone who charges for private investigations are fake'' . So what's involved when the team get called to a home?
''We do private investigations almost weekly, myself and one of the other member Shane, meet with the person no matter where they are in Ireland, we bring a notebook and pen and document everything. We also get them to keep a diary of activity for a month and then after that month we'll go in and do the investigation. Our private events would be very scientific, very gadget orientated. When we get evidence we then have to go on and see what kind of a haunting it is and how we're going to deal with it from there.'' 

Now and then I think everyone gets the 'OMG there's something in my house' well I know I definitely do but what should someone do if they suspect there is a presence in their home?
''If someone thinks that there is something in their home I would say go and meet with a team, but there are people out there who are playing with fire. They would have went to one paranormal event and decided this is brilliant and have gone looking for ghosts but if you are scared go and ask for help becuase it's not a nice feeling'' 

Everyone in the PRI team does have a day job, Tina herself is a hairdresser so for these guys it's purely the passion they have and the desire to help people and find evidence that drives them on.
''We actually all live off our day to day jobs and we're self funded, there's eight of us on the team and we put money into the kitty and that keeps us going''

When I tell people I'm into this sort of stuff the reaction is always sort of mixed, I have friends who think it's deadly, they want no involvement but think it's cool but I've others who throw dirty looks and that's the same for anyone interested in something off the norm:
''Everybody has a different opinion and if they don't think ghosts exist then that's okay. My parents are very against it I can't even mention it in front of them'' When I started getting into the spiritual realm my mother was so against it too but with good reason because what so many people don't know is it can be very dangerous.
 ''People don't understand how dangerous it is, we always ground ourselves for protection. People who don't believe in it and go just to act the eejit can actually bring home attachments if you believe or don't you should always do a grounding. 
 I'm not sure if this is true but what they say is, you can bring a spirit home if you're not protected and it can then attach itself to the vulnerable, so say if you had a child or a teenager it can attach itself to them and don't forget time is of the essence in the paranormal world it doesn't exist, one day to them can be 50 years so you need to be careful.'' 

If there's ever a time when you do feel scared or feel a presence you can just quickly protect yourself by imagining a white light coming straight through you from the feet out the top of the head and bursting around you and even having this is a lovely thought that you can be protected at any time.
''You can ground yourself at home, if you're home alone and feel something weird call upon your spirit guides and angels and they will protect you. Whether you believe or not there's no harm in doing the grounding.''

And finally what message would Tina pass on to anyone interested in the paranormal
''Before you dabble try and find out what you're doing, there's too many people watching it on TV or going to lockdowns and coming out ghost hunters. What I'd say is hold back, do your research try get in touch with a team in your area and try go with them on a couple of investigations. It can be dangerous so be safe and try figure out what you're doing before you jump in'' 

And on that note my little interview with the lovely Tina ends, I have to say it was without a doubt one of the most interesting conversations I have ever had and Tina is such a lovely, kind woman. I'll be back to Loftus Hall on the 17th December so looking forward to meeting Tina again then.
A huge thanks to Tina for putting up with me this morning, it was a pleasure.
You can follow the team on their facebook page - Paranormal Researchers Ireland
Images - Facebook, PRI, The Irish Sun, Loftus Hall Blog

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A Guide To The 12 Pubs

When it comes to Christmas there's certain things that have to be done such as going to mass, eating your body weight in turkey & ham and then there's the twelve pubs. If you're not from Ireland then you're probably thinking 'what in a blue f*ck is the twelve pubs' and if you are from Ireland then you know exactly what I'm talking about.
 With it officially being Christmas I decided the time had come to transform my blog into a little piece of Christmas and start running with the Christmas posts and of course it has to start with a night out.
In my home town in Tipperary every single year without fail on the 23rd of December we celebrate The 12 Pubs (It's also the day before my best friend Roisin's birthday so we really splash out there) but what initially starts out as what you'd think will be one pub in every pub in the town ends up with every Carrick person bopping around, scuttered in stupid Christmas jumpers at 1am and there's nothing I love more.

