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Interview With Ireland's Number 1 DJ Louise DaCosta

Something not a lot of people know about me is it's a dream of mine to become a DJ, dreaming of hitting the decks in the Foundry in a Wednesday night would be a dream and a DJ I've always looked up to is the incredible Louise DaCosta. Not only is she only 24 years old but she is literally 'Ireland's No1 female DJ' and has become an internationally recognised award winning DJ.
 Something that LDC is known for is her ability to connect with the crowd, from watching her myself it's so easy to pick up on the connection and I literally couldn't believe my luck when I got the opportunity to ask Louise some questions about the industry and her music.

Not only is Louise Ireland's number 1 DJ she's also in the top 100 female DJ's worldwide and for an Irish 24 year old I find this incredible I asked Louise if she ever imagined that this would happen to her?
''Much like any thing in life its great to see hard work turn into success. Although this has only been possible thanks to the incredible support I've received in Ireland & abroad. It's been truly overwhelming, the fans have been amazing!I'm delighted to be representing my country, as the only Irish female listed in the top100. Actually I expected to be giving history lectures to classes of 20 students, but instead I'm playing music to thousands of them, much more fun lol''
When did you decide you wanted to become a DJ?
''I've always loved music but getting involved in djing was a stroke of luck really. Right place, right time. I was at a gig with a few friends one of whom was djing, I stood in for them, while they went to the bar and got asked to play again the following week. I just discovered I had a nack for picking & mixing tracks. Just shows, you can't be afraid to try new things and put yourself out there, you never know what might happen!''

Was there ever anything else in mind for you? any other career plans?
''Actually I always wanted to work in education. I studied classics at university and then did English teaching with the intention of travelling and teaching history and language.
After I graduated I was offered a place to do a Masters in Classics, but it was around the same time my DJing career began to take off, so I've postponed that for the moment. I do intend to return to the books at some point, but for now I'm having loads of fun with music!''

What is it about DJ'ing that gives you such a buzz? 
''I get such a kick from seeing the crowd bouncing around and having a a great time. That's what its all about. I adore music, how it brings people together and transcends social barriers.''

The connection Louise has with the crowd is something else and what makes her stand out so much so I asked Louise how she developed a connection like that?
''For me personally it's all important. You have to read your crowd and select your tracks based on the vibe you're trying to create. I never plan my set, I just open my CD wallet, read the crowd and go from there. These days a lot of DJs these days play off laptops, USB etc with pre planned sets standing with their head down, barely acknowledging their audience. It's totally soulless!I never know what I'm going to play next, I tap into the energy and mood of the crowd to select my next tune, it keeps it interesting. People pay hard earned money to come to shows the least a DJ can do is make an effort with their set and interact with their fans.''

The only flaw I see with DJing is that you miss out on some of the biggest nights of the year like NYE, Halloween etc.. does it bother you that you miss out on these nights?
''Its actually a good thing. I party with a lot of great people on the best nights. Win win! In fact I'm doing a home town show over Christmas, so I'll be looking forward to catching up with family & friends at that!''

Are you self taught? how do you work on your music? 
''I'm self taught in a variety of music production software. My take on music, is big loud party sounds. When I play its all about giving the crowd a good time and making them dance, so my style of music reflects that!''

Where does your inspiration stem from?
''TJR was a big inspiration. I supported him on the Irish leg of his tour last year, it was an absolute pleasure to play alongside someone who has inspired you! He even asked for some of my remixes, which was great!

What's a normal day like for a DJ?
''Music, gym, meetings, studio, travel, hotel, club, fans, photos & very little sleep lol''

Do you have any advice for those looking to follow in your footsteps and become a DJ?
''Advice wise, do what you love, play what you love. Keep in mind, it takes time to learn your craft. I've been playing clubs for almost a decade. Be passionate about your sound, work hard, stay focused and luck will find you, most importantly have fun!

There must be something bad about this job?
''Hearing loss, jet lag & very little sleep lol''

What's next for Louise you may ask? ''I'm still only 24, so there's lots of milestones for me to reach yet. I've another big step in my career starting in January. Can't say too much just at the moment, but watch this space.''
 And finally, three tips for a perfect night out... 
''Stay safe & have fun!''

How unreal is this lady? A huge thanks to Louise for taking her time out to answer these for me :)
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