Saturday, 12 December 2015

My First Filling

Something extraordinary happened to me last Tuesday, something that doesn't happen all the time, something that will stay with me for the rest of my life and something that is for a matter of changing and that is going to the dentist and getting the dreaded filling.
 Before I even begin talking about this 'experience' I feel like I should brief you on how horrific I find the dentist, needles are one of my biggest fears and as for the dentist..well that's self explanatory.
In my twenty years on this planet I never once got any work done to my teeth opposed to the odd painless polish now and then so having to go get this filling...well, the world almost stopped spinning.

I knew this time would come, when I went to the dentist about a year ago he told me 'there's a potential filling over there you may have to get that done soon' yep, no problem, don't worry about that I'll be straight back... one year later I finally got the courage (okay I had no courage except pain so had to go.) This all started a few weeks ago, I got 'the pain' and it hit me 'Shit I need to get to the dentist' but after talking to the college friends and watching YouTube videos - this one actually helped me I decided I could do it and that I did, also watching YouTube videos...not the best idea!!

My Story...

It was a Tuesday, a miserable dull, dreary Tuesday and I had come home from college to ring the dentist and book an appointment. The earliest I could get was on Friday and you know what? that was fine, yes I was in agony but Friday was the day I'd be going under the needle (the needle was the part I was dreading the most) and I was surprisingly okay with that, that was of course until they rang at 3 O'clock on Tuesday telling me to come over straight away...well I never, I almost had a heart attack.. NOW?!!!! NOW?!!! what do you mean NOW?!! No, Friday I was set for Friday no way was I going now... long story short I was brought straight over and went into see the dentist.
 He knew straight away I needed a filling but the main question was how he was going to do it? I mean I couldn't stand up, I was shaking, I was on the verge of passing out, there was 0% chance I'd be having a needle put into my mouth and the dentist knew this full well before I even told him, which of course I did..again, and again..and a few more times!! 
He sent me away with a prescription, three tablets which would sedate me and keep me calm for the horrific experience I was about to face and one hour later, sedated and completely off my nugget I was back in the dentist chair and ready for my injection...yep, ready!! Come at me needle.
 I had my best friend Crellin come in with me and hold my hand (just because my mother had to go to work and I needed some encouragement) yes I'm twenty but this was traumatic, and five minutes later I was injected and felt nothing in my mouth.. it was a weird aul feeling now I must admit can't say I enjoyed the numbness but I'd rather that than the pain I originally had.

When I was completely numb the dentist began the work, scraping and drilling and doing a heap of horrible stuff but ten minutes later I was done and free and feeling like a queen (and still slightly loopy from the pills) but I had done it, conquered my fear and gotten my first tooth work. 
 I can't say it's a pleasant feeling, not painful just uncomfortable but if (I'm going back in the New Year) I had to go to the dentist again I wouldn't be as fearful, I have the best dentist in the world so literally without a doubt one of the biggest achievements of 2015... Going to the dentist and getting a filling.
Don't worry you can congratulate me and pat me on the back next time you see me!!
And let me tell you this, A coward dies a thousand deaths!!! 

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