As much as I love the idea of 12 pubs it never actually happens for me, there's hardly even 12 pubs in the town let alone 12 pubs I'd step into but this year I'm determined to stick to the rules and I've summarised them for you too.
  1. Left-Hand Pub – You can only drink with left hand.
  2. Over Pub –You must say “over” after every sentence, over.
  3. No Names Pub – Don’t use names or nicknames.
  4. Free Hugs Pub – Grab a hug from a stranger, no problem!!
  5. No Pointing Pub – No pointing, apparently we do this a lot?
  6. Selfie Pub – Pose for a selfie with a stranger, not a bother we do this all the time.
  7. Swap Shoes Pub – Swap shoes with someone in group..anyone size 6?
  8. Stranger Pub – Pretend you don’t know any of your group, by pub 8 you won’t need to pretend anyway.
  9. Fake Accent Pub – This is my fave, you must use fake accent for the duration of your stay.
  10. Right Hand Pub – Drink only with right hand
  11. Stay Going Pub – Try your damned hardest to stay going.
  12. Go Home Pub – Seriously, go home, you’re drunk.
Do you have what it takes?!! And don't forget your Christmas jumpers, the stupider the better. My favourite website to get them off is Funky Christmas Jumpers. 
Have fun but be safe ;)

Monday, 28 November 2016

Paranormal Lockdown In LOFTUS HALL

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know that the unknown amazes me, in particular the spiritual realm and after visiting Loftus Hall back in October I knew it's a place where I wanted to return. I first went there for the adult Halloween tour and it was one the best/weirdest experiences of my life and if you want to check that out and get a little bit of a history lesson you can do so here. But this time it was going to be very different, it wasn't going to just be an hour or two with dressed up characters no, this time it was going to be serious with a real investigation led by Paranormal Researchers Ireland a night where we would be connecting with spirits whilst delving into another world and I couldn't wait to begin. That being said I was absolutely sure I was about to have a heart attack ... no joke!! 
I've decided to take you through my night as it happened, from the smells to the feelings it was something I've never experienced before so sit back, relax and have an open's a long one!!

It all kicked off last night Saturday 26th November at 8:30pm in the one and only Loftus Hall on The Hook
Peninsula and it was going to last until about 3.30am.When I think of 3.30am on a Saturday night it's unusual for me not to be heading home from the disco but believe me there's no disco that'll beat Loftus Hall.
 After we arrived we were met by the Paranormal researchers and made sign forms, I'm not trying to be funny but I saw the word death and I was gone. What was I thinking, why did I trust Vera Crellin?, Why was I back in Loftus Hall but I signed the forms and on I went. After downing my first of thirty cups of tea we were met by the owner Aidan Quigley who brought us on a guided lighted tour of the house. I'd seen Aidan on the episode of Ghost Adventures  where they went to Loftus Hall and I always thought he came across so well and a real genuine man, well in real life he's a million times nicer. The passion he has for the Hall and the history surrounding it was amazing and made you really open your eyes and mind to what you're about to witness.
On our tour we actually entered through the old main door way which is where the dark stranger (the devil) would have entered through on the night in question and it's there where the weirdness began. One member of my group then asked 'what's that smell, like sulphur' before we were moved on quite quickly. I didn't know what it meant to smell sulphur but later on during the night I quickly learned that when you smell that it's not a good sign, meaning bad and demonic energy.
 After the tour and the minor heart attack we were divided into groups of six and it was time for the lockdown to begin.
When I went on the Halloween tour the one room that really got to me was the tapestry room, if you know the legend of Loftus Hall then you'll know that this was the room where Lady Anne Tottenham was locked into and where she went insane, it's also the room where her child's remains are buried in the walls so just knowing that story alone you can already imagine the feeling in that room and where does my group get to go first??? Of course to the tapestry room. Our guide Billy talked us through what we were about to do and I never felt so scared in my life, we all spread out around the room and Billy began to call the spirits. Within minutes weird things started to happen, although the room was pitch black I could see shadows, I could feel someone standing in front of me as did Roisin and then I started to get weird tingles in my fingers and other peoples hands got very warm. Vera then experienced a pain in her right side of her chest which got stranger when Billy explained that when Loftus Hall was a hotel Michael had died in this room due to a heart attack. I then felt something very weird, it was as it something was tingling and burning my neck towards my left shoulder. I have a tattoo of the moon on the back of my neck and it's as if someone started at that and moved it's way over to my shoulder. We then heard a humming noise, I thought it was a woman and all of a sudden I felt very, very sad. I don't know what it was but all day I would think of Lady Anne and get sad and that same feeling came back in the room. We then all came together circled the bed, held hands and began to chant 'ring a ring a rosey' which just got weirder and weirder until eventually our hour in the tapestry room had come to an end and it was an hour that I will never, ever forget.

