Friday, 18 December 2015

Semester 1 - DONE

I'm home for Christmas and with that marks my first semester in college done and dusted, what an eventful four months it has been lads there's been some very low lows, and trust me when I say a lot of highs but when I logged onto facebook last night it came up 'Lynda's year in review' with pictures of my 2015 summed up. I loved this and thought it was the most amazing thing ever and then my second time scrolling through the pictures I noticed half of them were taken in Carlow, it's only at that very second it made me realise how much my life has changed since moving to Carlow and how much of my life is based there thus the inspiration for this post and because it's almost the New Year!! 
Christmas Ball Foundry Wednesday Night.
Last night out of 2015 in C Low!!
It made me start thinking back from when I first went down to Carlow looking for accommodation and how excited I was to move away from home and start my new life but within my first three hours in Carlow I was dropping out, why didn't I go to Limerick? why did I say I'd live here but that quickly faded after I met my housemates and we immediately became best friends.
The first few weeks in Carlow were phenomenal, I had a new lease of life I can truthfully say I think I was at my happiest, the course was great I was making the best friends and of course making some of the best memories ever as hectic as they were, I remember splitting my two knees right open on a night out, getting locked out of our house and jumping a fence all in the same night. I couldn't even describe how amazing the first few weeks were, the plotting and scheming we did was nobody's business. I'll forever remember Jennie sprinting across my bedroom window like a gazelle, not to mention learning how to fend for ourselves it was eventful.
Then there came the time I decided I would get a tattoo. This was probably the most unlike me thing I've ever done and still means more to me than anything in my life, I knew I wanted to get a tattoo of the moon and I couldn't have picked a better time than my first few weeks in Carlow, it marked a change, a time in my life and I appreciate it every single day. I for one am obsessed with my little moon. 
 There was of course cute little things like bowling with the housemates and Darragh and Charlie which is still one of my favourite memories, driving the streets of Carlow listening to 'Yellow Flicker Beat' I was in love with life, there was me, Jennie and Tanya's date to the cinema to see 'The Intern', dinner at Annie's and of course me and Jennie's drives which are always my favourite there's been some pretty amazing times to be fair. 
Like everyone though I think when you're in college and living away from home you have some great days and of course some pretty low days, these low days did get the best of me when I deeply considered dropping out. I still feel like that from time to time but with some of the most amazing girls having my back and supporting me everything gets a little bit easier. I never thought I would miss my home as much as I do in Carlow and of course my friends and mam. I'm so close to my friends that not seeing them everyday is still a shock to me and I'm still trying to get used to it but it does get easier. 

Then came the time when our first visitors came to Carlow, my best friend Crellin, Shannon's best friend Ann, and Jennie's two best friends Eimear and Sinead and when I say this was one of it not the best night of my life I ain't joking!! Prinks in the house to Tully's to the Foundry with the greatest bunch of girls in the world it was amazing, truthfully a night that I will never forget and that actually changed so much for me and really put a spanner in the Carlow train. 
Although the after session until 5am really didn't help with a 10am exam the next day, yep you guessed it.. I failed that test!!

As wild as some nights are though there's always some really cute, nice nights out in Carlow too. One of the
best night's out was with the PR girls in the Dinn Ri on a Thursday night, nothing but a few quite sociables and it was ideal. There was also the night myself my best friend Tanya and Carrie headed out for a few on a Monday night and it was so nice.
Tanya is one of the most special people in my life and has made such a huge impact on me since moving to Carlow, trust me when I say there's not many people that could kindly put up with my 3am rambles and drunken raps but this girl does it and I love nothing more than heading into college for tea and a rice cake with this lady. 
  There is the calm nights of course, but the wild ones? haha well yes there's been a few I can't count how many times I've said 'this is the best night of my life' especially after one night out with Jennie when my favourite shoe broke, looking back on the night makes me lol to myself but listen it was ace.

And then there's Mai Kenneally, my absolute life in Carlow and one of my bestest friends in the world. The first time I talked to Mai I knew I'd love this girl forever and to this day she's never once left me down, she's the one I tell everything to and bless her she's always the one who tries her best to get me out of sticky situations on a Thursday morning. 

One thing I'm so thankful for Carlow for is meeting this girl, I've made a friend for life and adore the bones of her.. and here's a typical Wednesday night/ Thursday morning convo between me and Mai D'hoe and when I say some 'bad Thursday situations' there's been quite a few, I won't even begin to discuss them on this but Thursday's in Carlow can be fairly gloomy to say the least!!
Then there was Halloween in Carlow... okay so Halloween, it's my favourite time of the year but the foundry that night.... bad night!! bad, bad, BAD night. That being said it was one of the most eventful nights I've had in Carlow and deary me was there some apologies to be said on Thursday morning but that all comes with the student life so I'm told!!

Shit got real then in Carlow when we realised we were college students and had exams and assignments due, there was group work, a lot of exams (which we won't talk about because 2016 is a fresh start) and even a presentation for us to lash into. I can't even begin to tell you how many hours myself and Mai totted up a week in the library but trust me when I say, there probably wasn't enough .. haha but we'll learn ;)

 Carlow has literally changed my life so much and in such a few short months that I can't even expand on it because I can't understand it myself. 
 It's taught me so so much about friendship especially my friendship with the girls back home in Tipperary, I realised how much I need them in my life and how much I depend on them daily but it's also told me that you will never stop making new friends. I've made two sisters Jennie and Shannon who literally have no idea how much they mean to me even if we don't always see eye to eye, living with the girls has really taught me so much and in a weird way really matured me.
 I won't go into detail on all the other friends I've made because I've spoke about them before but Emma Hall, another one of my best friends who's there for me 24/7, I can just sit and have a laugh with Emma all the time, I love her to bits, inspiration!!
Erica, Rachael, Abbie, Michelle, Eimear and Megan who literally lights up my day everytime I see her... such an amazing bunch of girls who I'm so lucky I've met because they've each brought something new to my life and I appreciate it so much.

Carlow has literally messed with my head so much, I don't think I've ever been as confused, mixed up, lost or excited all at the same time, it's really like I'm on one big adventure and I've no idea where I'm going. It's helped me get over a few things but also stir up some interesting emotions, my life has changed so much in Carlow during 2015 and I'm so grateful for everything :-) 

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