Sunday, 6 December 2015

The College Girls Blog Collection

Hey Everyone :)
So as you may or may not know I'm currently studying media and public relations so as you can imagine I'm in a course with some serious talented lasses and lads, every single person in my course is younique in one way or another whether it be in the presenting, the writing or the whole course itself I think I've been put into the most talented course of all time and today I want to introduce you to some new blogs I've found this year that have inspired my own blog so much.
Not only have these blog posts made me giggle these blogs are from girls in my own course and everyone of them are written by some amazing, seriously talented girls. 

Mai K All Day - 
Mai, Myself and Tanya.
One of my favourite blogs in the world is a newbie blog written by one of my bestest friends Mai Kenneally and it's called Mai K All Day. (That's myself and Mai over there -->) Mai recently started her blog and it's already made me smile just by reading her first three posts.
 I couldn't have been more excited than when Mai text me saying she was thinking about starting her own blog as I really don't think I could have thought of a better person to blog. Trust me when I say this is a blog you will want to bookmark for the future, I've no doubt this will be the funniest, cutest blogs you will ever find. I can't wait to watch Mai K All Day take over the world!! 

Caoimhe Morrissey- 
Next up is one of the most established, entertaining blogs I've ever read in my life and really seems like it's written by a professional and not a college student. Caoimhe Morrissey's blog is one of the best well written blogs I've ever set my eyes on and I'm obsessed with it, not only does Caoimhe have a blog but she also has a YouTube channel which you can view here: One of the most stylish girls I've ever set my eyes upon you simply must check out Caoimhe's blog, you can check it out here: 

Megan's Imperial Adventures- 
Megan McDermott is one of my favourite people in college so when I found out she had started her own blog I almost cried with excitement, believe me when I say this girl is the funniest human being that I've ever had the privilege to meet and her blog reflects her personality better than anyone could ever have imagined. Megan only has two posts published so far and both of them have actually made me LOL and I don't do that often, this is a blog I am going to be OBSESSED with, I can just sense it... wait, I already am!!
You can check it out here and trust me, you're going to want to!! 

Travel Me Wild- 
And finally, last but not least Eimear White's blog, trust me when I say the only reason I even included this blog is because I included the other three girls... no I'm totally joking!! One of the first things I found out about Eimear was that she wrote Travel Me Wild and I loved every single post. I spent a whole night just reading through her blog and it's unreal, having gotten to spend more time with Eimear over the past few weeks it's easy to see how lovely she is and this blog is amazing, so before you log off tonight come check out the queen of sass's blog.

And there you have it, an introduction to the college girls blogs, talented bunch ey ;) I hope you enjoy reading these blogs and a huge welcome to the blogging world Mai and Megan, no doubt you'll fit right in!! 


  1. Aww Lynda you absolute cutie, thank you :* Say's the talented gal herself! x

  2. Awh, Lynda, thank you for saying such lovely words. Your blog is amazing! xo

  3. Awh lynda bless your little heart, ya dote!! I got emosh reading this, much love girl <3

  4. Queen of sass, at least you got something right! , thanks Lynda hunnie xo