After a short break we swapped over and our next stop was where it all kicked off, the card room where the devil went through the roof and the hole remains. It was on our way to the card room where I could really get a strong smell of sulphur, which was ridiculously freaky as it vanished within a few seconds. We each got a chance to sit down at the table where they played a game of cards that night and the EMF's (electro magnetic fields) machines were going crazy especially when our guide would look away, we could hear footsteps, bangs and just noises that you couldn't explain. Although no one was in the room above of us we could clear as day hear pacing going across and back the floor it was incredible but I did overall feel relatively safe in this room as if there was no fear or danger present, very unusual I know.

Having watched so many videos on Loftus Hall one place I was always going to be fearful to go was upstairs in the house because from what I heard it was just at a different level completely. Tina, the lead investigator of the PRI was just amazing, in fact the whole team are incredible but Tina led us up through the stairs where two nuns fell mysteriously to their death. A cross on the stairs marks where they died and it was just so surreal to think of the thousands of nuns/ servants/ people that walked these stairs it amazed me. When we reached the top there was a glass on the table and we rubbed our hands together to pick up some energy before we placed one finger each lightly on the glass. This was something that always weirded me out, I was terrified but I will admit I wasn't sure if a glass would really move by itself, oh Lordy it did believe you and me. It was probably the weirdest feeling I'd ever felt in my life to know that a spirit was moving this glass just amazed me, it was amazing!!
After the hour was up we said goodbye and thank you and I went down to have my fifty sixth cup of tea.
One of the most beautiful things in Loftus Hall is the main staircase it's just incredibly beautiful and eery I think it's amazing so when our next destination was up the stairs I couldn't contain my excitement even though it did mean we were back upstairs again. As I walked through the halls of the house I began to think about things and it hit me that Lady Anne once walked these halls and it just affected me, I don't understand it but I feel drawn to Lady Anne and thought of her for that whole hour.
 We were brought into a room and this would have been particularly active with the nuns so a women was put in the centre of the circle with a pack of tarot cards which would not have been liked. The woman felt pressure on her back, I had experienced back pain since the very first hour back in the tapestry room so it really was unusual but overall there wasn't much activity there but unbelievable all the same, I just thought of Lady Anne the whole time.

As 2am approached we knew we had one room left and that was the morning room, now this room I did not like. When we went on the Halloween tour this was a room I felt uneasy in and I remember wanting to get out as quick as I could the same when Aidan brought us around for the tour in the beginning I did not like this room and I did not want to be in it, now this was a room I didn't feel safe in. Our investor for this room was Chris and let me tell you Chris is a brave man. Aidan had told us many of the objects in this room were cursed and when I walked in and saw a doll lying on the floor I just wanted the floor to swallow me up. The temperatures were dropping continuously and the room just kept getting darker and darker so we all sat on the floor which the spirit seemed to like as the EMF started to continuously beep non stop. I got to the stage where I just wanted to leave the room but sat there feeling very unwelcome and very much on edge there until the hour was up and it was time to head home.

I was so sad when I realised it was time to head home, I didn't want to leave. I have such a passion and love for Loftus Hall that I just genuinely cannot explain it. We removed the white light from ourselves and signed out ready to leave down the avenue.
<-- That was my face when time was joke I did not want to leave.

But there you have it, my Saturday night spent in Loftus Hall. I don't think I could recommend Loftus enough to people, it's one of those experiences that are priceless. It's a place that you'll automatically fall in love with and take a pride about but that being said it's scary lads, it's scary!!
 I thought I had one of the best nights of my life on the Halloween tour but this just takes the biscuit! I think for anyone interested in paranormal this is the place for you.
 The staff are absolutely lovely, you can ask them anything and they will help you. The Paranormal team are incredible, they're gifted brave people who made my very first lockdown so special and Aidan is an amazing man overall, it's without a doubt one of the most special places and will always hold a place in my heart.
Loftus Hall....You Amaze Me!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The Dumbest Things I've Ever Done - Work Edition

First and foremost I'd like to put it out there that I'm generally not a dumb person, however occasionally there are times where I might say/think/do dumb and downright stupid things, I mean who doesn't but there have been some things that literally make me want to hang my head in shame especially when it comes to stupid moments in the workplace. 
Seeing as though I'm off work today and all I have planned is to shower, clean and a visit to Costa I decided to sit down and write a little post on the times I have been the scarecrow with no brains in work and I don't even think saying I'm blond will get me out of these ones!! 
What a dunce!! 

The ZipYard 
There was a time not so long ago when I decided I wanted a new job so searched high and low looking for the perfect one. I'd just left college and didn't know what to do with myself so being honest I pretty much applied to everything. 
I used all the websites, indeed, Tipperary jobs on facebook and one day I came across an advertisement for the Zip Yard in Clonmel. 
My first thought was 'Oh My God, they have a zip yard I can't believe it' literally working somewhere like that would be a dream come true imagine the fun.
So I began my cover letter, the usual:
'To whom it concerns, I recently came across your advertisement blah blah'
and then proceeded to go on about how I would love to work in such a fun environment, how I'm great with kids and my biggest selling point was how I can keep people calm in nerve wrecking situations which would benefit my hugely in this job yano seeing as though people are zip wiring through the forest.
Well anyway, weeks passed and I heard nothing back from the zip yard, I was disgusted, how dare they I would have been the perfect person for the job, but one day as I drove through Clonmel I noticed a shop I'd never noticed before. A shop called 'The Zip Yard' that wasn't actually a 'zip wire yard' but a place to sew and stick buttons onto things and well basically you don't have to be good with kids, be able to keep calm in a situation or be any bit fun as long as you can sew. Needless to say I still haven't gotten a response.  

This story happened not so long ago and I was in the second week of a new job so as imagined I was trying to do my best with my new surroundings. Dealing with people in itself can be daunting but when you have to help a customer and you think they've lost their minds well that's a completely different kettle of fish.
 It was a Monday morning in work when a woman came up to me and asked 'Sorry do ye have Oasis here, I know you did before' Oasis???!!!! Had she lost her mind, baring in mind I worked in the furniture department of a store why would Oasis be here?!! Madness so I replied 'Jesus no sorry, they're broken up with years I don't see any sign of them getting back together. We have Roz Purcell coming on the 18th but I honestly don't think Oasis have ever been here. I knew by her blank expression something wasn't right so I explained to her that I'll go check with a colleague. Well, long story short Oasis is dry foam that you put fake flowers into....

The Car With No Doors
Not so long ago I was doing some work with one of my favourite Irish companies, I couldn't believe my luck literally it was the dream role and I was working alongside two people I genuinely admired so much so really didn't want to balls anything up or embarrass myself...
 One day when that challenge to flip a bottle upside down was doing the rounds we were all asked to attempt it for the companies Snapchat account. I came the closest but when I bent down to pick up the bottle what happened?? My jeans split, right down the middle. 
No one noticed really so I just thought say nothing, It'll be grand just try squish up your legs to cover the hole anyway today was a little different as we had to go out and about meeting people in Clonmel. I first of all almost died because I had a big gash in my jeans (if only I got that job in the Zip Yard) but now we had to meet people. Horror. 
So as I proceeded to get into the company car I realised it was three door, there was no back doors so I'd have to hop in the back and push the chair forward like you do with car that has no back doors. I opened the door and started pulling and pushing the chair trying to get it to move which lasted for about 5 minutes. I was told that 'It's fine she has small legs you don't need to move the chair' but I didn't understand. What was I going to do? Jump over the chair?? squeeze in the side, well this lasted a further 5 minutes before I admitted defeat and asked for help. Oh and did you know Renault Clio's like to be sneaky and hide the back door  handles ...well you do now there's 5 doors not 3 and the shame still lies with me. 

How much is Santa?
One of my favourite things about my current job is I get to deal with the public face to face everyday and this of course encourages chatting and as we all know I love chatting. My last story of the day basically shows you how much of a eejit I can be and literally there's nothing I can even say to defend myself.
 Where I work Christmas is a big deal, basically if you don't like Christmas it's your hell but one day I got chatting to an elderly couple about Christmas and Santa etc. I told them how our Santa Land was opening very soon and how excited I was.
 'How much is he?' asked the man. What did he mean??? Well this got me thinking, much is Santa? I started to take everything into consideration. Well like he's one of the most famous men in the world, and he has a lot of wealth obviously with his land in the North Pole and on top of that he's the most in demand man in the world? 
'Jesus he's net worth is it??? God I'd say about a few million easily' Turns out it's €10 and €7.50 for pictures in Santa Land.

And that's four of my most dumbest moments so far, I could of course mention a million more especially from working in the call centre, but that in itself is one of the dumbest things I've ever done. So to recap, when a customer asks for Oasis it's flowers they want, when someone asks about the price of Santa it's usually how much he is 'the Zip yard' fixes zips and Renault Clio's have five doors.
 Life tips from Lynda.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Christmas Tractors 2016 - Bigger! Better! Brighter!

Credit: Patrick Lyons Photography 
For most people Christmas begins when Costa release their Christmas menu, or when John Lewis tries to make everyone cry but for me, Christmas begins with the Christmas tractors of Carrick On Suir and when I woke up this morning to see they had set a date for this year, well...well what can I say?!?!
Now I don't know how long this new and improved love for Christmas Lynda will last considering I work in what can only be described as Winter Wonderland but as of now thanks to Stuart John Downie and the fellow tractor boys I cannot wait for this year.

For those of you who may not know what happens here in the little town of Carrick On Suir every year then you're missing out big time, but incase you don't they are a parade of tractors which go through the town in December each year, but these aren't normal tractors, No! These are the most done up, extravagant, Christmassy tractors known to man, and it's unreal. Last year we even had the little 'Fear The Deer' himself Michael Hayden as a guest and it's one of the biggest events in the town bringing everyone together and making the town stand in pride. 

Last year founder Stuart John Downie told me:
”I came up with the idea from friends telling me that they went to see the Coca Cola truck and were queueing for ages to see it. I figured why not deck out the tractor for the laugh and trundle down the Main street. I roped in a few of my friends and the whole thing took off.We had people from as far away as Athy and Limerick looking to bring tractors down and join in.
We funded the entire event ourselves, we each spent over 100 euro and we all took our tractors away from work by 1 pm that day. The local traders and COSBA(Carrick On Suir Business Association)  were a huge help for us. Glanbia in Carrick Beg gave us the use of their grain store for the evening to decorate the tractors away from the damp weather and prying eyes and COSBA funded the insurance of the car park. The gardai then jumped on board and we were up and running”

And that was that, the Christmas Tractors are back on the 10th of December and I am buzzing!! To find out more head over to the facebook page.
Looking forward to seeing you all there :)

Saturday, 5 November 2016

What Makes Me Happy - The Fupin Eejits

There's so many things in life that makes me happy for example payday, 3 for 10 on vodkas and Mursher but if there's one thing I love more than anything it's having a laugh, to be fair I'm the type of person who can make myself laugh for hours because as we all know I'm hilarious but there's one thing, well 3 things, 3 men I suppose you'd say that make me laugh more than anything and they are The Fupin Eejits!
 If you haven't heard of the fupin eejits then you literally must live under a rock because they're the greatest thing to have come out of Tipperary (apart from myself and Bulmers obviously) with their vines and videos. The very first video I ever saw from these lads is one I've shared thousands of times already but it's my favourite vine ever made and it's the 'are those helium balloons' I swear to God I never laughed as much when I saw it, I won't even mention my 21st birthday when we had to drive home with a car full of balloons it's just comedy gold.
From vine the lads went onto make short videos and they're the best thing since slice bread I'm not even joking, I'm so critical when it comes to vines and people making 'funny videos' half the time when I watch a funny video and just get pissed off at the lack of funniness but I'm yet to watch a fuppin eejit video and not genuinely LOL ...and I hate the word LOL but it happens I actually do ....LOL!!!
 The most recent video which I genuinely almost wet myself watching was one my favourite eejit Eddie Whelan did on his Halloween and it's actually just hilarious you have to watch it!!

Speaking of Eddie, would you believe me if I said I actually met him there in Clonmel just before Halloween I kid you not.
 I got dragged up to buy contact lenses with the girls and as we were walking into the costume shop who's walking out only Eddie flipping Whelan, well I never!! Probably the best moment of 2016 by far and I couldn't even ey!!

No matter what I'm feeling, whether I'm actually happy out and fancy a laugh or feeling down I know within 6 seconds the lads will have brightened up my day and that's all you can ask for!! They're three of the biggest legends in the county and that's all there is to it, hon the fupin eejiots!!
What do they say, 'a day without laughter is a day wasted' well not with the fupin eejits!!
You can follow their Youtube Channel or Facebook page and watch all the videos as they go up :)

Friday, 4 November 2016


We all know the stereotypes surrounding Irish people and their drink, we love it there's no bones about it so when someone tells you they're off the drink it's usually for one of the following reasons: 
1. They're on antibiotics or...

2. They're pregnant
so when myself and two friends decided to go off the drink for the month of October I don't think anyone, not even my mother believed I would stick it out...and in fairness I didn't even think I would myself.
I love the drink, I don't mean I love the drink as in I'm a big alco love the drink but I do love an occasional glass of prosecco, or moscato wine, or vodka, or Malibu oh and I do love an old can of bulmers from time to time, basically I enjoy an alcoholic beverage and yano what I'm not afraid to say it I love the sesh so when people started tagging me in posts on Facebook about going dry for October as a joke I decided yano what, let's go do one of my favourite hobbies....prove people wrong!!  

 The two girls Roisín and Annmarie got on board and with Halloween being a few days before the end of October we decided we'd start a week early so we were lasting the whole month and no one could say anything about not lasting the four HA! We lasted 5!! Almost 6!!!! The holy horror!! 
3 Sober Amigos -Crellin Me and Annmarie.
Long story short, the night it began Annmarie was out of the running and to be honest it was fairly touch and go with myself, week one was awful but then week 2 happened and I realised this was going to be a lot harder than I expected. 'You coming out tonight, all drinks are only €3' that message broke my heart and I only received it sixty odd times but as I realised there was only one week left and I'd completed SoberTober I couldn't have been prouder.
 People say when you give up drink you feel much more refreshed and energised, well I felt tireder than ever before I was aggravated because I couldn't go out and I was more broke than I'd ever been before the hype around being sober was shit craic but I have to admit waking up on a Sunday walking the dog with a clear head was fantastic, and I realised I actually didn't mind being sober as much as I thought I would. I wouldn't go as far as saying I enjoyed it by any stretch of the imagination but it definitely wasn't the worst thing and would I do it again???? Absolutely!!
 Best thing about being sober!!?? - HAAAAAA I proved people wrong!!!! 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Happy Birthday Mursher

'No Sorry I Can't Do Anything Today It's My Dog's Birthday' 
Four years ago on the 14th of October something great happened to the world. That miracle was the birth of my baby Mursher, my pride and joy and this year she turned the big four. I know you'd swear I was talking about a child but to clear things up Mursher is my 'puppy' she's a mix between a spaniel and a retriever and I love her to bits.
I know what you're thinking...Mursher??? It happens a lot, Mursher is a seriously friendly hound so whenever we go for a walk she of course likes to make friends with every person we pass 'oh she's gorgeous what's her name?' 'Mursher' ....'What??  Mursher...Mursher????? Oh he's lovely' suddenly the name makes her a man and I'm left to explain ' see I love rugby and my two favourite players are Mike Sherry and Conor Murray so I took the Mur from Murray and the Sher from Sherry and got Mursher and she's a girl Murray and Sherry are second names like girls can have those names too' and I never seem to speak to those people again, for some reason they tend to put their heads down the next time I pass them but one things for sure everyone loves my Mursher especially me.

Last month my other baby Molly passed away and it was without a doubt the saddest time of my life so this year I knew I wanted to make Murshy's birthday special no matter how crazy I sounded, and believe me I sounded crazy!!
I'd been planning her party for months, I was going to invite her best friend Ruby, have a few games of chase the pelican (her favourite toy) and spoil her rotten with a big wad of ham (she loves ham) and even though since then I got a cat and Ruby couldn't come it was a great day.
The day's coming up to the big party I started buying little bits and bobs for her, few toys, few treats but on the day of her birthday I woke her with the biggest bone you could have set your eyes upon! She was in her element!! When she was engulfed in that I decided it was the perfect opportunity to run over to the pound shop to pick up her card, some decorations and a balloon ... It's the balloon that made me realise I had lost it...slightly.
 'Do you want a weight for the balloon?' - 'Oh no thanks It's just for my dog' ...Silence. He knew I was crazy, my friend knew I was crazy, my mother knew I was crazy and I got told I was going up on the Mr
Price notice board for being a nut job. Yep, enough was enough.
That was of course until I got home, stuck up her decorations, made her open her card, stuck on her birthday badge and treated her to the longest walk known to dogs and she loved it.

From there it started raining so she went into her kennel with was left of her bone and I didn't see her for the
evening, she wasn't as impressed with her balloon or card but I know she had a great day and it made me realise the love you have for your animals is unbelievable, it really hit me after Molly passed that your pets are you best friends and you should treat them with the love they deserve.

 And on that note you probably think I've lost the ball completely and you know what I probably have but YOLO Happy Belated Birthday Murshy <3 Xx

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

REVIEW - Nyx Liquid Illuminator

I've found a gem, a small little ridiculously gorgeous glowy gem and as you may have guessed from the title of this post it is the NYX Liquid Illuminator . One day (about a week after my 21st birthday so I was rolling in the dosh) and decided I would go on a makeup spending spree in Sam McCualeys chemist and picked up heaps of little bits that I hadn't tried before and the liquid illuminator was one of those products.
 It cost about €10 in Sam McCualeys but from my first time trying it I knew it was so worth the money.
If you've ever read my blog post on highlighter and contour then you'll know how much I love looking glowy and if you're like me and love it too then this is a product you should definitely invest in with so many options to create a dewy base it's flawless.

How To Use: 

The bottle in itself is small but believe me when I say a little goes a very long way, when using this product you have 4 options with it... I love having options!!
1. Use it as a foundation base. After you prep and prime your face you can simply use the product before putting on foundation to create an extremely dewy finished look.
2. Use along the cheekbones and cupids bow after your foundation has been applied. This is what I tend to do, it needs very little product and makes the world of a difference.
3. Mix a pea size amount in with your foundation. This is what I also do, by looking at the foundation you don't really notice there's anything mixed into it but when it's on the skin it's radiant you really are glowing!!
4. And finally your fourth option and once again it's a trick I learned off Youtuber Jamie Genevieve  and that's to use this product when you aren't even wearing any makeup to still get that glow!! Yep you heard me highlighting without wearing any makeup and I will no longer leave my house without makeup if I don't have this product run along my cheekbones.

So as you can see there are so many options to this product it's so diverse and it also now comes in four different shades to suit everyone.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Lidl Autumn/Winter 2016 Coat Collection

Years ago to get a decent Winter coat you'd have had to splash out a small fortune to get one that was both stylish and warm but Lidl have genuinely out done themselves with their new 2016 coat collection and I'm obsessed.
I've gotten a sneak peak at the upcoming season and we are in for a treat believe me, layering is key this Winter so make sure to keep an eye out for Lidl's faux fur gilet hitting stores in November which will only set you back €14.99. With the new Premium collection by Esmara launching we're going to see a much wider variety in Lidl from knitted jumpers, ankle boots and making a debut is a range of gorgeous underwear.
The range will feature lace bras (€7.99) with matching underwear (€6.99) in several shades such as cream, grey and dusty pink. These will be landing in December.

Anyway back to the reason I'm writing this blog ...the coats!! When it comes to Winter coats I probably have about 5 good warm coats but how many do I wear ?? One, I wear the same one every day of Winter and have done for the past four years so this year I've promised myself to widen my horizons and invest in some new coats. It wasn't until I came across the press release for Lidl that I realised my Winter hunt had become a lot easier.

My favourite piece from this collection is this gorgeous grey coat which is a steal at only €24.99
This is the piece that really caught my eye from the minute I saw the collection, Autumn is all about layering and I love how this coat was shown in the pic above, kept open with a knitted dress, if that doesn't scream Winter I don't know what will.

It's all about the grey colour this Winter and Lidl have really kept with this theme by releasing this coat for €24.99. The pricing is so reasonable especially with the Lidl quality being surprisingly brilliant.  
The third coat I'm in love with is this black 'you can do no wrong' coat and for €24.99 why wouldn't you head to your local Lidl and pick it up?? It will go with everything and can dress up an outfit so well, no matter what you're wearing, no matter what colour it is this is literally the most perfect priced accessory to go with it this Winter. 
And there you have three of my favourite coats from the new Autumn/Winter collection, there are so many more fashion pieces coming your way from now until December but definitely go to your local store and pick up one of these coats while stocks last...I'm in love!! 

Monday, 3 October 2016


Hello Everyone 🎃👻
I think it's already pretty obvious to everyone who reads my blog/ follows me on social networks/ knows anything about me that I am an super freak fan when it comes to Halloween and that's a well known thing. 
In my last blog post my 'October 1st' one I spoke about how I had so much to write about Halloween and couldn't wait to begin and then it hit me 'not everyone loves Halloween as much as you, get a grip!' so I stopped and began thinking about what I should do...I mean I really wanted to share Halloween posts with you but at the same time I didn't want to constantly spam my blog with Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.

Then it hit me - why not make a seperate Halloween blog??? and I did, just like that. I've been working on it since 10am this morning without stopping and it's finally done, my Little Piece Of Halloween blog is now live and you can check it out BELOW 
At the moment all I have uploaded is my introduction however, I have so much more coming that I just can't wait to share!! Of course Little Piece Of Lynda is still going to be up and running but my main focus is on Little Piece Of Halloween for the rest of the month.
 I'm so excited to actually have a Halloween blog it's always been a dream of mine to have my own little Halloween section so I hope you love it as much as I do!! 
Oíche Shamhna Shona Daoibh

PS... This morning I also launched two new social media accounts for Little Piece Of Lynda....
Instagram - littlepieceoflyndablog and Twitter - lpl__blog
Come Follow Me!!